16 (Witty &) Flirty Responses To “Come Over” Text 

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When a guy (a friend with benefits, boyfriend, or new date) invites you to ‘Come over’ to his place, you better know what’s the reason.

He might introduce you to his parents, want to show his collections.

Or, just want to take the next step. 

There could be else, and you have to know what’s that exactly. 

With your relevant response to ‘Come over’, you make it clear what you want.

It’s your choice to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to such invitations.

Whether you’re ready for it, can’t decide what to do or just feel nothing right there, say the right thing at the right time. 

In this post, we are discussing all the scenarios for you to decide how to respond to a ‘come over’ text from a guy. 


Flirty Responses To “Come Over To My Place” (When It’s ‘YES’)

You trust him truly. He’s your boyfriend, after all. 

Importantly, your connection is official now. 

So, you don’t mind being with him anytime. 

When you’re ready to hang out or be together at his place, make your response exciting or more flirtatious. 

Because you mean it. 

Flirty Responses To Come Over

1. “I am already ready for this. You know that.”

If this invitation is from your crush or boyfriend, your answer is confidently yes.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get together. 

So this one is a sweet way to say yes to a ‘come over’ invite.

2. “Well, I’m more than happy to accept your invitation.”

If you accept his invitation to come over to his place, make it a cute response. 

You say it because you both love each other equally. 

3. “And, I will bring something surprising for you. Be ready.” 

It’s not only them who wants to do it, you also wish the same. 

But, to make your meet-up even more romantic, you’ve some surprise for him.

This one is to make your meet-up quite memorable. 

4. “Last time I came over to your place, This time, my place?” 

The same game, but at a new playground. 

It’s not that you’re bored, but you just want to be more comfortable with him. 

A little change in routine adds excitement to your relationship.

5. “And, what will we do, the same old?”

You are just teasing your friends with benefits. 

What’s on their mind, you better know that. 

But here you flirty asking, if they plan something new for you. 


Witty Responses To “Come Over” (When You’re Not Sure)

Well, you’re into this guy, but you also don’t want to just do anything as he says.

So you take your time to understand him closely and make a move in your connection.

Because you hope for a long-lasting relationship. 

As a guy invites you to come over, this is your chance to talk about your boundaries. 

Overall, here are the clever ways to handle a ‘come over’ invitation from a guy, when you don’t know what to say. 

Witty Responses To Come Over

1. “For hangout only, not hook up. I have to make it clear.” 

You might be interested in him.

But you’re not going to give it all to your new connection. 

So when you make your boundaries clear, it would be clear for him as well.

2. “I can come. But please don’t do anything stupid.”

Whether he actually did something before or you feel that, you want to make it clear.

You like him, but at this stage, you’re not ready.

Here, you want to make your connection to some level and not get any further. 

3. “Let me know what’s your agenda then?”

When a guy invites you to come over to his place, he might have some plans in mind. 

If he’s living with family, maybe he wants to introduce you as a girlfriend to his parents.

But nope, he’s living alone, so you’re just asking what’s his plan. 

4. “Just two of us? That sounds boring.”  

You can tell him that you will come over but with your friends only. 

Because you’re in a party mood. And it’s not right if you two dance. 

This is a clever reply to say no if you don’t want to go there.

5. “I want to meet your parents. Will they be at home?”

You want to meet his parents to complain about his behavior. 

If he fears this, it means there’s something wrong in his mind.

So, here you express your interest in meeting his parents just to see how he reacts. 

With this clever response, you will know if he’s serious about your relationship.

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Direct Responses To “Come Over” (When It’s ‘NO’)

It’s NO, you’re not going to his place. That’s your final decision. 

And he has no right to make you say yes. No matter how much you love each other. 

Fine, you really don’t care how this affects your relationship, but he should accept it when you’re not ready for some reason. 

Make it clear to him. 

No need to give any excuse for why you’re not coming over. 

Say it directly, when you just don’t feel it right. 

Direct Response To Come Over

1. “I don’t think it’s the right time for us to meet alone.”

Because you’re not comfortable and this is just too early. 

This is also a direct response to your fiancé or friends with benefits. 

When you don’t think there’s any good about being together at home.

You just want to take your time to understand him more first. 

2. “Nah, I’m fine with myself this weekend.” 

When a guy asks you about your plan for the weekend and invites you over, he might be thinking of taking your connection to the next step. 

But, you’ve no interest in making a move. 

So to deny his invitation, say that you’ve other priorities. 

That’s you-  Me time. 

3. “We just barely know each other. I don’t think we should do this.” 

You just don’t want him to take it personally, that you’re not going to his place. 

Being confident, you just say what’s on your mind.

Like he invited you to come over just the way he wanted.

If you act nice, the guy might believe that it would be easier for him. 

But this clear response says that you’re cute but not dumb. 

4. “If there’s any other reason despite introducing me to your parents, I’m not coming.”

You are looking for a serious move from a guy, but he isn’t showing anything.

This one is an honest response to show him that you will be at his place for just one good reason.

5. “Nah… but this time I want you to come over here.”

Well, you don’t want things to get regular with the same routine.

Now you invite someone to come over to your place, instead leaving your place.

This is for a change or you want to check how they respond.

6. “We could meet for a second date, but that’s never going to happen either.”

When a guy gets mad at you for turning down his come over invitation, he can’t see his plan failed.

Don’t worry about anything, you owe him nothing. 

That’s what he wants, and your decision says what you want.

Better for you you get to know his real side this early before you invest in this connection. 

This allows you to get rid of this jerk faster than ever.


How To Respond To “Come Over” Text? 

No matter how excited you are about your relationship with a guy, when you don’t feel right and want to say yes/no to something, just say it clearly. 

If a guy you’re in a relationship or dating lately, texts you, asking to ‘Come over’ to his place, you can ask what’s his plan after all. 

This might be difficult to ask, but you should ask it. 

Considering your connection, you might be already ready for it, can’t decide, or just want to say no to his ‘come over’ invitation. 

How To Respond To Come Over Text

Whatever it is, you just make it clear to him and you don’t have to give any explanation. 

He should better understand why you said so. 

If he forces you to change your mind, he is desperate and being controlling. 

But if he respects your choice and does not take it personally, he truly values you.

It all comes down to your choice and how you feel about his invitation, you better choose to respond to a ‘come over’ text from a guy. 

The wrong one obviously tries to manipulate you.

But the right one will never ask for it again, till you are ready for the next move.


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