14 Best Answers To “What Are You Doing This Weekend?” (Mostly, Flirty Responses)

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During the weekdays, we all plan for the weekend to make it a perfect holiday.

Any plan, but to relax and do our favorite things. 

But, when someone asks ‘What are you doing this weekend?’, this person wishes to add you to their weekend plan. 

Normally, that’s what it means. 

The coworker could ask this question just casually while walking out on Friday. 

A friend who texts you asking “Any weekend plans?”, maybe they already have something to do for you.

This is to check if you’re available

Even more, when someone from a dating site or your crush asks this, they mean ‘Are you available to go out with me on the weekend?’. 

Well, whoever asks you, we’ve got you some best ways to share your weekend plans. 


Funny Responses To “What Are You Doing This Weekend?”

Whether you’re ready for your friend’s weekend plan or not, make your answers sound hilarious. 

Or at least make them laugh, based on the situation you are in. 

Here are the funny answers to give when someone asks about your plans for the weekend. 

Funny Responses To What Are You Doing This Weekend

1. “I’ve to do the housework that I skipped the entire week. Do you wanna help me?”

From laundry to dishes, there is so much on your weekend plan. 

Meaning, it’s going to be a crazy weekend due to your entire lazy week. 

If your friend asks “Any plan?”, you can share this funny response. 

Hopefully, the right friend will offer a hand.

2. “I’m doing regular work at the office, my boss needs me there.” 

So, this weekend will be missing from your entire life calendar. 

This was no more weekends but regular weekdays where you still had to work. 

3. “Why should I tell you? Did I owe you something? I do not think so.” 

Well, it’s not a good idea to be rude to anyone who is just asking about your weekend plan. 

But, this one is a funny response to a friend who always behaves sarcastically to you and everyone. 

This is your chance to pay him back.

4. “Week-end? Say it again. I never heard that word before”

Because you’ve been working even on weekends lately, you’ve no idea what this friend is talking about.

Indeed, you’re saying this in a sarcastic tone. 

So, friends who are aware of your situation, this response will make them laugh louder. 

May you get their sympathy at least. 

5. “Can I tell you the answer on Monday? I’m on a secret mission.” 

When your coworkers ask ‘What’s your plan for the weekend?’ you don’t want to share it. 

Or maybe you already know that they are about to ask you out. 

This could be your policy to not date anyone from the workplace.

Else, you’re not interested in him, too. 

So this is a clever way to be safe from any invitation. 

6. “If you want to take me on a drive, I’m ready. But, I have no money.” 

This your friend always borrows money, and never returns even if they’ve it. 

Clearly, you’re not going to get your money back. 

So you will try to get it back, the other way. 

By making them sponsor this weekend. Because they want a company somehow. 

7. “Sorry, my date for this weekend is fixed. Better luck next weekend.” 

You already know why this person is asking about the weekend. 

They’ve been trying to ask you out, but you’re not making it any easier. 

But finally, as they are about to ask you, this response you can be direct and safe. 

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Flirty Responses To “What Are You Doing This Weekend?”

When someone you meet and chat with on a dating app asks you about your weekend plan, they think to take you on a date. 

You also want to finally get to see them in person. 

So, you can tell that you’re ready to spend the weekend together, being direct you can share flirty answers like these. 

Flirty Responses To What Are You Doing This Weekend

1. “Nothing, I’m waiting for you to ask me about the weekend.”  

Finally, this guy you’re giving hints so far, take courage and ask you something. 

You’re already excited and he seems ready to spend the weekend with you. 

So, your cute response like this will make him feel more comfortable. 

Glad that he asked you at the right time. 

2. “You tell, us where we are going and what we are doing on the weekend.” 

You’re all free for the weekend for him only. 

Whether you’ve some plan or not, you don’t care. 

Because this question comes from someone you’re truly interested in.

So you don’t mind spending some time with them. 

Such an open answer that you’re ready to change your weekend plan for him. 

3. “I’ve no idea as you haven’t shared our plan for the weekend.”  

So, it’s confirmed that you’re going to spend your weekend with this person. 

This answer feels more relaxing when someone asks you about your weekend plans on a dating site. 

It says that you also want to be with them, equally.

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4. “If you’re thinking of taking me on a date, I’ve all the time for you.” 

This person has taken a long time to ask you out. 

So you’re not going to wait anymore. 

Maybe he’s a shy guy, but you help him to open up. 

Because you’ve been thinking about going on a date with him, lately. 

5. “Are you checking if I’m available for you? For you, I’m always ready.” 

Tell him that he doesn’t have to ask about what you are doing on the weekend. 

Of course, you want to know him more personally and be ready to go out with him. 

6. “Thank God, you finally asked. I have already selected the restaurant, don’t worry.”  

You’re being too clever with these answers. 

This guy really makes you wait for a long time. 

But when he finally asks about your weekend plan, you tell him that you’ve planned something for you both already. 

7. “Well, I think I’m on a date with someone. Probably it’s you, if you ask!”

When a guy asks you about your weekend plan, he wants to know if you’re available for him. 

He also has some insecurity about what if you’ve already got a date. 

While replying, first, you play a bit with him, telling him, you’re going on a date. 

But then you reveal that the date is with him, if he’ll ask for it. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Asks About Your Weekend Plans?

When someone asks “What are you doing this weekend?” they simply mean, ‘Are you free to do something together?’ 

Because they’re thinking about spending this weekend with you and checking your availability. 

Simple as that. 

But on the other end, a guy who asks about your plans for the weekend, they have some serious plans for you. 

When Someone Asks About Your Weekend Plans

Means he’s thinking of taking you on a date, probably. 

Straight away asking ‘Will you go out on a date with me?’ is risky. 

So, he rather asks, ‘What are you doing this weekend?’, a safer route.

When it comes to answering it, you can choose to reply based on your interest to spend the weekend with them or not. 

Also, if your friend asks so, based on your mood, you can give them funny responses. 

Whereas, to your crush, you are waiting to be together, your flirty responses make it a memorable experience for both. 


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