37 Funny Ways To Say NO To A Friend

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You have no time or no interest.

But, it’s hard to say NO to a friend that easily.

Whether it’s to reject a friend’s hangout offer or refuse to do them a favor, you have to balance your priorities and their feelings. 

You know, if you do so, your connection won’t be the same. 

A friend who values your boundaries and understands your reason won’t bother if you clearly say no to them. 

But to some friends, you must have better ways of saying no to them without hurting your friendship. 


How To Say NO To A Friend For Something?

You don’t want to break your friends’ hearts by saying a clear no to their faces. 

But you also can’t just say yes. 

Maybe you’re not just ready for something, not in the mood, or have no time

In some cases, you have to say no, even if it’s awkward. 

How To Say NO Politely To A Friend

Mostly a pushy friend makes it more uncomfortable for you. 

Well, whether you want to say a reason or not, there are some ways you can make it clear that it’s still ‘NO’ to a friend. 

So, this friend won’t bother you much. 


Clever Ways To Say No To A Friend Asking For A Favor

Relax, you don’t have to be always there to help a friend out. 

Sometimes, it’s not possible. 

You could tell him that right now it’s possible, but you could help them later. 

But you’re sure that this friend won’t accept that. 

In that case, these smart ways you could say to convince your friend. 

Clever Ways To Say No To A Friend Asking For A Favor

1. “I really want to help, but I can’t. Hope you can understand.” 

2. “Bro, I wish I could help you but right now I’m so busy at work.”

3. “Sorry, friend. I can’t leave work, it’s an urgent matter.” 

4. “Well, I might be helpful to you, but my other friend will certainly do what you need.” 

5. “Let me share with you my brother’s number, he’s better at this than me.” 

6. “Friend, I apologize for not helping you out. I never felt so uncomfortable before.”

7. “I love to help you out. Wait a minute what day it is, Tuesday? OHHH.”

8. “Why don’t we meet on the weekend and get it done there?”

9. “Can you wait for an evening? I can give you full attention there only.” 

10. “I’m feeling so awkward to say no, but I have no other choice.” 

11. “You’re an expert in everything. How come you need my help in this?”


Funny Ways To Say NO To A Friend Wanting To Hang Out

Your plan for this weekend is all set. Relaxing at home and doing nothing.  

Then you get a call from your friend asking you out. 

You’re definitely not in the mood to leave the house this weekend. 

With friends you can joke around and who don’t take anything personally, here are some hilarious ‘NO’ are the better choice over disheartened ‘rejection’.  

Funny Ways To Say NO To A Friend Wanting To Hang Out

1. “Nah, man, I can’t come, sorry. My parents don’t want me to hang out with you.”

2. “Seriously, Do you think I will ever come with you after what you did last time?”

3. “Dude, we have an exam and you want to hang out? Come let’s study together instead.”

4. “My answer is still no. A big Hell, NO.”

5. “I’m not going to come with you anywhere, anytime, anymore.” 

6. “Such a boring plan this is. Only call me when something’s new.” 

7. “Grow up, kiddo. Do you want to spend the rest of your life partying?”

8. “How dare you ask me out, you forget what happened?” 

9. “I need some time to think about it. Maybe till morning.” 

10. “Nope, never. And especially with you, I’m not going anywhere.” 

11. “I don’t want to hang out with you, you’re boring.” 

12. “I will come only with one condition, you will pay for everything.”

13. “What’s fun about that? I can’t see anything interesting here.” 

14. “I know you also invited someone I dislike. So, I’m not coming, that’s final.”


Polite Ways To Say NO To A Friend For Anything

Saying a clear no to a friend could hurt their feelings. 

And, with some friends, you can expect some drama and more. 

If you don’t want to share any reason still but have to say no, you could say it politely to a friend. 

Here are some ways to do so.  

Polite Ways To Say NO To A Friend For Anything

1. “I don’t think this is the right time to do it. Maybe next time.” 

2. “That’s a great plan, but right now I’m not available.” 

3. “You go and enjoy it, don’t worry about me. I have some other plans.” 

4. “Glad that you came to me for help. But I don’t think I can make it.”

5. “I apologize for not giving you what you’re asking.” 

6. “If you’d asked me an hour ago, I could have helped you, but now.” 

7. “You can start doing it and If you feel confused you can ask me anytime.” 

8. “Of course, I love to help. But this isn’t something for me.” 

9. “It’s not like I don’t want to help, I do. But sometimes you should do something on your own.”

10. “Nothing personal, but at this time I don’t have time.”  

11. “So sorry to inform you but I can’t help you in this matter.” 

12. “Please don’t expect too much from me. This time i really can’t help you.”

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Why Do You Want To Say NO To Friends, Sometimes?

If you have a group of friends or just one best friend, it’s not easy to say no to them. 

Whether the friend asks for a favor or invites you to hang out, when you’re not ready to do anything, you wish to say no clearly. 

You know the consequences of what will happen when you turn down their plan or offer. 

But that does not mean you’ve to do everything just to make your friend happy. 

Why Do You Want To Say NO To Friends

You also have your priorities and boundaries as well. 

A good friend won’t force you for anything or get emotional about getting NO. 

Some friends, however, want you to hear YES to anything they ask.  

If you’ve demanding friends asking for help many times, one who is too dependent on you or doesn’t care about your priorities, saying no is the better choice.  

Consider the situation and apply these clever, funny, and polite ways to say no to a friend asking for a favor, hang out, or something.

Hopefully, this won’t have any impact on your friendship. 


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