(9 Good Comebacks) When Someone Insults Your Family

  • February 14, 2024

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That’s unacceptable. How can they say it? 

In between the arguments, when someone insults your family, that’s so shocking to hear. 

This person doesn’t even know anything about your parents.  

Why do they have to bring your family into your fight? 

Only because they have nothing to say against you. 

Well, whatever they talk about your family, you don’t have to take anything from them.  

But yes, you want to have some immediate comebacks ready to give when they say rude things about your family.


What To Say When Someone Insults Your Family?

Whether someone comments negatively about your parents, family, or anything personal, the first thing to remember is that this will change nothing. 

They bring your family into a discussion, is because they want to humiliate you somehow.  

If you try to say the same about their family, you’re not different from this person. 

So it’s better that you don’t comment about their family but clearly tell them that their words do not affect you. 

Tell them how weak they’re, that they have nothing to say so taunt your family.  

At school or at work, someone bullies you, or insults your family for no reason, with these comebacks ready you have something to say. 

This will either shut them down or make them regret what they just said. 

What To Say When Someone Insults Your Family

1. “What else do you know about my family, huh?”

Nothing. They just know nothing about them. 

They have no idea how many members are in your family. 

But they just have to disrespect your parents somehow.  

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2. “Is that all, Or do you have anything else to say?”

You just ask them what they want to say about your family in a sarcastic tone. 

Maybe they just want to make you feel bad. 

But you don’t take them any seriously.

When you challenge them to say more, they just give up.  

3. “Now let me share whatever you said to me with your parents.”

When some bully often makes fun of you or your family, inform their family about it

If you know them, just tell them what their son or daughter said. 

And don’t just say so, take action. 

After all, their family also needs to know about their kid’s behavior.  

4. “Have you ever met my parents?” 

You just ask them this clever question to this stranger. 

Because they said many rude things about your parents, they’re familiar. 

You believe they might know your family or parents but you don’t know.

If not then how do they get to have so many things to say about them? 

5. “I think you forget that this is the same family who took care of you.” 

Some friends or relatives are better at taking advantage of your nice nature.

Once they get what they need from you, they treat you like nothing. 

That’s what this person does, they forget about what you or your family did and now disrespect them. 

This comeback is for those ignorant friends or relatives who just care about themselves. 

6. “Wait a minute, do you even have your family?”

You try to be respectful to their family but they are not to yours. 

So you just ask them instead of talking about your family they better focus on theirs. 

When a relative behaves rudely and says anything about your family, give such a clever comeback.

This is to tell them that you don’t consider them as a part of your family anymore.

7. “Don’t bring my parents into this.” 

You make it clear and to the point. 

They dare to say anything rude about your parents. That, you have heard enough.

It’s just a way to stop them from saying anything more. 

8. “And, that doesn’t make yours any better?” 

No, not at all. 

What they say about your family lowers their standards. 

Maybe that’s what their present is, the type of family they came from. 

9. “I’m sorry, but my family’s standards are way above that you can ever insult them.”

So, if they try to do anything to make you feel bad, that’s not going to happen. 

This comeback shows you’re proud of your family and know who they are. 

You’re just showing this person their level. 

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When Someone Insults Your Parents Or Family

It’s truly shocking when someone who doesn’t even know you, starts insulting your parents and family for no reason. 

Well, this person just wants to make you feel bad, by commenting on what you love the most. 

So the best thing you can do is not pay much attention to it. 

They just have to say anything to put you down. 

When Someone Insults Your Parents

Mostly, when someone insults your family while arguing with you, their goal is to provoke anger and drag you into a fight.   

But, you can save your time, using these comebacks.  

Instead of getting so emotional or angry and starting fighting with them, just respond cleverly and leave.  

These comebacks are smart and effective solutions to shut down someone who insults your family or parents. 

You love your family; you know who they are. 

And you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. That’s the end of the discussion here. 


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