(9 Best Replies) When Someone Says “You’re So Shy”

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Your friends or someone who doesn’t know you well, criticize you for being ‘Shy’.

But, they have no idea that you’re so cool and crazier than them.

You wish to correct them with smart comebacks and bold replies, but you prefer to remain quiet.

It’s not like you hate going out and meeting people. 

Just, you’re not into talking nonsense and going crazy with everyone.  

Either you don’t enjoy their company or don’t want to be real with them. 

But sometimes you’ve to be honest and tell them why you are so shy around them. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You Shy?

Whether you’re an introvert or you were in the past, some still carry your old impression. 

They can’t feel that you’ve changed a lot and are not shy anymore. 

Now, you’re out of your comfort zone and full of yourself. 

And also clever enough to remain silent in some places.

But, not shy anymore. 

Well, if you want to make this clear, here are some clever and sarcastic replies to share when someone calls you ‘Shy’ again. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Shy

1. “I don’t see myself as shy, I enjoy talking with selective people.” 

This one is a direct response to someone who calls you shy. 

You don’t talk much with them, this bothers them.  

Your reply means that they are not one of the selective people you like to talk with. 

2. “It’s just you who don’t deserve my craziness.”  

Only you and your very close friend know that you’re such a crazy person

You might have been saving your energies for someone who makes you feel at ease. 

But this person isn’t fully aware of your other side. 

3. “You don’t know me well. If you do, you won’t say this.”

Indeed, they have no idea what you’re carrying in your mind.

You have all the craziest ideas they can ever imagine. 

Too bad for them that they’re not going to witness your awesomeness. 

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4. “It’s not real me, I just want to be shy around you.” 

You play smart that you don’t want to reveal your true self to them. 

They call you ‘shy’ and ask why you’re like that. 

But they’re unaware of the fact that you are only quiet around them. 

5. “I love being a quiet person in this noisy world.” 

If they get it or not, this is a comeback to give a nosy person.

You can’t be with them. 

Nor do you want to be like them. 

They are just too comfortable with anyone, but you respect others’ boundaries first.

Comebacks To You're So Shy

6. “I’m shy because you’re too loud.” 

Often someone asks you ‘Why are you so shy?’ and this way they make jokes about you being silent most of the time. 

But they have no idea that being shy gets you more attention than being the loud one.  

7. “Not shy but I know when to shut my mouth.” 

And, this person has no sense of it at all. 

They talk to anyone without checking the time or place.

A sarcastic comeback to give someone who tries to insult you by calling you shy.  

8. “Yeah, because I do not like to share much about myself.” 

This makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy when someone asks about you.

It’s possible that you don’t trust them. 

But you don’t want to say it clearly.

So you can respond in such a smart way. 

9. “Yes, I’m shy. Because I have a crush on you.” 

This might be a funny response or you’re saying it genuinely. 

When a girl says ‘You’re so shy’, this one is a sweet but also bold way to respond. 

Generally, you aren’t quiet, but with a crush, you act shy.  

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When Someone Asks “Why Are  You Shy”?

‘You… and shy?’ That’s so hard to believe. 

When someone asks ‘Why are you so shy?’ or says ‘You’re very shy’, it always makes you take a second look at your personality.  

The reality is- most of us are shy and introverted in some cases. 

We can’t be too open or so quiet for every case. 

When Someone Asks Why Are You So Shy

Some people just mention your shyness, while others present as if it’s your weakness.

This way they show that you’re not confident. 

If people often call you ‘Shy’ and it annoys you, stand up and give such bold replies right away.

Based on their tone, you can use it as a normal answer or a quick-witted comeback.  

Eventually, this makes them change their perception of you and realize that you’re not shy. 


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