49 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “I Want To Kiss You” Text

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Either playfully or seriously, when a guy (or girl) says ‘I want to kiss you’ in a text, this could make you excited or nervous at the same time. 

Mostly it comes while having a spicy chat with someone you started dating.

Well, it’s of course, your choice if you want to give them a kiss or not. 

But because it’s over text, you also know that it’s an expression of desire and they’re coming to get a kiss. 

So, you could take this request jokingly and respond playfully. 

Considering your mood, in this article we are sharing the funny, witty, and flirty responses when someone says ‘I want to kiss you’ over a message. 


Flirty Responses To “I Want To Kiss You” Over Text

You get this cute request to ‘kiss you’ from a guy or girl in the middle of your conversation. 

As it comes from nowhere, you’re surprised, or maybe uncomfortable as fast it comes.

But secretly, you also want the same.

So, what’s the point of being shy? 

You could make this conversation hotter, with such a flirty response that telling him that you also want to kiss them back. 

Flirty Responses To I Want To Kiss You

1. “Your request is accepted.”

2. “I’m happy you asked for permission first.” 

3. “You want to kiss me ‘on a wedding day’, Am I right?” 

4. “I don’t mind, if you do so.”  

5. “Sorry, the kissing booth is closed today.” 

6. “Then go for it. You’re mine and I’m all yours.” 

7. “Go ahead, who’s stopping you?”

8. “Give me some time to update you on that.” 

9. “No. I want to kiss you first.” 

10. “To be honest, I’ve been waiting for this.” 

11. “Nope, our first kiss won’t be so random. It must be unique.” 

12. “I would rather save our first kiss for the special day.” 

13. “I want you right now here with me.” 

14. “Well, I don’t think you can handle me.” 

15. “Do you think this will be that easy?”

16. “There would be a consequence for it. Are you ready?”  

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Witty Responses To “I Want To Kiss You”

You like this guy you just began dating. 

But you didn’t expect that he would move so fast. 

He shared his wish to kiss you, after a few days. 

He’s kind of a nice guy and you trust him. But, right now, you’re not comfortable as he texts you this. 

Whether you want to make him wait or tease him for a bit, here are some witty ways to respond to ‘I want to kiss you’ from a guy. 

Witty Responses To I Want To Kiss You

1. “Today is not a good day to kiss, maybe next week or so.” 

2. “You just want to kiss me, that is it?” 

3. “I don’t think you’re ready for this.” 

4. “For being so sweet to me, you deserve that.” 

5. “I know that already.”

6. “For that, you have to wait for a month.”

7. “So, only for this reason you need me, right?” 

8. “You want just a kiss or there are more plans you’ve.” 

9. “I don’t want to take a flight and kiss you.” 

10. “Only if you’re in love with me.”

11. “Of course, you can. But on my forehead!”

12. “But I don’t want to get kissed at least for now.” 

13. “You better share this application with me then I will consider it.” 

14. “So that’s your intention from the very start, right?” 

15. “Let me ask my parents if I can give you that.” 

16. “You’re not going to get any, so easily.”

17. “For that, you have to be here. Come and get it.” 


Funny Replies To “I Want To Kiss You” 

Sometimes a friend gets freaky and asks for something that you never expect. 

Maybe this guy or girl is teasing you or checking what you respond to. Or, maybe they are actually serious about it. 

But if you’re in a fun mood and take it lightly, you better respond hilariously. 

Of course, there are some funny responses to give when someone says that they want to kiss you. 

If you see them as your friend or want to play a bit, here are fun replies. 

Funny Replies To I Want To Kiss You

1. “Two friends kiss each other, that doesn’t sound good.” 

2. “Take your time, there’s no need to rush.” 

3. “And this is the only way you can shut me up.” 

4. “You can kiss my picture, for now.” 

5. “Then first go brush yourself and then ask.” 

6. “I have just eaten onion pizza, want to kiss me still?” 

7. “Then first better practice with the mirror. And, tell me how it feels.” 

8. “If you kiss me today, it will be our last kiss.” 

9. “I would have kissed you if you called me cute or beautiful instead.” 

10. “I could slap you, instead!”

11. “Tell me who dared you to say this to me.” 

12. “But, why do you want to kiss me?” 

13. “Okay, let me get ready for it.”

14. “You will get it one day, but not from me.” 

15. “It would cost you, so be ready for it.” 

16. “Right now, you’re not eligible for that.” 

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When A Girl Or Guy Says “I Want To Kiss You”

Before responding anyway, you better check if a guy or girl is serious when they say they want a kiss from you. 

Sometimes, your date might tease you with such flirty text messages and there’s nothing serious but it’s part of the playfulness. 

While in some cases, they try to check how ready you are for it. 

Well, if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and you also want the same, you can always show your acceptance. 

That you can do passionately with such flirty responses to ‘I want to kiss you’ messages from a guy or girl you date. 

When A Girl Or Guy Says I Want To Kiss You

Take it as a genuine request, because they show their desire rather than just go for it. 

And, if you don’t want to make it any easier for them, you could always try such witty replies to tease a guy or girl who wants to kiss you. 

It’s all up to your mood and your connection, you better decide what to say. 

Else, we have shared with you some of the best responses to ‘I want to kiss you’ to make your chat even more flirty and cute.


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