19 (Flirty &) Funny Responses To “Are You Crazy?”

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When someone calls you crazy, take it as a compliment or a criticism.

If your crush says ‘You’re crazy’ or ‘You drive me crazy’, that sounds cute to you.

Whatever you did, your purpose was to make her laugh. 

But, if you have weird quirks, others might think there’s something wrong with you.

Depending on who says this (also how), you can respond to ‘Are you crazy?’, in many ways such as funny, flirty, or savage. 

Here, we’re going to share some of the best responses to the same.


Funny Responses To “Are You Crazy?”

Whenever your friends call you crazy, it’s in a playful mood. 

Just to let you know you’re crazy to think or do something like that. 

If you know they’re not trying to insult you, these are the funny answers that will embrace your craziness. 

Funny Responses To Are You Crazy

1. “This boring world needs more crazy people, right?”

To keep the excitement and fun alive, you are ready to do anything crazy. 

There is a friend who is always serious and doesn’t take jokes seriously.

Here’s the answer to that friend who calls you crazy. 

As if to say that people like you keep the world excited. 

2. “My parents told me not to be with you. Now, I’ve become just like you.” 

You said something or did ridiculous things, and your friends found it funny. 

One of them said, “You’re crazy, Bro,” which is not an insult.

But, a compliment. 

This is a fun reply to say that you are happy to be just like them.

3. “I’m actually more, you just knew my name only.”

In this case, you just met someone new and joined a new group.

On sharing some jokes to relax things, they might call you crazy out of excitement. 

Don’t worry, they see you as an interesting person.

So, take it easy. 

4. “Yes, I am. Do you have any problem?”

If you like to be called crazy and enjoy your life being that way, that’s fine. 

No one should have a problem with that. 

But, if anyone has an issue, they might ask, ‘Are you crazy or what?’, and you answer this way.

5. “Come on, Bro. I was just kidding.”

A joke you shared offended someone, and you realize your mistake. 

To save your back, you can use the usual ‘I was kidding’ excuse and try to calm down that person.

Be serious and even sorry, if that friend isn’t in the mood for fun. 

6. “Why? Do you know any psychiatrists? Let’s have a checkup together.” 

You’re messing with that friend who calls you crazy.

You can act serious when you answer as if you’re taking the person seriously.

Even for a better comeback, just ask them to refer them to any psychiatrist they visited in the past. 

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Flirty Reply To “You’re Crazy”

To impress your crush you can go to any limit and do some crazy things. 

You might have her attention. And she likes the way you’re. 

Here, a girl or guy calls you crazy in a cute way. And, these are flirty responses to give. 

Flirty Reply To You’re Crazy

1. “Yes, I know. I can do anything to make you smile.”

Of course, your crush enjoys your company and spending time with you. 

Because you’re funny and do anything to bring a smile to her face when she’s having a bad day

While laughing at your jokes, when she calls you crazy, give her this flirty and direct response. 

2. “Whatever I did, it was for you, I thought you liked my craziness.”

You felt that your girlfriend was pissed off with your joke or prank.

This makes her scream ‘Are you crazy?’, maybe you scare her or that’s insane.

To calm her down, remind her it’s your crazy nature she’s attracted to.

3. “Umm, yes, I am. Because your touch drives me crazy.”

You’re not sure if you’re a guy or girl who says you are crazy, says it in a good way, or not. 

But you have a good connection with them.

So you can just share this flirty reply.

4. “And, I’m nothing crazier than you, huh!”

Whatever you do, it’s not as great as they do. 

You mean, that girl or guy you date is way even crazier than you. 

When you respond in such a flirty way, he or she will know what you mean by that. 

5. “You’ve to accept me this way, there’s nothing to do now.”

When a guy calls you crazy after your relationship just started, he’s starting to love you more. 

He gets to know you more and might fall for your craziness. 

You here accept that you’re crazy, and tell him he who makes you be yourself.  

6. “If you like me this way, I don’t mind being crazy for you.”

This is a cute response that says their smiling face means a lot to you.

Let your partner or crush know that you are fine with being crazy for them.

Because they seem happy around you.

7. “I‘m crazy now. But soon be a fool, too if I don’t tell you that I love you.”

At first, it sounds like a flirty reply to ‘Are you crazy?’ 

Be careful, you don’t want to respond this way when you don’t know what she thinks of you.

But, when your crush already knows your feelings, be bold, and let her know ‘you’re crazy but only about her’. 

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Savage Comebacks When Someone Calls You Crazy

Well, in this case, you’re actually in a tense argument and you already know that this person is taking it seriously and calling you crazy out of insults. 

Yes, to shut them down or win them over, have these comebacks for being called crazy. 

Savage Comebacks When Someone Calls You Crazy

1. “Glad I’m crazy, now my goal is to become savage.”

You didn’t intend to offend anyone, but this person is no good at taking jokes. 

When a friend or someone asks ‘Are you crazy?’ out of rage, this is your comeback. 

2. “But your mom never complains about that.”

In friendship, you are often being crazy and savage with friends and remain the same. 

Better to take advantage of the ‘your mom’ jokes when your friend says you’re such a crazy person.

3. “I’m not crazy, you’re who thinks that you could be smarter than me.”

There must be the one guy who often calls everyone ‘crazy’ who is having fun. 

To deal with such a sensitive or serious person, this comeback is enough. 

Crazy means someone different, tell him, you all see him the same way, too.

4. “Irony is that those who follow rules and do nothing wrong are considered as crazy.”

That’s the fact, people are becoming bored these days. 

Most of them just have no sense of humor

And, you come across such people who see you as a crazy person just because you have quirks. 

To make them look foolish, deliver this comeback savagely. 

5. “Me?? Not only me, but you’re also crazy.”

But not in the same way. 

Everyone is crazy in one way or another. 

The person who asks ‘Are you crazy’ tells them, we all are crazy humans. 

6. “Yeah, the voice inside my head is saying the same but that’s about you.”

When you meet a crazy person in reality, for them every normal person is crazy. 

To tackle such a person, give them this response. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Crazy?

Anytime when a guy or girl, (as your friend, crush, or partner) says ‘you’re crazy’, it means you have an interesting personality.

They enjoy the jokes and pranks you do.

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Crazy

But, there’s a time you meet someone mad at you and ask “Are you crazy?’,  this truly means they found you crazy already and so they are mad at you.

Don’t confuse it. 

You better have savage comebacks that we shared along with funny and flirty responses and share it when in the way you get it.

Also, be sure to be more around those who let you embrace your craziness than those who force you to be serious.


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