17 Best Answers To “Are You Sure?”

  • February 14, 2024

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You might hate it when someone asks you ‘Are you sure?’ after you share something. 

It’s like they doubt your knowledge or ability.  

But more than that, they want you to convince them as they don’t believe you. 

Well, don’t get mad for questioning about your words or actions. 

Instead of that, you can give some witty and funny answers to ‘Are you sure?’ either to make them believe you or leave them confused. 

Because you don’t care if they believe you or not. 


How To Answer To “Are You Sure”?

Of course, you feel insulted when someone expresses their doubt about you, in something you feel so confident or passionate about.

But, you also need to think from their end, too. 

This person wants to be sure before agreeing to your plan or believing in you. 

How To Answer To Are You Sure

When you’re so sure about something, it’s enough to just say ‘I’m so sure’. 

And, if you’re not, you can tell them that ‘I’m not sure’ honestly. 

But when someone always double-checks you and asks you for surety, on everything, that’s quite annoying. 

So to a family member, sibling, or friend who habitually asks ‘Are you sure about that (or whatever)?’ this is how you can reply. 

And, these are the funnier and better responses than the regular ones. 

1. “I’m so sure the same as how you’re unsure.” 

Here two things are constant.

They are being unsure, like always.  

And, you being so sure. 

2. “If I’m not, I won’t do it at all.”

This shows your confidence that you’re one hundred percent sure about something. 

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3. “Not sure, but there’s also not any better option.”

When someone asks ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’, you can share this answer when you have no other choice. 

But, you have to do it anyway. 

4. “Are you doubting me, seriously?” 

You feel insulted when someone questions your plan or story. 

This is to tell them that not trusting you and asking for surety hurts you.

5. “Sure?? I’m absolutely certain about it.”

There’s nothing to worry about because you’re very sure about this. 

6. “Fine, if you don’t want to come, that’s your choice.”  

You can’t tolerate such confusion or questions from anyone. 

You’re sure, excited and so ready as Freddy for doing something. 

That you can wait for anything. 

Funny Answer To Are You Sure

7. “Why are you always concerned all the time? See everyone agrees already.” 

Make it a clear and sarcastic response to someone who always asks if you’re sure about something. 

It’s just their nature to create confusion. 

8. “Nope, not at all. I guarantee nothing.” 

You don’t want to take any surety.

Because there are many conditions. 

So, better if you don’t guarantee anything.  

9. “I think so.” 

This is a clever way to reply to the ‘Are you sure?’ question from someone. 

10. “I’m sure for myself. But, I’m not sure about you.” 

You believe in yourself and you know that you can do it. 

So yes, you’re sure about yourself. 

But you have no idea if someone else can do it like you. 

11. “I know I will regret not doing this. But I’m so sure about this.”  

You are denying your friend’ plan and they ask if you are sure that you don’t want to join. 

Before your friend tells you what you’re going to miss, you share this fun answer.

To show that you accept the regret rather than going out with them.  

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12. “This could go any way, so I can’t be sure.” 

So you are not giving surety about anything, that’s clear. 

It isn’t worth taking a risk when you’re so unsure. 

13. “Yeah, I’m sure. Now don’t ask any further questions. Let’s go.”

This plan is done and you can’t wait to follow it. 

Before this person creates any more confusion, you stop them with this unsure answer. 

14. “Do you have any other plan than this?” 

They are asking if you’re sure about that. 

You have no other chance but to do it. 

It’s better that you have some plan. But they are just creating confusion here. 

So you answer them sarcastically. 

Clever Response To Are You Sure

15. “Instead of thinking about it, Let’s figure it out.”

It’s the first time when you are doing something. 

You don’t know where it will go, but this plan seems exciting and it’s worth a try. 

16. “Why asking… you don’t believe in me?”

Answer this to someone close who asks you if you’re sure about something. 

17. “Of course, I am. What do you think about it?” 

So, you’re sure about something. 

In return, you also care to know what they are thinking about the same. 

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When Someone Asks If You’re Sure

Well, that someone who asks you ‘Are you sure…?’, wants confirmation or certainty about it. 

They might have some confusion regarding what you just said or suggested. 

Well, it’s a common question and the obvious answer is either ‘Yes, I’m sure’ or ‘No, I’m not’. 

But if you want to have some fun with the confusion and want to lighten the situation, you better have something interesting to say. 

When Someone Asks If You’re Sure About Something

Just make sure that what you talk about isn’t a very serious topic. 

Such are the best answers for someone who has a habit of asking ‘Are you sure?’ to any obvious or regular discussion. 

Because by asking for surety, they also create doubt in you. 

And further, it makes you double think of your own decision. 

Also, this question spoils your mood sometimes.  


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