8 Smart Answers To “What Did You Say?”

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When someone asks you ‘What did you say?’ either they didn’t hear you or did hear you, but they want you to repeat it.

With their tone, you know what they mean actually. 

Possibly, what you said it’s hard for them to accept. 

They ask so to either correct or take responsibility for what you said to them. 

If you get this question during an argument, you should be extra careful with what you say.

Well, whether you need clever comebacks to end this argument or don’t want to repeat yourself, we have prepared the best answers to share when someone asks what you said to them. 


How To Answer To “What Did You Say”?

Watch the tone, as how someone asks you ‘What did you say?’ in the mid-conversation. 

Because that’s how you decide what you could reply to. 

When someone asks so politely, you can just repeat yourself.

Maybe they didn’t hear you last time.  

But, if it’s during an argument, when they ask ‘What did you say (to me)?’, you can give such smart answers like these. 

How To Answer To What Did You Say

1. “Thank God you didn’t hear what I said.” 

You had insulted this person and it might shock them. 

So they ask what you said to them. 

Try this funny response because you were just playing around with them. 

2. “Forget it, you won’t understand no matter how many times I repeat.” 

You might have said something in your frustration. 

But when they ask for more clarification, you just tell them to never mind it

3. “What? Did I even say something, nah!” 

Act like you didn’t say anything to them. 

But, if they ask for more, tell them it could be a voice in their head. 

4. “You should hear me at first.” 

That’s because you’re not going to repeat your whole sentence. 

There was a perfect comeback at times, they missed it. 

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5. “I don’t know, What did you hear?”  

When they ask what you said, you have no idea if they heard you. 

So, you could give this clever reply. 

You also want to clarify what exactly they hear from you.

6. “Sorry I didn’t have to say that.” 

You realized that you shouldn’t have to say this to someone older than you.

It’s not right if you want to respect your elders

But it’s late and this could go wrong.  

So better to apologize for what you said to them.

7. “I don’t think you are even interested to know that.” 

You were talking about something important but this person was on the phone all the time.

And. then they ask you to repeat, so you share this honest response.  

8. “Don’t drag me into this. You’re all on yourself.”

Your friend or someone is up to something and asks for your opinion.

Seeing their excitement and your knowledge, you prefer to say nothing here.

And, this is a clever response to avoid saying anything.

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What Is The Meaning Of “What Did You Say”?

Generally, when someone asks  ‘What did you say?’, means they want you to repeat what you just shared with them. 

Because they didn’t hear it well for the first time or didn’t understand the meaning of it. 

They might want you to repeat it or explain it more clearly. 

In other cases, while arguing with someone, if you utter something or insult them, the question ‘What did you say (to me)?’ is a clarification question.  

What Is The Meaning Of What Did You Say

They hear exactly what you said. 

You said ‘something’ that’s inappropriate or hurtful, which leaves them in shock. 

At home, your family, parents, or elders often might ask you ‘What did you say’, when you talk back to them.

With this question, they want to know if you have any idea what you just said. 

If it’s a funny argument, handle it playfully. 

But if you say something rude or inappropriate, ask for ‘apologize’ for what you just said, that’s how you handle this question right.


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