34 Best Replies To “You’re The One”

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Getting “You’re the one” is a special compliment from someone you love.

You may hear this in a romantic mood or when someone confesses their love for you.

Of course, you need to react to it sweetly or savagely, based on your mood or feeling for them.

But, this article covers the best replies you can give when someone says you are the one for them and shows what it means to you.


How To Respond To “You’re The One”?

Well, that person sees you as the one to spend the rest of your life with. 

Also, they are grateful that you are with them. 

It shows they have been looking for someone like you. 

How To Respond To You're The One

So their compliment ‘You’re the real one’ shows their interest in being with you forever. 

 This is a genuine compliment. Also, a kind of proposal. 

When it comes to responding to it, consider your interest in this relationship and your feelings toward them.

For some ideas, here are the best replies to “You’re the one” from your partner or crush. 

1. “And I think only you deserve to have this one.”

Show them that they also gained your trust and you are ready to make the next move. 

2. “Yes, I’m the only one piece in this world.” 

Such a witty response to tease your lover’s feelings here. 

They are being romantic but you are in a fun mood, which makes you the one piece

3. “But this one is taken. Sorry for that!”

This is sad but you have to tell him that you have a boyfriend, but in a witty tone. 

4. “The one… what ‘the one’?”

Act like you aren’t aware of the soulmate concept. 

It’s fine to tease your crush to open up and say something more. 

5. “What a surprise, I was about to say the same.”

And that makes you two, the real one. 

The soulmates. 

6. “Nope, we are ‘the one’. This sounds better to me.” 

Such a romantic response to show that being with them you don’t feel like two. 

But you both are the one soul in two different bodies. 

7. “And. that makes you ‘two’.” 

Give this a funny response to your lover who calls you ‘the one’. 

Because you also see them as your one, so you see them as two.

8. “I think it’s your influence that makes me like this”. 

As you know you are not like that. 

This shows their positive influence makes you a better person. 

9. “You’re the one friend and one lover I need in life.” 

When a friend calls you ‘the one’ this shows they are serious about your future. 

And this response expresses that you also see them as a friend and more than that.

10. “I also feel that together we are the perfect match.” 

They call you the one, you admit that being with them you feel like you two are great together. 

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11. “What makes you say that I’m the one? I’m not, as I know myself.” 

It’s surprising to you, so you have to clarify it. 

Also, you want to know why they are calling you the one. 

12. “I could be. But, I won’t play a game along with you.” 

As your friend says you are the one, you just be sure that you’re not perfect. 

13. “Then be a keeper and take me with you.” 

If they call you the one, let them know that you hope him to be a keeper to have you forever. 

14. “Being with you for long, I also see you as the one.” 

This response shows you both get along too well and find your connection within. 

15. “I’m glad that you finally looked at me that way.” 

And you happily acknowledge their compliment as the special one. 

16. “The one, means like a soulmate?” 

They stopped after calling you the one, while you were waiting for them to continue the sentence. 

17. “Then kiss me and prove it.” 

A flirty response to give your lover who finally calls you the one, and you expect valid proof. 

Flirty Response To You're The One for Me

18. “I’m excited to see what plan you have for your ‘the one’.” 

As a guy expresses that he sees you as the one, you excitedly tell him that you are ready to share life with him. 

19. “Oh, stop it, you make me blush saying so.” 

It’s not the first time she calls you the one, she calls so often. 

And every time she made you blush with it, so you tell her to stop cutely.

20. “I also feel that now I don’t need anyone but only you.” 

You feel that they are the special someone and find the connection. 

And you are sure that you won’t find it elsewhere. 

21. “Are you really saying this? I don’t believe you.” 

You are surprised to ask him, because he made you wait for so long. 

22. “Stop playing with me, I know I’m not the one.”  

As you know yourself, you are not ready for a relationship and can’t be the one. 

23. “I’m here all for you, you can have me for life.” 

Because you are also seeing him as your one and only.

24. “And I’m so ready to be your one forever.” 

Your search for finding the one is over because you also find the one you need. 

25. “That makes us precious one, to make the world go jealous.” 

Such a funny response to show that you are so perfect to each other. 

26. “You have no idea but I have been waiting to hear this from you.” 

And you were ready to be the one for each other.

27. “I think you are too early. Better if you know me more.” 

You politely tell him that he might see you as the one, but it’s too early. 

Because you didn’t get a chance to know him enough. 

28. “I could be, but let me tell you that I’m not easy to handle.” 

He might be impressed with your one side and fall for you. 

But you make him aware that he can not handle you

29. “What, ‘the real one’ or ‘fake one’ please clarify.” 

You have some experience regarding this, so you have to move patiently. 

30. “I’ve never seen you that way, but I think you’re the one, too.” 

This is a cute response to ‘you’re the one’ from your friend, who has a crush on you

You also feel the same, so you express the same feelings. 

31. “That’s what I am, doing nothing but what I feel right.” 

You are being yourself and seeing you act so natural, she falls for you. 

This response expresses you are happy being the one.

32. “And you are the genui-one for me.” 

This is a creative response to show that you also see her as the one, the genuine lover.

33. “Only the real gem could find the other one!” 

As he compliments you as the one, you also show the same appreciation toward him. 

34. “My ex-partner used to say the same to me.” 

This is a sarcastic response to show a guy that you don’t believe in ‘the one’ philosophy.

As you have a partner who used to call you the one, but never treated you like one. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “You’re The One”?

Well, “You’re the one” is kind of quite a personal compliments you get in a close relationship. 

Maybe your relationship isn’t that old, but being with you, knowing you as a person, a guy or a girl finds your qualities unique. 

It could be any personal traits or qualities, but they are seeing you as ‘the one’, ‘the real one’, or ‘the keeper’. 

Here they mean they are seeing you as a worthwhile to spend a life together. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You're The One

They expect to be with you forever. 

Because you are the one they have been looking for a serious relationship and marriage.

You might receive this as a compliment from a lover or during a proposal. 

And based on the context of it, you should decide how you respond to it. 

We have shared the best replies from flirty to funny to give when someone says “You’re the one” and you can reply to it considering how you feel for them in return.


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