23 (Flirty And) Funny Responses To “I’m Bored”

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Does your friend complain that ‘I’m bored’ all the time?

Or, It’s your crush who texts you that she’s feeling bored (without you).  

Well, you definately want to make them feel better. 

Also, check if they’re bored because of you or for some other reason.

In that case, you can try some flirty and funny responses to have an interesting conversation, to divert their attention from boredom.  

Indeed, when someone says they’re bored, you can suggest something to do. 

Else, if you’ve time you can do something together like go out or just have a chat. 


How To Respond To “I’m Bored”?

When you get an ‘I’m bored’ text from your friend, long-distance partner, or crush, they expect you to suggest or say something to them.

To your friend, who does nothing but just complains about boring days often, you can respond sarcastically or funny and joke about it.

If this text is from your long-distance partner, discuss the topic of their interest.

While to your crush, you can use this chance to get along and spend some time together. 

It’s all based on your connection with that person, you should decide what to say next. 

To keep the conversation interesting or get them ready to do something, here are funny and flirty responses to ‘I’m bored’ text from your friend or crush. 

How To Respond To I'm Bored

Funny Response To “I’m Bored From Friends

It’s not the first time this friend has felt bored.

It happens quite often. 

They also sometimes tease you with ‘I’m bored, so tell me a joke now’. 

When they say so, it’s like they only keep you around to just entertain them.

Well, if you think you’ve nothing to say, here are some humorous and sarcastic things to say to a friend who feels bored.  

1. “This is nothing new, we all know that.” 

We all have that one friend who always says he’s bored.

That you heard it like every day. 

2. “No, you’re not bored. You’re boring us.” 

Being with a bored person you become one. 

And, now you all feel bored like this friend. 

3. “Tell me just one day when you never felt bored.” 

Share this sarcastic response to tell them that they feel bored always. 

4. “It’s not just you. But your life is boring.” 

This comeback is to someone who has nothing to do but still complains that they feel bored. 

You just make it clear to them.

5. “Then do something, that adds interest to your life.”

Being a good friend, you give them advice regarding how to eliminate boredom from life. 

You just tell them to get a life and have something to do. 

6. “Hello, Mr. Bored. How are you today?”  

It’s their name ‘Bored’, and their mood is always the same, ‘boring’.

Try this funny reply with your forever ‘boring’ friend. 

Funny Responses To I'm Bored

7. “I get it, staring at the wall all day is nothing but boring.”

You’re just clearly telling them a reason why they feel bored. 

Hopefully, they will get it that you’re taunting them. 

8. “Then come here, I have some work for you.”

When a friend texts you that they’re feeling bored, you tell them that you have an idea. 

They’re bored means they want something to do. 

So you can keep them busy to do something for you.  

9. “You didn’t hire me to entertain you all the time.” 

The way they tell you they’re bored, it’s like ‘entertain me now’. 

So, you share this comeback to show that if they feel bored and this isn’t your responsibility to entertain them. 

10. “Indeed, this day is itself boring. Let’s take a ride.” 

You and your friend both feel the same. 

So you ask them if they’re ready to do something together. 

It could be just a long drive or going to a golf club. 

11. “Finally, you get bored of being this boring.” 

This person reached the height of living a boring life, at last. 

12. “My day is also boring, too. Do you have something to do?” 

As your friend complain they feel bored, you update them that you are not feeling exciting either.

This reply is to do something for fun and get out of the boredom.


Flirty Responses To “I’m Bored” From Your Partner Or Crush

Getting a ‘boring’ text from them has got your attention.  

You can’t let them face boredom alone. 

You can do something together and just be with them. if that’s possible for you. 

If it’s not, you have options to say something that could spice up your conversation.

Well, if your crush or partner sends you an ‘I’m bored’ text, you can use this chance to ask her out

Maybe that’s what they mean or hope to hear. 

So, here are some flirty responses to ‘I’m bored’ to get their attention to do something together.

1. “Do you want me to do something for you?” 

You don’t want to sound like a flirt to your crush. 

So you just ask for permission first. 

Because you’ve some plan to get them out of boredom. 

2. “No, you’re not bored. I think you’re so hot.” 

Your crush tells you that they’re bored. 

But your perspective of them is different.

Tell her that you don’t see her bored but very hot, actually. 

3. “Does it mean you want me to take you out?”

Sometimes saying it loud and clear can take your connection to the next step. 

But wait there’s the right time to do it. 

4. “Same here, can we exchange our boredom and do something interesting?”

If you want to get together for just a chat or date, whatever, you ask them so. 

5. “With my presence, you never have to be bored anytime. I’m here to entertain you.” 

Here you act like you do care if they feel bored. 

And if there’s anything to do to keep them entertained, you’re ready to do it. 

Flirty Responses To I’m Bored

6. “I have some plans to do something together for a long time. If you wish, we can do it now.” 

You’re replying this way to your crush’s ‘I’m bored’ text. 

This seems a perfect time to get a yes from her. 

7. “I think it’s time to spice up not just this day, but our connection, too.” 

That’s right, your friendship is getting interesting but regular lately. 

You want to bring it to the next level, you want to be more than just friends. 

8. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel bored. But, to make you special.” 

You apologize over text to your new match that they feel bored. 

So, you try this flirty approach to share what you’re thinking about them.

9. “I don’t think that way. You’re the most interesting person to me.” 

They might tell you that they’re boring, but they’re everything to you. 

It’s just a witty response to share with your partner when they feel bored. 

10. “No you’re not. At least with me.”

This response expresses your confidence that with your presence they can’t get bored.

Maybe it’s the way you tell them that you’re upto doing something interesting.

So they will no longer feel bored.

11. “If you want me to give you a good time, I’m all here for you.” 

When your partner texts you that ‘I’m bored’, you take responsibility and do something to make it a good day for them.

Tell them that you can do anything to make their mood or day. 

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When Someone Tells They Feel Bored

When someone says ‘I’m so bored’, it’s not like they are telling you to do something. 

Sometimes, they just share how they feel at the moment. 

Maybe, it’s because of your conversation or some other reason they’re feeling bored and telling you about it. 

If you know they’re bored with your chat, just end the conversation there. 

But someone who knows you well, like your friend or partner, when they say they’re bored, they could mean that they want to do something for them.

You can suggest them some activities or do something together. 

While, these flirty and funny responses to ‘I’m bored’ are to keep the conversation interesting, as well as to make them read for some fun.  


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