34 Funny Replies To “Who Is This?” Text (Best Answers To Give)

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You got a new number and now want to play some pranks on your close connection. 

Because they can’t recognize you, you can keep the joke going for a while.

When someone asks “Who is this?’ in text, here are the best replies you can share to confuse them. 

You can try here shared flirty and funny responses when they don’t know it’s your call or text. 

We guess you reach out to your friends, crush, partner, or family member. 

So, in this article, you will find the responses based on your mood and connection. 


Funny Replies To “Who Is This?” Text

Your bestie is your first target when you get a new phone number. 

So, on getting a text from an unknown number, your friend may ask “Who is this?”, and this is what you can respond with. 

These are funny responses you can share with your friendly connection. 

Funny Replies To Who Is This Text

1. “Whoever I am, just know that I have your number now.” 

Want to freak out your friend? 

This is a fun response to share on asking ‘Who is this?’.

2 “I’m not in the mood to play, give me my money back.” 

This happens most of the time when you loan money to friends and they don’t want to return it. 

3. “I don’t think you know me well.” 

If they know you well, they might have recognized you with such pranks. 

4. “No, you tell me who is this.” 

You just want to check if they know who they are.

5. “Santa clause. Are you ready for your Christmas presents?” 

Ho-ho-hoo, you’re on the way to drop some surprises for them. 

6. “It’s your past. And, I’m here to tell you that you can’t run away from me.” 

To a friend who made a mistake in the past and is trying to get over it, this response is hilarious. 

7. “You didn’t recognize me; I’m not going to talk to you anymore.” 

Your bestie can’t recognize you, that’s an insult. 

It makes you so mad that you’re not going to answer what they asked. 

8. “I lost my memory. I don’t know who I am.” 

But you exactly know who you’re contacting.

Have some fun conversation afterward. 

9. “I’m someone you just exchanged your numbers with.” 

This is an obvious answer that you have someone’s number because they’ve shared you.

Simple as that, why they are not understanding it?  

10. “Trust me it’s better if you don’t know me.” 

You want to hide your identity but this person wants to know who you are

So tell them that they should stay strangers. 

11. “It’s your stomach… Now, feed me.”  

Share this message with a foodie friend.

That they can’t differentiate if this sound is from a mobile or their stomach. 

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Savage Replies To “Who Is This?” Text

If you want to play some timeless pranks on your family and friends, you need something more. 

You have a chance here as they don’t know about your new number. 

Make sure that this person takes it as a joke.

And, they won’t get mad at you for doing this to them. 

To friends or someone you have close connections with, here are savage answers to “Who is this” question over text. 

Savage Replies To Who Is This In Chat

1. “Your future kid’”

And, you’re here to check how your dad or mom is doing.  

2. “I’m you from the future, it’s a wake-up call.” 

They should better know if they’re making the right decision in life. 

You’re here to make sure that they get your message. 

3. “Get it your wife is at home, text you later?” 

So, you’re the third person. 

Be careful with that, it could create some problems. 

4. “I’m your ex, damn It!”  

It’s just their ex-lover asking you ‘How are you?’. 

5. “Your partner’s lover.” 

Share it as part of a joke, make sure it doesn’t get it too far. 

6. “Oh sorry wrong number, I guess.” 

You don’t want to share your identity, so better avoid answering like this. 

7. “Why are you doing this to me?”  

You feel hurt and insulted, as they ask you ‘Who are you?’.

8. “I’m the real one, how fake are you.”  

Tell your friend that you’re the real version of them. 

I mean, they’re fake. 

You can share this to roast your fake friend.

9. “I don’t like to introduce myself.” 

It’s a complex situation, they want to know who this is. 

But you’re not in the mood to reveal your identity. 

10. “Someone you don’t want to mess with.” 

Only a real friend will get this joke. 

Because you’re the only one no one wants to mess with you.

11. “Thank god, you didn’t know me. I just wanted to check it, Bye.” 

You want to remain anonymous for them. 

So, you texted them to check if they could recognize you. 


Flirty Replies To “Who Is This?” Text

When you contact your crush or partner with a new number, keep them guessing if they can identify you. 

Play some flirtatious pranks and cute jokes on them, by being strangers. 

Check out these flirty responses to text when your crush or partner says “Who is this?” to know how long it takes them to know it’s you. 

Flirty Replies To Who Is This Text

1. “It’s me, you know more than myself.” 

Such an easy guess to share with your lover. 

2. “You can guess who this could be.” 

It’s a surprise for your partner, that you got a new number. 

3. “Who else could be at this time?”

This is your chat time to have some flirty conversation. 

How can they not catch that? 

4. “It’s me… your one and only.” 

This reply will bring a smile to their face, as they know it’s you. 

5. “I never know you will forget me this fast, Daddy.”

When your boyfriend asks ‘Who is this?’ give him some hints. 

You call him daddy and he will know it’s you.  

6. “Someone from your fantasies.”  

When you and your crush first exchange numbers and you both have mutual feelings, this is a good response to begin your chat. 

7. “I’m someone you love the most, even more than yourself.” 

Not a tough challenge, but this one is a special response. 

8. “Just text me when you’re alone and bored.”  

Because you want to be with them and give them company. 

9. “I’m your crush. How many crushes do you have?” 

This one is a witty response to asking them about their crush

You want to know if you’re the only one or if there are some. 

10. “Your future wife.”  

Such a cute way to introduce yourself when your fiance asks ‘Who is this?’ in text. 

11. “Someone you prayed to God to have with you.” 

So, you’re the soulmate, they will know it’s only you.

12. “I’m your other half, the better half.” 

This cute response is to share when your partner asks ‘Who is this?’ over text. 

Such a memorable way to share your new number with him or her. 

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How To Respond To “Who Is This”? 

Normally, with the question “Who is this” on the phone, someone asks who they are communicating with. 

Because it’s an unknown number and they don’t know this person yet. 

So if someone asks in a normal case, you share your name and reason to contact. That’s it. 

How To Respond To Who Is This

But, when you contact your close connection from a new (or another number) and they ask you ‘Who is this?’ in text, keep them guessing for a while.   

You can have fun and play some hilarious pranks with it. 

So, we have shared the best replies to “Who is this?” text and you can choose from flirty, savage, and funny ways based on your connection. 

Remember such are the ways to tease your close connection playfully. 

You share it when you know they are ready for some jokes and don’t take it any seriously.


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