49 (Flirty &) Funny Responses To “You’re Hot” Comment

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When you want to look hot, getting a “You’re hot” comment makes your day. 

And, then, on social media or dating sites, a random stranger says ‘You’re so hot’ in text or on your post.

Certainly, that feels uncomfortable. This leaves you unsure of how to respond. 

You don’t know what this guy’s intention is (Or, you may know it already). 

Simply, you don’t like the way he says it.

Next in another case, that social media friend, your dating match, or your online crush who can’t help but call you ‘hot’. 

Indeed, such a compliment elevates your ego.

Your case might be different.

But, we’re going to share some witty, sarcastic, and flirty responses when someone says ‘you’re hot’ over text or comments on your picture online. 

Plus, some sarcastic replies for the complete stranger (or stalker) to put them off.  


When A Guy(s) Calls You ‘Hot’

what to reply when someone says you're hot

Generally, when someone says you’re hot, it simply means, they found you sexy AF.

Sometimes that feels great, while in some it’s purely uncomfortable. 

Some guys want to make you feel good about yourself, while others are looking to get your attention and see if you’re ready to get laid. 

It’s wise to be sure of the guy’s intentions before responding to him, anyway. 

This guy may compliment your sexiness without any secret intentions.

There are also some who stalk you, and their intentions are not good.

To help you decide what to reply to, here are ways to respond to hot comments online


Funny Responses To “You’re Hot” Comments On Social Media

If your regular follower or social media friend says you’re very hot on social media, you don’t take it seriously. 

Of course, you can respond with just ‘Thank you’ for this comment. 

Otherwise, make a situation hilarious with funny responses to ‘You’re so hot.’, like these:

funny replies to you're hot

1. “It’s just Photoshop, FYI.”

When you reply this way, you will shut him down instantly. 

But the good thing is- you’re being honest.

2. “Who me? Nah, I don’t think so.”

Show him, that there are many out there.

He’s just overrating you

When your follower calls you underrated, this is how you respond to ‘you’re underrated artist’ comment online.

3. “Thanks. But, this isn’t my picture, actually.”

You’re indirectly saying, ‘So please stop dreaming about anything.’

4. “Sure I was. Because when this picture was taken I had a heavy fever.”

Keep him away with this witty comeback also giving a reason why you look hot in this picture. 

5. “Thanks, I think I know your mother.”

There’s always room to share ‘your mom jokes’.

6. “LOL, that’s a nice one!”

You’re just ignoring him, as if he’s telling another boring joke. 

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7. “Okay, Anything else?”

Truly an uninteresting response, saying you don’t care.

8. “Actually, I’m the one who takes this picture.”

Again, a sarcastic comeback when you really are not interested in this guy.

9. “Do you have something else to say?”

Because every time this guy comments, that’s what he says.

You want to hear something else.

10. “Please keep your distance.”

Tell him don’t ever come near, the weather around you is too hot.

11. “Friends don’t comment like this.”

Because you’re seeing him as just a friend and not anything beyond, and now not anymore. 

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Sarcastic Responses To “You’re So Hot”

This guy is a complete stranger to you. You have never chatted or met this ‘dude’ before. 

Suddenly, if you receive comments like ‘You’re so hot’ or texts from an unknown person, it’s time to be cautious. 

Here, shut him down with sarcastic replies. Because you don’t like the way he said so.

sarcastic responses to you're hot

12. “I’m not sure what you are talking about.”

This reply says to a random stranger that you want to know what he’s up to. 

13. “Yeah, it’s too hot out there.”

You’re talking about the temperature, which is a clever escape from a sneaky stranger. 

14. “Thanks, but I have a boyfriend.”

The ultimate excuse you all use a lot, so why not use it to deal with stalkers?  

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15. “Yeah, too hot, that you can’t handle, right?”

Meaning, that he is out of my league. That’s how you savagely respond to a stranger saying ‘You’re so hot!’ 

16. “You’re not going to change, right?”

You sense that this dude is stalking you everywhere online, such a direct response this is.

17. “And, you’re so cold.”

Give something back to him. Tell you two are on different edges. 

18. “And that’s why you’re stalking me everywhere online.”

Here you give a sarcastic response to some random guy who calls you ‘You’re such a hot girl, AF.”.

19. “Thank you so much, Bro!”

Whatever he has imagined about you, they will be shattered after this savage response. 

20. “I wish you didn’t say so.”

You don’t like the way this guy says ‘hot’.

So this is your immediate response!

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21. “Some girls will love this, and I’m not one of them.”

With this reply, you are saying: You can try on other girls because I’m different!

22. “Wait a minute, what did you just say?”

Give this random dude a chance to change what he just said about you. 

23. “Is it you or your boyfriend that says so?”

Give some sarcastic response to the guy assuming you’re available for a casual date.

24. “Sorry, I can’t take it.”

You’re not impressed and don’t see that this ‘you’re so hot’ is a compliment for you.

But you sense lust in his comment.

25. “And, how many girls do you say this on a daily basis?”

Simply the direct and funny response for players on dating or social media commenting ‘hot’ on every girl in their connection. 

26. “Hot?? But I want to look cool, though!”

You already know what this guy trying to say.

So before he gets any further, this comeback will stop him.

27. “I think your girlfriend would say the same.”

This guy is a player, so you know he’s just trying to get closure to you.

And you know how to put him away.

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Flirty Responses To “You’re Hot” On Dating Sites

You have been chatting frequently with this guy. Maybe it’s an online friend you know well.

In your social media posts or dating profile, when a guy says ‘You’re hot’, this means he finds you more than beautiful. 

If you have a crush on this guy and are sure he is just flirting, you want to spice up your conversation with some flirty response to his comments. 

flirty responses to you're hot

28. “You’re not any less, I must say.”

The way he likes you and finds you hot… You feel the same way.

That’s what this reply means. 

29. “Oh, come on, stop it you.”

You know he’s flirting with you, and it’s just a playful response to give him. 

30. “Well, Hotness is in the eyes.”

You appreciate him for finding you hot and mostly for daring to let you know that. 

31. “Happy to know you noticed that (Finally!).”

Such a cute and flirty response to share with your crush, you now have his attention.

32. “Awww, thank you for making my day!”

He makes your day with such a nice compliment, so you make his day, in return.

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33. “So, what captures your attention, me or my dress?”

You know better, but you still want him to say it like it is. You’re messing with him to say something, he feels but doesn’t say. 

34. “That’s what I’m about to say in your last picture.”

You like him, but he has no idea. Tell him, you also find him hot AF.

35. “Oh, I’m blushing right now!”

You appreciate the compliments from him, but this response says you have a crush on him. 

36. “SO, are you seeing me as a ‘friend with benefits’ now?”

With a flirty comeback like this, you actually share your intention with him. 

More, if a casual relationship isn’t your thing, there are some better ways to say NO to FWB proposals on dating sites.

37. “I didn’t think so, but thanks!”

You impressed him with your attractiveness. Plus, you want this response to play hard to get on dating sites.

38. “Sure thing, I can’t blame you.”

You know exactly why this guy calls you hot. It’s just an alternative to thank you, and a flirty reply.

39. “Let me guess… hotter than your last date?”

You want more to satisfy your ego. So, you expect to hear more nice things about you.

40. “Finally, you look at me that way.”

You two both have secret feelings for each other. But no one makes a move. Now, you’re clear on where to bring this connection.

41. “I do what best I can for us!”

If this is for your long-distance relationship, this flirty response makes things spicier. 

42. “You get me, with this compliment!”

You’re truly impressed with this guy and now ready for the next move!

43. “So, what’s your intention, then?”

Truly a direct reply, but more like the flirtiest responses to help guys take the lead.

44. “Do you want to get hot in this cold weather?”

Else, being flirty, you can text ‘I need you to cool me down’ to give him a clue.

45. “That’s why you’re sweaty around me, huh!”

You know he’s checking you out when around. So when texting, you can respond with this to his ‘you’re so hot’ comment on you. 

46. “It wasn’t intentional, I just be myself!”

So, you’re basically saying that you’re naturally this hot. 

47. “Nothing, I’m just getting ready for our date!”

You both met on a dating site, and have been chatting for quite a while.

When such hot comments arrive, this is the time to go on a date. 

48. “I’m so much inspired by you.”

Because he’s also so hot that you can’t help but do something to look like a perfect pair.

49. “Mission Successful!”

It’s your crush, you tried to catch his attention lately…. in the end, now you have it. 

When you get hate comments, you can respond with these: Funny replies to haters on social media to permanently mute them.


How To Respond When Someone Says, “You’re Hot”?

When this comment is from the guy you know and you both like each other, it seems okay. 

Here’s where you want to go beyond just a thank you. 

Not every guy who calls you hot wants to sleep with you. Some are just said so to make you feel perfect about yourself. 

Maybe, he wants to call you ‘beautiful’, and ‘hot’ fits better.

how to respond to someone calling you hot

Sometimes, when a stranger or someone you barely know calls you ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, you feel confused and less comfortable responding.

You can ignore strangers’ texts and comments. Blocking them does the job as well.

To avoid being vulnerable, you can simply respond savagely to ‘you’re hot’ comments if you sense this guy is stalking you online everywhere.

We’ve already provided the best responses to different situations. 

All responses depend on the way a guy calls you ‘hot’ and how well you know them.

Well, if you sense someone actually taunting you, these are the: comebacks to backhanded compliments on Instagram to give them what they deserve.


In Summary…

You can ignore random guys saying ‘you’re hot’ to your every picture.

But, savage comebacks will shut him down. 

While for the guy you met on a dating site, try flirting responses if you have a crush on him.

It might give you a chance to talk more and connect better.

If your social media friend calls you hot, your responses should be witty… as if you don’t care.

Just to let him know that you still see him as a friend, though!


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