12 Sassy Replies To “You’re Innocent” Compliment

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Do you often get compliments like ‘You’re so innocent’?

But you can’t accept it? Because you know you aren’t actually.

Well, this person might say it as they feel it. 

Or, they want to check if you’re really innocent or not. 

Whatever but, you know yourself well and are so sure that there’s nothing innocent about you. 

So, you feel a bit confused over what to reply, Right? 

No worries, in this post we are sharing some sassy replies and comebacks to show you’re not an innocent person, even if they tell you. 


How To Reply When Someone Calls You “Innocent”? 

First, you should take it as a compliment when a girl or guy says ‘You look innocent’. 

They might make that comment based on your picture alone or your personality. 

But it’s just a nice gesture.

So, you can just reply with ‘Thank you’ like you’re really innocent. 

But sometimes, it does feel right when someone calls you ‘innocent’. 

Because you already know how mad you are

If you want to make it clear to a guy or girl that you might look innocent but you’re not, here is what you can reply back. 

How To Reply When Someone Calls You Innocent

1. “I’m innocent? Why do you think that?” 

For you, it’s hard to believe whether it’s a compliment or sarcasm. 

So you better ask a guy to explain in which angle you look innocent to him. 

2. “Hahaha, what a joke!”

You’re not going to take this seriously.

But laughing at this compliment, he’s trying to give.

Because you’re not innocent, but pure evil. 

They better ask your bestie to confirm this. 

3. “So, that’s my first impression? That’s so wrong, dude.” 

A guy wants to say something nice to you and comes up with this. 

But this compliment is way too far from reality. 

4. “I’m so innocent that I have to take my mom’s help to reply to your text.”

Share this fun response when a girl calls you innocent on a dating site. 

Probably it’s your profile picture that made you look innocent.

And, that’s why she said so.

When a girl says you're innocent

5. “You don’t even know me!” 

If they know you well enough they never said it. 

Maybe you can give some chances to this person to get to know you closely. 

Then, see how their perspective of you changes. 

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6. “You won’t say it after meeting me personally.” 

Your first impression on him or her is truly innocent. 

But you’re being so direct and telling them that they will change their statement later.

Also, they’ll take their words back once they know you more closely. 

7. “In my life this is the first time someone said that I’m innocent.” 

So you’re really surprised and quite in shock with this compliment. 

It sounds so ridiculous that you can’t take it. 

8. “Well, that’s because I just showed you my nice side only.” 

You really need confidence and trust in yourself, to share this response. 

If you want to change their perspective of you, give this sassy response on being called ‘Innocent’. 

9. “Okay I accept it as a compliment, as you say so.” 

For you this is not a compliment but if someone says so, you just accept it. 

This is a sarcastic reply to let someone know that you don’t see or feel yourself as an innocent person. 

When a guy says you're innocent

10. “I might look innocent but I know how to protect myself from jerks.”

Some guys call you innocent and act like you need protection from the world. 

Tell him, you don’t want him to be your hero. You can handle yourself. 

And, you’re not that innocent for this damn world. 

11. “I know where you are going with this.” 

He’s just trying to be nice or flirty with you. 

You know that very well.

But, you’re not so innocent that you would fall for such cheesiness.  

12. “Innocent and me? How well do you know me? Two days max.”

It’s not good to make judgments based on little information. 

Someone who says ‘You’re so innocent’ made a statement without actually knowing.

So you give them such a witty comeback to reconsider their statement. 

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What Does “You Look Innocent” Mean?

In today’s world, it’s hard to find innocent people. And, you’re not one of them. 

So, when someone says you look so Innocent, they mean you’re so pure and they want to protect you from others. 

They want to keep your innocence safe in this corrupt and unfair world. 

when someone says you look so Innocent

Well, generally you get this compliment from someone, you just started a connection with. 

On dating sites or online, if a girl or guy calls you ‘innocent’ it’s their first impression of you. 

Maybe because you look cute and young in your picture. 

As a normal reaction, you can take it as a compliment. 

But if you feel it is a cheesy compliment and not accepting at all, be clear with that. 

You can try some clever and sassy replies when someone calls you innocent, to show you’re not like that actually. 

Whether it’s from a guy or girl, you just tell them that you appreciate their sweet words, but you’re honestly saying that you’re not innocent. 

You might look that way, but when they know you more, they won’t find any innocence. 

If they think you’re innocent and it’s easy to fool you, they are wrong. 


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