24 Best Things To Say When You’re Happy For Someone

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You want to express how you’re happy for someone. 

For that, you need something special to say when they share their achievement or success with you.

And, this article will help you with that. 

Here sharing some genuine and unique ways to show your happiness and excitement.


What To Say When You Are Happy For Someone?

Normally, you could say ‘Congratulations’ or  ‘Good for you’ after getting good news. 

But that’s just a normal thing to say. 

You need something that sounds genuine and sincere.

Especially to your close one or someone who worked so hard for it, your meaningful words encourage them a lot.

This shows you acknowledge their hard work and really happy for them.

Whether it’s to for your friends or family members, here are something you can say instead of just saying ‘I’m happy for you’:

What To Say When You Are Happy For Someone

1. “What great news to start a day with!” 

You get to some good news at the start of the day and it made your day already. 

2. “Seeing you are winning in life makes me so happy, too.” 

Let someone know that you are the one who is genuinely happy for them. 

3. “You deserve this achievement. You did what it takes to get here.” 

As a team leader or coworker, you can use this phrase. 

This shows that you are happy for your fellow employee or colleague’s progress. 

4. “So glad to hear it. I knew it, you are going to make it.”

Here you are showing your faith in someone’s ability. 

Also, now that they are successful, you express that you’re glad to hear this news.

5. “You made us proud with this achievement.” 

It’s for your cousin or sibling, who did something remarkable.

And that made your entire family proud.

In that case, these are the supportive words to show that they make you happy and proud. 

6. “You earned my respect for doing this all alone by yourself.” 

This is indeed not easy to achieve something all alone. 

But someone did it, and you have to acknowledge their commitment to reach the goal. 

7. “I’m so impressed with the level of dedication you gave in the process.” 

Tell your teammates or employees that you are happy having them on the team. 

8. “Seeing you happy makes me even more happy.”

A special way to tell your partner that you feel happy to see them winning in life. 

9. “I have been praying for your success. Thank you, God.”

On getting positive news from your family members, you could say that you prayed for them.

10. “See? What did I tell you, you can do it.”

Your friends didn’t believe in you, but you gave them hope and confidence. 

It shows you are happy to see them winning.

11. “May god bless you and you achieve more and more.” 

When someone starts a new journey, give them good wishes

You genuinely wish for them that they grow in life.

12. “Only you can do it, I know it.” 

This is the way to show your confidence in them, as well as your happiness as finally they did something. 

Good Things To Say When You’re Happy For Someone

13. “What a great news this is! It’s time to celebrate.” 

When your friend gives some positive news, this is a perfect way to express your happiness. 

14. “I’m so excited about what’s coming next.” 

You might have no idea what’s the future from here. 

But this phrase expresses your genuine excitement for younger siblings on their career path. 

15. “You are the only one in our family that could achieve that. So happy for you!”

When someone in your family tries something new and makes it happen, this is the way to show your appreciation. 

Seeing them winning at something, made you excited and happy for it. 

16. “Don’t get me wrong if I get jealous of you. Just kidding, Congrats, my friend!” 

This is a funny way to show that you are happy for a friend. 

Of course, they know that you are not jealous. 

Congratulating them also shows you feel good about what they have achieved. 

17. “You’re amazing at whatever you do.”

No matter what it is, they are just better at everything. 

You’re surprised at their skills, and also happy with what they do.

18. “Wow, that’s unbelievable.” 

It’s so hard to believe that they do it.

This isn’t shocking to you, but you say it in surprise. 

That you are happy that they attain this level of success. 

19. “So glad to hear that you finally achieved what you have been working for.” 

You noticed them working so hard for it. 

The challenges they faced and the hard work they did, you acknowledge them all this way. 

20. “Most didn’t know it but, I saw you did your best to get here.” 

While everyone is celebrating and congratulating someone, you express that their achievement isn’t a fluke. 

It acknowledges their best efforts behind what they have achieved recently. 

21. “You gave whatever it takes to achieve this. And you finally have it.” 

So you have been part of their entire process from start to finish. 

You witness their hard work in this progress over time. 

And now they are successful, you are happy and you mean it. 

22. “Nobody but you deserve this. You made for this one.”

This is such a respectful gesture to express that this person deserves this success. 

Because they have what it takes to get there. 

23. “This is just the beginning, and I’m sure you’ll achieve more in life.”

And you are so excited about the new milestones, they are about to get.

24. “Keep doing your best, achieve more. My support and blessing are always with you.” 

As a parent or elder in the family, you might not know what this success means. 

But you can give your best wishes and pray for their future achievements. 

That’s the best thing you can do and you should do it.

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How To Say You’re Happy For Someone?

Everyone needs someone genuinely happy for them 

If you couldn’t help them enough, that’s fine.  

But, when someone shares their achievement or success with you, you can show your genuine happiness and excitement.  

Wish them to keep achieving more and getting further in life. 

How To Say You're Happy For Someone

No matter what the reason for their happiness, be honest and show that you acknowledge their hard work. 

And seeing them winning now, you are so happy for them. 

The above shared are the best things you can say when you are happy for someone and what their achieved recently. 

This expresses you respect their hard work and struggle to get there. 

Having someone who is equally happy for them, feel confident and supported.  

And it’s important, though.


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