(14 Flirty Responses) When A Guy Calls You “Mami”

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You may already know, that the Spanish word ‘Mami’ means ‘Mother’. 

But you’re here looking for some flirty responses to ‘Mami’, when your boyfriend calls you so. 

We get that. You can leave it to us. 

It’s a sweet gesture from your partner when in ‘the mood’. 

And next, you want to add flirtatious reactions to add romance to your relationship. 

In this article, we are going to share some witty and flirty replies to share when someone calls you ‘Mami’.

You can share based on whether you like hearing it or not. 


What To Say When A Guy Calls You “Mami”?

Your boyfriend might call you ‘mami’ usually or when he’s in a romantic mood. 

This is a cute way to show that he finds you attractive. 

Such sweet gestures add spice to your relationship and you want to respond to it with something flirty or naughty. 

Because you enjoy it when your lover calls you that, Right?

In other cases a random guy calls you ‘mami’ and you don’t like it at all. 

What To Say When A Guy Calls You Mami

You’re not his mother, nor do you want to call him your ‘Papi’. 

In this case, you want to respond sarcastically or cleverly and tell him to stop. 

So yes, it’s based on the relationship and your mood, you better decide what to say to someone who calls you ‘mami’. 

Here are the best responses for ‘mami’ to choose based on who calls you with that. 

1. “Your mami is here, Papi.”

On reaching home from work, your husband calls you with his favorite nickname for you. 

And, you casually or romantically say where he can find his mami.  

2. “What’s in your mind, Daddy?” 

You know what he’s up to when he calls you mami.

And, you give him a clue by calling him ‘daddy’ back. 

3. “Say it again, I like this as you say it.”

It’s the first time your lover calls you ‘mami’ and you like it. 

You want him to say it more often. 

Or you happily take it as a nickname. 

4. “I know what you’re up to but I’m not in a mood.” 

Maybe you’re in a mood, or you just want to tease him a bit. 

It’s just a playful response to ‘Mami’ from a guy you’re in a relationship with. 

Flirty responses to Mami From Boyfriend

5. “Mami is mad at papi today.” 

His mistake is he forgot to say ‘I love you, too’ this morning. 

Such a cute response to give your boyfriend, because you want him to fix your mood. 

6. “Ssshhh, you real mami is here.” 

He might have no idea that his mom visited your home. 

But habitually he just calls you mami as he enters home. 

And, you give such a funny response immediately to stop him from getting further.

7. “Seriously, that’s what you’re thinking of me?”

A guy you just see as a friend calls you ‘mami’ in text and it shocks you. 

So, you directly tell him that you don’t feel it is appropriate.

8. “Sorry, what did you say to me?” 

You already heard what he said. 

But by asking this, you want him to take his words back. 

Because you don’t like it when he calls you mami. 

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9. “I’m not your mami, nor do I want to be your son’s mami, too.”

Say it upfront, when a random guy calls you ‘mami’. 

It upsets you as you hear it. 

So you act furiously to make him understand it clearly.

10. “Don’t call me that. I don’t like it at all.” 

You just don’t like the way he calls you mami. 

So you better stop him getting any further, with such a direct response. 

11. “Are you talking to me? I don’t think so.” 

Act as if you ignored it completely when a guy calls you ‘mami’. 

That would be a better reaction to show you’re someone they don’t want to mess with

12. “Oh, Are you lost, big boy? Let me help you find your mommy.

With this funny response, you tell a guy that you’re not his mommy. 

But he calls you with that.

So, you can help him find her mother, her mami. 

Witty Replies to Mami From A Guy

13. “You don’t deserve to call me that.” 

Someone who calls you ‘mami’ has no idea that you’re in a relationship. 

It’s your husband or boyfriend who can call you mami.

And, this random guy will understand their level. 

14. “Let me talk to your mami. Let’s see what she does next.” 

This guy seems to be flirting with you. 

You think he’s just a kid who is trying to be cool. 

But being a bold lady, you know how to deal with such perverts. 

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You “Mami”?

The word ‘mami’ is a romantic gesture in a relationship. 

A guy calls her lover ‘mami’ as a cute name, to express his affection and appreciation for her.  

When your boyfriend calls you ‘mami’, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Maybe he admires your beauty or he’s feeling romantic at that moment. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Mami

Based on your mood or situation, you can show your romantic and even flirty expressions with what you say to him when he calls you ‘mami’.

Sometimes, you also want to tease, for being flirty. 

That works, too. 

In this post, we have shared the better responses for ‘Mami’ that you can reply with, based on who is saying it and how you feel about that. 

For your lover, you like to be his ‘mami’. 

So, you give him flirty replies to ‘Mami’ to show your equal interest. 

But, someone who says so in a way that you don’t like, you give a clever response to keep him away. 

Because you’re not as soft as his ‘mami’. 


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