9 Better Responses To Double Texts

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Out of habit or desperate nature, when someone double texts you, know how to respond to cool them down. 

You don’t want them to be clingy or too desperate. 

So, with your response, you helped them to overcome negative thinking about your connection or themselves.  

If you intentionally ignore their text and don’t want to talk to this person, you can keep doing it.

But to a friend or crush who has to double text you, protect their feelings and self-respect. 

With comforting responses to someone’s double text, you make them feel at ease. 


How To Respond To Double Texts? 

Someone who double texts you, expects your response on something. 

Not necessarily they are desperate to talk to you and force this conversation on you. 

Like, this could be their habit to double text you as you always.

But if you look closely, it also could be your nature to respond late to messages

That they have to remind you every time. 

How To Respond To Double Texts

If you don’t want someone to wait for your response and think anything wrong with your connection, this is how you can respond to double texting. 

Such are the lighthearted responses to calm them down who always have to double text you.

1. “I heard you at first, just have nothing to say”

Acknowledge them that you got their first message. 

You know what they mean by it. 

But you prefer not to answer it, or this is something you don’t want to talk about.  

2. “Oh, you’ve been waiting for my response.” 

Well, as per the connection you have, this person should know your decision. 

So you left their message unanswered. Instead of saying anything. 

You really didn’t know they are still waiting for your response, so you tell them so.  

3. “Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot to reply.” 

Maybe, it was some urgent request or they messaged you for something important.

You didn’t mean to ignore their text. 

It’s just you forget about responding or didn’t get the message for some reason. 

So you better apologize for keeping them waiting for your response. 

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4. “I know you’re excited and desperate for this. But, I’m not.” 

Someone keeps asking you to join them, but you’re not interested in such a plan. 

So you leave their first text unanswered. 

Well, you should have said it clearly in the first text. 

But anyway, you can say it so after the double text, so they no longer have to wait for you. 

Cool Response To A Double-Text

5. “Sorry, I’m still thinking about how to respond.” 

Maybe they asked you some weird or awkward question.

Possibly they ask you personal questions that you’re not comfortable sharing. 

So, they double text you to check on what you are thinking on the same. 

And you tell them straight that you’re so confused. 

6. “Sorry, this damn ‘Send’ button didn’t work for the last two days.”

To friends who have to double text you for the last few days, give this fun response. 

You don’t want to make them feel ignored. 

So, to lighten the situation, you can give this silly response. 

7. “Thanks to your second message, I found my phone.” 

While replying to the first text, you lost your phone somewhere at home. 

But as the phone rings on the second you, you find it back.  

This a hilarious response to share a double text from your friend.

8. “Don’t worry like your first text, I ignored the second one, too.”

While your friend apologizes for sending you the same message twice, you comfort him.

It might sound like a fun response, but you’re being honest with them.

9. “Please don’t send another text. I’m so confused about whether I should respond to the second text, first or the first one.” 

If you don’t want to discuss something, this is a clever way to avoid it. 

Never make anyone wait for long. 

This person might need your response urgently. 

To make them take it lightly, share this witty response on their double text habit which always confuses you. 

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What Does Double Text Mean In Chat? 

Some double text you due to their insecurity, while some do due to their nature. 

And in other cases, people have to double text to get a confirmation or update on something important. 

When someone double text you, this means they want you to respond to their first text and the second text is more like a reminder for you to share an update. 

Sending multiple messages to get a response is indeed a clingy behavior. 

What Does Double Text Mean In Chat

This shows the person’s desperation to hear back.  

In some cases, you don’t want to talk about something, so you intentionally ignore the person’s text.

And if they can’t stop texting you, tell them that you don’t want to talk about something.  

Whereas in other cases, you also don’t want someone to feel insecure about your connection and behave too desperately. 

To avoid their double text habit, it’s better if you share some funny responses to make the situation light.

Because you want them to feel relaxed about your connection. 


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