7 Sample Answers To “How Soon Can You Start Working?”

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In the job interview, the question “How soon can you start working?” might sound simple.

But tactical to answer. 

This challenges you to show your excitement to join the company

And, that without seeming desperate for the job.  

You might be ready to start working from tomorrow, but a well-thought-out answer is the better approach. 

This article will help you with helpful sample answers on how to respond appropriately.   


How To Answer “How Soon Can You Start Working”?

When an interviewer asks when you could join the company or start working, this doesn’t guarantee that you are selected for this job. 

So, it’s better not to get too over-excited when you get this question. 

Take it as an important question, as well. 

The interviewer does not want to see your excitement only.

But, they also notice how you respond here. 

To be prepared for it, here are the sample answers to give when you’re asked ‘How soon can you start?” Or “When can you start working?”.

How To Answer How Soon Can You Start Working

1. “I am available to join this company from the next week.”

When you’re looking for a job as a fresher or unemployed, you could just start the next day. 

But to sound formal and confident, this is the right answer to share. 

2. “I’m looking forward to start working with you. However, I need to serve the four weeks of notice period at my present job.” 

You’re already working somewhere, and looking for another job. 

So when the interview asks, when you can start working, mention that you want to exit from the present job formally.  

So you’re ready to join after serving the notice period, that is what this answer says. 

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3. “I could join this company from next month.”

You’ve already counted the notice period from the current job. 

Also, you have to consider the time to take a break in between switching the job.  

Well, this answer clearly mentions when you can start working with the interviewer. 

Best Answer To When can you start working

4. “I am ready to start as soon as I get the confirmation on this role.”

You notice that the employer wants someone to join the company immediately. 

In that case, you can share this confident response. 

It shows you’re available to join and have no any notice period to serve. 

5. “After serving the 15 days of the notice period, I am planning to take a break. So, I can begin working from the 24th of this month.”

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to be honest and share what you plan. 

You might want a time off in between leaving one company and joining another. 

And when you mention it, this employer will see it as a good sign that you’re honest with them. 

6. “Currently, I’m working on a crucial assignment which takes two weeks and as it will be completed, I can start working here.”

This response shows you’re committed to your work and present employer. 

You’re not just leaving the ongoing job for the next job that expects you to join as soon as possible. 

But you want to leave your existing job, following the right procedure. 

This formal answer could work in your favor to express your commitment to the work or company you serve. 

Formal Answer To How Soon Can You Start

7. “I’m flexible with my joining period. So, when you need me, I’m ready to join. Even from the next day.”

In some cases, the employer wants to hire someone who can start working immediately. 

Whether this job is part-time or it’s project-based work, this answer fits well there. 

This answer shows your excitement as well as our availability to begin. 

Further, it also makes the employer confirm your selection. 

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When The Interviewer Asks “When Can You Start?”

In normal cases, the interview asks so, to check how soon you can start working or your availability to join this organization. 

Treat it like most other interview questions. 

Because it has not been yet confirmed that you’re selected for this role. 

Your answer to it depends on your availability to join this new company and the procedure to leave your current job. 

When Interviewer Asks When Can You Start

There’s no way the interview expects you to leave your present job today and join them tomorrow. 

That approach is unprofessional but more unethical. 

Not every time, the employer or interview asks ‘How soon can you start?’ they hope to join you immediately. 

Sometimes, they just want to see how excited you are to join their company and how desperate to leave your present employer. 

Because of how soon you can leave your present job, they see that you could do the same to them, as well. 

So, when you get asked ‘When can you start working’, be thoughtful with your answer. 


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