14 Funny Responses To “What’s Crackin”

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Your homie asks “What’s crackin?” that shows his happy mood. 

Well, this might be a simple question and they just want to know ‘what’s going on’ in your life.

But ‘Nothing’ is not a good response by any mean. 

If you use your wit and humor, you can have an interesting conversation. 

Your interesting responses can keep the mood upbeat.  

To energize friendly interaction, here we are sharing some ways to respond when someone asks ‘What’s crackin?’ in a casual tone.


How To Reply To “What’s Crackin”?

Your typical response is just ‘Nothin’, that’s a lame reaction. 

And, you need to change that asap. 

Especially, when this question is from your friend, you want to have some fun conversation no matter what’s going on actually. 

Here you need creative and engaging answers, for sure. 

That could lead your casual interaction to some enjoyable conversation.

Well, to make it possible, next time you can try these best responses when your friend or someone asks “What’s crakin?” casually.

How To Reply To What's Crackin

1. “Found nothing to crack so far.”  

Instead of saying just ‘nothing’, this is a better response to share with a friend who excitedly asks ‘Yo bro, what’s crackin?’. 

2. “Nothing here, what about you?” 

You have nothing to talk about or just want to avoid discussing. 

But this friend seems in a happy mood. 

So you ask them what’s happening with them.

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3. “I hope to have a good day, but this life is trying to crack me.”

Your friend hopes to hear something positive from you. 

Well, you just want to make your day as good as possible, but it’s not happening. 

You’re not frustrated just saying what’s going on in your life.

4. “Bored at work, just need a getaway.”

You have been working hard at the job and waiting for the weekend. 

So when a friend approaches you with ‘What’s crackin?’ show that you hope to make some getaway plan. 

This is an exciting response to make some weekend plans together with friends. 

5. “Just cracking the regular stuff, nothing new.”

You have just the same day like every day. 

Nothing new to share.  And nothing exciting happened that you could discuss. 

And, this fun response means the same. 

Funny Response To What's Crackin

6. “Wait till the right time?”

Right now you have nothing to discuss with this friend. 

You want to make them wait for the right time when you crack something perfectly. 

It means you’re up to something but can’t share what’s that right now. 

7. “Just thinking about cracking my shells and exploring the world.”

You realize that you have been in your limit for long. 

This shows your confidence and positively that you’re ready to get out of your shell. 

Such a perfect response shows that you are ready to crack your routine lifestyle. 

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8. “I don’t think you should know about what’s cracking.”

Your life is going through a lot lately. 

Because this friend is in a good mood, you don’t want to discuss anything that’s completely oppositive. 

But this is a direct response to give. 

9. “I’m trying to crack something but couldn’t break anything yet.”

You’re doing something and taking some risks in your life. 

This clever response means you’re breaking your limits and getting out of your comfort zone. 

But as you get no positive results, it slowly hurts your confidence.

Witty Reply To What's Crackin

10. “Do you really want to know?”

You just have to be sure whether they want to know it or ask it casually. 

Indeed, there are a lot of things happening, which means cracking here. 

And before you begin your story, you want to know if that friend is ready for it or not. 

11. “Nothing can crack me, I am much stronger. Also. I’m ready for it all.”

This reply expresses your improved confidence. 

You might have some challenges in life and facing the hard phase of life right now. 

But you’re capable of dealing with it, that’s what this positive response means. 

12. “Well, the same thing I’m asking myself.”

You have no idea what’s going on in your life, right now. 

So how could you explain it to someone who is asking ‘What’s crackin’. 

This could be a sarcastic response based on who is asking this and under which circumstances. 

Sarcastic Response To What's Crackin

13. “First of all, stop breaking into my privacy.” 

This friend just has no idea that you’re in the middle of something. 

Maybe you are thinking about your next life plan or some strategy. 

But as they interrupt you in between, you just need to give this direct reply. 

14. “How do you know? What do you know?”

Something is happening in your life and only you know. 

As this friend suddenly asks ‘What’s crackin’, you’re shocked and you ask this question in the same manner.

You just want to know how they know what something is cracking in your life.

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What Does “What’s Crackin” Mean?

When someone asks “What’s crackin?” that means they just causally ask ‘How’s your life going?” or “What are you up to lately?”.

Based on your situation or mood at the moment, you can answer accordingly. 

There’s nothing much to think about it, just say how you feel there. 

What Does What's Crackin Mean

Well, you also should know that when someone uses ‘What’s crackin?’, instead of ‘How’s going?’ they are in a good mood. 

So, you better avoid discussing anything emotional or sad here. 

To keep the mood light and conversation engaging, you can make your responses funny to sarcastic. 

Such different responses give you a chance to have an engaging chat, overall.


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