7 Clever Comebacks To “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” Attitude

  • February 10, 2024

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Basically, you were trying to tell them to do something the right way. 

Your suggestions were the logical and easiest way. 

But nope, instead of thanking you, what did they say to you…‘Don’t tell me what to do’.

Yeah, that’s rude!

You’re in shock not sure what to say or how to react. 

If you don’t want to be in the same situation, better have these comebacks when someone tells you not to tell them what to do or what to say. 


How To Reply To “Don’t Tell Me What To Do”?

In case, when someone is already upset and you suggest something even in a good manner, they lash out at you. 

Actually, you’re the (only) one who genuinely wants to help them out.

Still, they tell you, ‘Don’t tell me what to do, I know it all’. 

What you say to them is really helpful and an effective solution. 

How To Reply To Don't Tell Me What To Do

It’s fine to remain calm down because you can understand that this person is in tension.

Being cool is the best thing to do to avoid any argument thereafter. 

But, if your intention was good and just this person acted out of rage at you, you have to make it clear to them that you wish only good for them. 

Your siblings, teenage kids, or even parents mostly react in such a way. 

Occasionally, it’s fine to apologize for interrupting them.

But sometimes you just want to tell them that they should listen to you.

1. “You should be thankful that at least someone is here to help you.”

Also, be grateful that you’re someone who genuinely supports them. 

But not anymore. 

You’re not going to tell them anything from then on. 

2. “Fine, If something goes wrong, never come back to me.”  

Being their elder sibling, you have some experience to share with them.  

But, they tell you not to give them advice. 

So, you make it clear that if they don’t follow what you suggest, you’re not going to help them later. 

3. “Okay, but do what I just told you.”

You’re not going to tell them anything more, you leave them to their situation.  

But you still suggest them to do exactly what you just said to them. 

Because it’s the only way and they have no idea about that. 

4. “I’m sorry, good luck with that.”

What they are going to do, they are completely unsure how to do it right. 

So, you just tell them to do it right. 

But, they don’t even want to hear anything from anyone. 

Well, in this case, wishing ‘good luck’ is the best thing to do for the consequences. 

5. “Now, you don’t tell me what to say, Okay?” 

You accept that you won’t tell them anymore. 

But you also want them to not tell you want to say or not. 

You also don’t want to take any orders from them. 

6. “That’s the only thing I had to say, nothing else.” 

What you’ve to say or suggest, you just told them already. 

You also have nothing more to say to them. 

Also, even if you have something, you won’t tell them. 

7. “Oh sorry for that. I forgot that you need no support at all.” 

You made a mistake suggesting someone who is perfect in everything.

And so you ask for apology for the mistake you made.

Really, you didn’t have to tell them anything at all.

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What Does “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” Mean?

When someone says ‘Don’t tell me what to do’, they want you to say nothing about what they will do. 

Saying ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ means someone tries to show that they’re mature enough to take care of something in their way. 

They don’t need to hear from you or anything. 

What Does Don’t Tell Me What To Do Mean

Maybe, they’re just irritated with so many suggestions. 

Because many people already gave them advice, over ‘do this or that’. 

Also in other cases, someone says ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ because their ego is hurt when someone advises them. 

They believe that they can handle it and need no one to do it 

As a genuine supporter, when you hear ‘don’t tell me what to do’ from someone, that’s totally rude to you. 

They just can’t see that you’re trying to help them. 

Sometimes it’s okay to react to nothing because this person is already in tension or so. 

Later on, when this person will eventually realize that you’re saying them for their good.


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