17 Best Replies To “Hey Handsome”

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When a girl goes out of her way and calls you ‘Handsome’, take her compliment seriously. 

Maybe she has been secretly crushing on you. 

But, because today you’re looking good, she can’t help but give you this compliment that every guy loves to get.  

Same, the girl on a dating site, always initiates a chat with ‘Hey, Handsome’ text. 

That shows she is attracted to your irresistible charm and enjoys talking with you. 

Initially, you can thank her for complimenting your looks. 

Also, there are special ways to handle ‘handsome’ compliments from her.

Let’s discuss it all further next. 


How To Reply To “Hey, Handsome”?

When you know that this girl compliments you, calling you ‘Handsome’, you could thank or compliment her back. 

But you want to do it uniquely. 

It feels great when she calls you ‘handsome’, also you want her to say it more often. 

Girls compliment you on different occasions and for some reason. 

Likewise, you need to respond to ‘Hey handsome’ compliment.

If you’re looking for some good responses, you can pick one from the available options. 

How To Reply To Hey Handsome

1. “Hey Beautiful!”

She calls you handsome, so you can call her what a girl wants to hear. 

Complimenting a person back who complimented you, is such a nice and thoughtful gesture. 

2. “So finally you noticed me, huh!”

You feel relieved that at last, you’re in her sight.  

Being around, you secretly wanted her to notice you. She played hard to get.  

But as now she said, ‘you’re handsome’, your mission is accomplished.

3. “Thank you. But What’s the point of saying this now?”

Never forget to thank her for the compliment. 

Because she means it that’s why she says it. 

But as she says ‘Hey’ in a conversational tone, you suppose that she might need your help. 

4. “Hey, babe. I’m all ready for you.” 

When your girlfriend says ‘Hey handsome’ at random times, tell her you’ve styled just for her. 

Such a clever response to tell her that you do care to look good around her. 

5. “That’s right. that’s who I am.” 

If you share this response, this one is a bit funny. 

But expresses your self-confidence. 

When a girl approaches you and calls you ‘handsome’, replying this way will surely make her fall for you again.

This time for your smooth response.  

Funny Replies To Hey Handsome Text

6. “What do you want from this handsome man, tell me?”

While chatting with your girlfriend or friends with benefits, she approaches you with ‘Hey handsome’ text. 

And when she says it, that’s a signal for you.

You are just asking her what you can do for her this time.

7. “You told me I’m cute. Now handsome, what’s going on?”

The way she used to call you cutie and now directly calling you handsome, surprises you. 

But you’re excited that finally, she starts to look at you, the way you always wanted. 

It’s how your connections grow over time, and you’re ready for more. 

8. “I truly appreciate you for your perfect choice.”

She already found you attractive. 

And with a witty response like this, you tell her that you’re a confident guy, too. 

But if you share this with your girlfriend, it certainly makes her laugh. 

9. “I think you need this handsome man with you, Right?” 

When she texts you ‘hey handsome’, means she approaches you to chat with her or be with her in person. 

And, with this flirty response, you directly ask her to come over to your place, If she wants. 

If yes, then this handsome is ready. 

10. “Wow, why do you suddenly think I’m handsome?” 

Sometimes your friend also starts calling you ‘Hey handsome’, she might be joking or serious about it. 

And because it’s all random, you could ask ‘Are you serious?’.

Possible that she might need some help or just fall in love with you. 

11. “Could you just do one favor for this handsome?” 

With your look, you already have her attention. 

Her compliment is like a signal to you. So you’re making your next move.

Maybe you can make her say yes to a coffee date or her number. 

12. “Don’t worry I will take you on a date this weekend.” 

Being more advanced, you won’t miss a chance. 

But making things straight with her. 

She calls you ‘Hey, handsome’ to get your attention, and you already know what she wants from you. 

This is indeed a bold move. 

But a better reply when that’s what you both are looking for. 

Flirty Replies To Hey Handsome

13. “This handsome man has been thinking about you, too.” 

This girl often approaches you with a ‘Hey handsome’ message. 

When you tell her that ‘I’m thinking about you, too’ this shows there’s a connection within. 

Like you’re on her mind, you also have thought about her, too. 

Your flirty response shows you love being with her, and can’t wait enough.

14. “Now I have your attention; we can talk now.”

Getting a ‘handsome’ compliment from a girl you have a crush on makes your day. 

You’ve been waiting for this moment. 

And now you’re going to talk about everything.

15. “Do you want my number? Please, note down.” 

You don’t want her to wait any longer. 

Because you, too, want to know more about her. 

So as she openly calls you ‘Handsome’, you’re taking the next step. 

To initiate some connection with her.

16. “What’s your order for this handsome?”

When a crush says handsome, this one is a cute response to share.

You are ready to do something for her and this how you show it.

17. “Sorry, I have a girlfriend.” 

When a random girl calls you ‘Handsome’, but you’re not interested in her, try this reply. 

Else, if you’re loyal to your relationship or don’t want any trouble, tell her that this handsome is already taken. 

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What Does It Mean When She Calls You “Handsome”?

At first, it sounds like a cute compliment that you receive from a girl. 

But, this is a sweet gesture to show that she’s totally into you. 

She admires your looks and personality by calling you ‘Handsome’. 

Based on the connection you’ve with her and how you two approach each other over texting, you know what a girl exactly means when she texts ‘Hey handsome’. 

When She Calls You Handsome

Sometimes she’s joking. But other times, she’s in a total flirting mood. You know that well. 

But the overall meaning of a girl who calls you ‘Handsome’, is more than just your good look and appearance. 

This shows she feels comfortable with you. As she opens up about what she thinks of you. 

If you don’t feel that, you better believe it. 

Because when a girl compliments you, that means ‘You are handsome’, and you can move as she’s attracted to you. 


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