12 Best Replies For “Good For You” (With Its Meaning)

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It’s so disappointing when you excitedly share your achievement and someone says “Good for you” only.

And, mostly, they say this sarcastically.  

Of course, there’s a ‘Good’ in the phrase, but it still doesn’t feel any positive about it.

People use this phrase all the time when they’re truly happy (or not impressed) with someone’s success.

It’s the ‘tone’ that changes the whole meaning.


How To Respond To “Good For You”? 

You were all excited to share your achievement with someone.

But, you get a dry response from them such as ‘Good for you’. 

When saying it, their expressions say ‘I don’t care’, or ‘So, What? Anyone can do it?’.

Well, your siblings, cousins, or even your parents often show such reactions. 

How To Respond To Good For You

Maybe they don’t understand how great this achievement is or aren’t excited like you. 

If that comes from someone jealous of you, you better ignore them. 

But when it’s from your people, you can tell them you didn’t expect this from them at least.  

Either sarcastically or politely, you want to respond to the ‘Good for you’ phrase. 

So, here are some best replies to give as per someone’s tone.

1. “Thanks, anyway!” 

Just like they did their formality to congratulate you, you acknowledge their wishes anyway.

This is an equally dull response to what you hear from them. 

2. “I knew that you’d say the same thing.” 

So, you don’t seem too much affected by how they respond. 

It’s not the first time, but they do so all the time.

This response you can give to roast your brother, who is just too boring. 

3. “That’s good to hear from you. Thank you.” 

On sharing your achievement with your cousin, they tell you ‘That’s good for you’ sarcastically.

You feel it right away. 

But, you’re glad that they didn’t say anything insulting to you. 

4. “At least I did something by myself.” 

This is a sarcastic response to someone who did nothing significant. 

But when they express their boring gesture to insult you, you better tell them this. 

Sarcastic Reply To Good For You

5. “This is not something I want to hear from you.” 

You want to tell them that you were all excited about their reaction to this good news. 

But such a dry response actually breaks your heart. 

6. “Good for me? It’s good for all of us.” 

Whatever you do, you do so thinking of your entire family. 

But they act too normal like it means nothing to them.

So you tell them directly how heartbreaking it makes you feel. 

7. “I didn’t do it for me, but for you.” 

Maybe they have no idea or don’t care what you do for them. 

So, because it is mainly good for them, they should say thanks to you.

8. “I should have done that before, Right?” 

You realize in their tone that they’re not impressed with what you did. 

Sometimes it’s better if you accept that you made a mistake and got the lesson late. 

They might have warned you before, but you ignored their advice. 

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9. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have to share this with you.” 

Some people are secretly jealous of you that you had no idea of that. 

But you find them, with how they react to your positive news.

You are so in a good mood and happy with yourself, but their reaction with ‘Good for you’ made you give them a savage reply. 

Savage Response To Good For You

10. “You know exactly how to spoil someone’s good mood.”  

Give such a savage reply to your rude relatives who have nothing positive to say ever. 

You didn’t tell them anything, but they heard along with others.

Also, you didn’t ask for their advice, but they have to say something anyway. 

11. “I did it because of you. See, I took your advice seriously.” 

You argued with this person. 

But later you followed their advice. Now, you accept that they were right about it. 

So when they say ‘good for you’ they still seem mad at you. 

Give them credit because you did as they told you that. 

12. “If you get up from the couch and do something in life, that would be good for you, as well.” 

Your sibling just doesn’t care what you did and how happy you are. 

They are like ‘Whatever’ and tell you ‘Good for you’. 

You’re not in the mood to correct them, but you can respond with sarcasm.

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What Does “Good For You” Mean?

Generally, you get to hear “Good for you” when sharing your success and achievement with someone. 

This simply means someone is congratulating you and telling you that what you did is good for you, your future life, or your career. 

An elder says this phrase to younger ones, many times.

Because they want to see them succeed and get more in life.

Here ‘good for you’ means progress, they mean what they experience is good for them to learn and grow. 

But, on the other hand, for someone who has no excitement or happiness with your success, they say ‘That’s good for you’ sarcastically. 

So it’s no more a compliment, but an insult.

What Does Good For You Mean

When someone says ‘Good for you’, with their tone you will know that they don’t care much about your success.

Or maybe, they consider you as lucky to get that. They believe you don’t deserve this.  

They could be jealous, or careless about what you just achieved. 

When you’re all excited, but someone’s ‘Good for you’ makes you feel disappointed, we’ve shared the best replies to share. 

Sometimes you can ignore them and celebrate your success without thinking about their reaction. 

Better celebrate with someone genuinely happy for you. That’s ‘Good for you’ truly!


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