134 (Funny &) Flirty Answers To “Why Do You Love Me?”

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You love your partner to the best and there’s no question. 

Out of curiosity or insecurity, your guy or girl often asks you, “Why do you love me?” and you can’t decide what to say.

Indeed, you have so many reasons to mention.

But you have no time to share the perfect response to it right away.

Well, if you can’t decide what would be the perfect answer, this post will help.


Cute Answers To “Why Do You Love Me?” For Him

Cute Answers To Why Do You Love Me For Him

1. Being with you I feel like I am living the best life. 

2. Whether time is good or bad, you are always there for me. 

3. Because you are the best lover and friend I could ever have. 

4. You helped me to become a better version of myself. 

5. I don’t just love you, but I love you so much. 

6. You are my favorite person, the one and only. 

7. Having you in my life means a lot to me. 

8. Because I like to start my day with that cute smile. 

9. You’re the first person that I felt that special feeling. 

10. It’s you who made me realize what real love is. 

11. I didn’t know what love was until I met you.  

12. Because that’s the best thing I can do for you. 

13. I don’t think that there can be anyone who fits me as perfectly as you do.

14. Being with you I feel like a home. 

15. I like how you can just understand everything without me telling you anything. 

16. You take good care of me like no one else ever did. 

17. With you I feel most loved and respected. 

18. You make me realize the importance of love. 

19. We both connect with each other so well. 

20. I don’t think I should be with anyone else but with you.


Funny Responses To “Why Do You Love Me?”

Funny Responses To Why Do You Love Me

1. You are the only option I have. Maybe that’s why. 

2. Love you? Who told you that? 

3. I love you because you left no other choice for me.

4. Because I didn’t find anyone to love.

5. I love you because no one loves you and everybody hates you. 

6. Why shouldn’t I? Do you have any problem with that? 

7. I love you because you are better than my ex.  

8. That’s the wrong news, how did you come to know that I love you? 

9. I didn’t love you, you loved me first. 

10. I love you because you don’t hesitate to cry in front of me. 

11. You are the craziest and most sincere person I ever met in life. 

12. I’m so impressed with your sense of humor and understanding. 

13. Did you call it love, I don’t think it is. 

14. You never let me bore you with your love. 

15. Because you are imperfect, but still fit perfectly with me. 

16. I love you because you love me. 

17. Well, if you have a problem with that I will stop it. 

18. Because I have no other option left. 

19. Because you never get mad at my snoring habits. 

20. I have no idea where to start. 

21. There are millions of reasons why I love you, How can I say one? 

22. I thought you really needed this love, so I’m offering you. 

23. If you don’t like it you can return it to me. 

24. That’s my secret and I won’t tell it to you or anyone else. 


Sweet Replies To “Why Do You Love Me?”

Sweet Replies To Why Do You Love Me

1. You help me and support me the way I need.  

2. Being with you every day feels so refreshing and like a new day. 

3. I love how you do small things to keep our relationship alive. 

4. I don’t think I need any reason to love you. 

5. Because you love me more and I’m trying to compete with you. 

6. You make me laugh and love like no one else could ever. 

7. Because you are the most beautiful person I have ever met. 

8. You are kind, caring, and respectful not to me but to everyone. 

9. With your presence in my life I feel like I’m living the best life. 

10. I think you are kind of lucky to me. 

11. I am so grateful that you are in my life. 

12. You are the love of my life, my everything. 

13. You gave me the meaning of life. 

14. You do anything to make me feel loved. 

15. I love you because you stay loyal to me. 

16. You accept me for the way I am and never force me to change.

17. I have so much fun being with you. 

18. Now I don’t need anyone else but you. 

19. We are soulmates and that’s what they should do. 

20. Because we are in a relationship and we should love each other. 

21. Because you are my cute girlfriend and it’s my right to love.

22. You are just so different from the rest of the others. 

23. I have never met someone like you. 

24. You are just perfect to me, that’s the only reason. 


Flirty Answers To “Why Do You Love Me?” For Her

Flirty Answers To Why Do You Love Me For Her

1. The more I am with you, the more I fall in love with you. 

2. You make every moment a special one. 

3. I don’t think that I can get a better partner than you. 

4. Because you earned my love and respect. 

5. You deserve my love, and not anybody else. 

6. It’s only you who taught me how to love. 

7. For you, my love comes naturally, I have nothing to do.

8. Our relationship might be complicated but we are still better. 

9. Because neither of us has any chance to find love anywhere else. 

10. That’s the best and most free thing I can do. 

11. That’s what I can afford you, I have nothing more to do. 

12. Your approach to love is so creative and crazy. 

13. I love you for the craziness and seriousness you bring to a relationship. 

14. Because we both are imperfect and great together. 

15. Because I trust you and believe that you are not like most others. 

16. You revive my feelings of love again. 

17. I almost lost faith in love and you make it live again. 

18. You have a very positive influence on me and my life. 

19. You bring joy and happiness to my life. 

20. Without you in my life, I don’t feel like living. 

21. I love how you understand everything without me saying anything.

22. You always listen to me and never ignore my words.

23. Now you become the most important part of my life. 

24. You did so much for me, now love I can offer you. 


Romantic Replies To “Why Do You Love Me?”

Romantic Replies To Why Do You Love Me

1. You have a great influence on my life and I mean it in a positive way. 

2. I love how you make me feel special. 

3. Whenever we are together I forget about everything. 

4. No matter what, having you makes me feel at ease. 

5. You are like a home to me. I never felt like this with anyone else. 

6. I like how you challenge me to step outside my comfort zone. 

7. I don’t think that I ever felt so positive with anyone else but with you. 

8. Your arms are the only place that I want to live forever. 

9. Because I don’t think there’s life without you. 

10. You are the most handsome and hardworking man I have ever met. 

11. I love that you always make the best effort in our relationship. 

12. I’m the happiest when I am with you.

13. You brighten up my day and I need it every single day. 

14. I would rather be with you than anyone else. 

15. In you, I found the meaning of my life. 

16. I still fall for the bold first move you take to start our relationship. 

17. Because you care about how I feel and how my day was. 

18. Spending time with you is the best moment in my life. 

19. You complete me and I don’t think someone ever made me feel this good. 

20. You are the most caring and lovable partner I can ever have.


Witty Responses To “Why Do You Like Me?”

Witty Responses To Why Do You Like Me

1. If you don’t like my love, you can double it and give it to the next person.

2. You are like a world to me, how can I not love you? 

3. I love that you are daring and dashing. 

4. I don’t think anyone connects with me as well as you do. 

5. Having you in my life is like now I have a purpose in my life. 

6. You never fail to amaze me with your smartness and sweetness. 

7. I like you because you let me feel heard and loved. 

8. You never ask for more but are adjustable with everything. 

9. You make me feel so special about myself. 

10. I love you for the sweet compliments you give me every day. 

11. I like how you make me feel about myself. 

12. You helped me a lot in my rough time. 

13. I fell for your humor, but now I fall for your honesty. 

14. You inspire me to get better every day. 

15. You are the one for me. What do you mean by why do you love? 

16. Because that’s what makes me feel like I’m living my life.

17. You are no different from me, you are just like me. 

18. Still trying to figure out why but you are good at everything. 

19. You turn me on even by just looking at me. 

20. In this crowded world, you give me the peace I need. 

21. Because you took the huge risk of falling in love with me. 

22. You make me feel comfortable in my skin.

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How To Answer “Why Do You Love Me” From A Guy Or A Girl?

Indeed, you love your partner and they know it so well. 

And sometimes, they shock you with “Why do you love me?” question while texting or on a date.

However this question comes suddenly, and you want to respond to it genuinely and honestly. 

How To Answer Why Do You Love Me From A Guy Or Girl

Whether your boyfriend or girlfriend asks for a good reason why you love him or her, you can respond in a way to makes them feel confident and loved. 

It is also important that you consider the context of the situation. 

Depending on your mood and situation, try various responses like we shared in this article.


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