18 Flirty Answers To “What Are You Up To Tonight?” Text

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When (special) someone asks ‘What are you up to tonight?’, with your flirty answers, show them that you have time and interest to be together. 

Especially with this question, a guy checks your availability for tonight. 

Sometimes, he just casually asks to have a conversation going. 

But here it’s sure that he might have some plan for you.

More likely, your crush or match wants to take you out tonight.

Whatever it is, if you trust him and want to show you’re fine with the plan, you better know how to respond excitedly or playfully.  


How To Answer To “What Are You Up To Tonight”?

Well, this question is nothing, but to know what you are doing tonight. 

Is there any good plan? Or, Are you available or not? 

You’re not sure whether he intends to ask you out or it’s just a casual question. 

How To Answer To What Are You Up To Tonight

But if you want to show that you’re ready to join his plan or hint to him that you want to spend time with him. 

Your choices of answers depend on how much you trust a guy and if you’re interested to be with them or not. 

If you want to be with them, your flirty responses are the way to do it. 


Flirty Answers To “What Are You Doing Tonight?”

If your crush is interested to know what you are up to tonight, they might want to hang out with you but feel hesitant. 

Maybe he’s too shy to ask you for the date, and so he asks this question instead.

Well, you don’t want them to wait anymore. Because you’re also interested in him. 

So, to make him feel at ease, you directly show that you’re ready for his plan.

To have a playful conversation and to show you’re available for him, here are witty and flirty responses to “What are you up to tonight?” text from your crush. 

Flirty Answers To What Are You Doing Tonight

1. “Nothing, Do you want to join me in doing nothing?”

Well, ‘nothing much is the regular answer. 

But as to your crush, you want to make it playful though. 

2. “Tonight? Probably waiting for you to ask me out.” 

This shows you’re still waiting for him to take you on a date or dinner tonight.

Such an answer you can share with your Tinder match or crush.

3. “Again, just dreaming of you.” 

This one is a special response to someone special. 

To show you’re thinking of them and maybe wish they would be here. 

4. “Maybe on a date with you.” 

To give your crush more confidence, you can further say “Only if you ask me tonight…”

5. “If you want to take me out, I’m up to nothing special.” 

You know what this guy is up to when he asks about your tonight’s plan. 

So instead of wasting time, you say it clearly. 

6. “I’m thinking that I might be up to Netflix and chill with you.” 

What you think you share it without any much wait. 

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7. “Well, if you have some plans, say it, Because I don’t have any.”

This answer shows that whatever their plan is, you believe it would be fun. 

And, you are ready to join. 

8. “It would be a boring night. What are you up to?”

You don’t want to waste another night being bored alone. 

So, ask what they are up to if they have some plan for you. 

9. “You first tell me, what are you up to with this question? “ 

You clearly ask this question back to a guy’s text on Tinder.

Because you want to hear his intention. 

Playful Response To What Are You Doing Tonight On Tinder

10. “I’m planning to invite you here for a movie.”  

Show with your response that you want him to come over to your place

Because you’re definitely up to enjoy a movie together. 

11. “I’m up for anything you want me to.”

It just expresses your readiness for any plan he has for you. 

You trust him and are sure that he is up to something cool. 

12. “Spending another night alone, wanna join?” 

You don’t want to be alone tonight. 

So you invite him or her to a sleepover if they are also up to nothing. 

13. “I’m up to finding someone to cuddle tonight.” 

When your crush acts shy and you’re not different, this one is a witty response. 

You’re actually hinting at them that you need them with you.

14. “Making dinner for two. For myself and yourself.”  

This one is a sweet response to share with your lover. 

Instead of keeping it a surprise, you show that you’ve prepared something for them. 

15. “I’m up to making a strategy to get your attention.” 

You already get her attention.

But because she’s playing too hard to get, you come up with such a witty response. 

16. “Nothing alone. But with you, I’m up to something for sure.” 

You are boring, alone, and up to nothing tonight. 

This response shows that you’re up to something tonight when they’re with you. 

17. “How do you know? Do you feel something?”

A crushing game going on and finally, your crush asks you directly ‘What you’re up to?’.

This might be a scary situation.

But to tackle that cleverly, this answer will save you.

18. “I know you’ve planned some surprises for me. So, I’m up for it.” 

You felt that a guy or girl who asks what are you up to tonight, they got some surprises planned. 

It’s an exciting response to show that you can’t wait for tonight. 

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What Does “What Are You Up To Tonight” Mean?

The question ‘What are you up to tonight?’ is just a normal question which means ‘What are you doing tonight?’. 

Your online match or crush who asks so over text actually wants to know if you’ve some plan for tonight. 

It could be a regular question like they just ask to have a conversation. And, discuss your plan. That’s it. 

What Does What Are You Up To Tonight Mean

But someone who has an interest in hanging out with you, when they ask about what you are up to tonight, they mean if you’re available, they have some plan for you. 

They might want to take you on a date and spend some time together. 

Based on your interest and how you feel about them, you can give witty and flirty responses to “What are you up to tonight?” question from your partner or crush. 

These are the playful ways to show your availability tonight, 

Because you both want to be together and maybe you’re shy about saying it upfront. 


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