8 Best Things To Say When Your Crush Asks You For A Favor

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When a crush asks you for a favor, that’s your chance to impress her.

Of course, there’s no way you’re going to say no to her.

This is your chance to be her favorite person

You want to show how helpful you can be.  

But with such sweet things to say instead of saying just ‘Yes’ to do a favor, you could leave a good impression on her. 

And, maybe she would always remember you for that. 


What To Say When Your Crush Asks You For A Favor?

First, make sure that you’re capable of doing what your crush is asking for. 

Indeed, you want to be a hero in her mind.

But don’t be so crazy. and believe that you have the superpower to do anything. 

Sometimes it’s better if you make decisions logically than emotionally. 

If this favor is something that you could do and it’s ‘Yes’ anyway, here are some sweet and special ways to show that you will do her a favor. 

What To Say When Your Crush Asks You For A Favor

1. “There’s no way, I’m going to say no to it.” 

Because you’ve been looking for some way to show your importance to her.

And, this is your chance to shine. 

2. “I’m more than happy to help.”

Tell her that you don’t mind her helping you out. 

You’re happy and have time to do something for her.  

3. “In that case, I need your number first.”

You have been waiting for the right time to ask for her number. 

And, as your crush wants you to do something for her, you think it’s the time.

Hopefully, she will take it easily.

But, now she knows you’re a smart guy to say this.

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4. “Don’t worry I will handle it. leave this to me.” 

Your crush seems to have some sort of tension and asks you for a favor. 

Being her dearest, you tell her to relax. 

Because you’re there to fix something for her.

5. “You have picked the right person for this.” 

Indeed, it sounds like a bit of bragging.

But you’re confident that you can handle it. 

It is also a funny way to say yes to a crush’s request to do something for her. 

6. “Only if you kiss me after that.” 

We suggest please don’t use this. 

When you tell her ‘I want to kiss you’, your connection won’t be the same. 

It could be a fun response to a favor request from a crush.

But if you have some flirtiness going on and you both feel the same, this could be the one response to seal the deal. 

7. “Thanks for believing me, I won’t let you down.” 

When a crush has some favor to ask of you, you take it as your job. 

You believe you’ll do anything to help her out. 

8. Oh come on, I’m all here for you only.” 

This is a bit of a clever response you can give when a girl asks you for a favor. 

She might get some hints about your feelings.

But it is still a nice way to show you’re ready to help. 

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What Does It Mean When A Girl Asks For A Favor? 

It makes you feel special when your crush asks you for a favor. 

You’re all happy inside that this is your chance to gain her trust. 

When a girl asks you for a favor that eventually means that she has trust in you and feels comfortable to look up to you when in need. 

As you think, it could be possible that she asks you for a favor to spend more time together and this is a hint to improve your connection. 

Or maybe not. 

In the other case, if your crush already knows you have a crush on her, she might use you with such knowledge. 

What Does It Mean When Girl Asks For A Favor

Indeed, when a girl asks you for a favor she might be taking advantage of you as she knows you’ll do anything for her. 

Agreed that, you want to help her out and it makes you feel good inside. 

But it’s better if you’re sure to check whether your crush is just using your feelings against you.

Because that could be the possibility. 

Well, you will eventually realize based on what and when a crush asks you for a favor. 

If her demands for a favor increase, you better know she’s using you.

And, she has no feelings for you. 

We have shared some sweet ways to say yes to a crush’s favor. 

But sometimes it’s a good idea that you say no when you can’t do something or can’t be available for her. 


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