9 Funny Comebacks For “I Told You Already”

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When you fail at something, someone might accuse you, saying “I told you already”.

Because you have ignored their advice (or not).

You’re fine with this result as you learned the lesson here. 

But, Why do they have to remind you of this as your greatest failure? 

Well, possibly they intend to embarrass you for not taking their advice. 

But having some good comebacks helps you feel confident and move on with the lesson. 


How To Reply To “I Already Told You”?

When you try to do something new, most people will try to stop doing so. 

And when you fail at it, you hear ‘I told you’ so and so. 

This hurts your confidence. They know it well. 

Now they try to show they are better and you’re mad as you didn’t listen to them. 

In this case, feeling embarrassed is normal. 

Well, depending on the situation, and how they said so, here are the best comebacks you can give when someone says ‘I already told you’:

How To Reply To I Already Told You

1. “Yeah, I feel so regretful now that I had to follow your advice.” 

Share this sarcastic response to someone who said something to you.

But you didn’t listen to them there. 

You just want to show them that you regret your choice.

2. “Did you say anything there? I don’t think so.” 

They think they will get away with the ‘I told you’ phrase. 

But you remind them that you didn’t hear anything from them. 

As they said nothing or advised nothing at all.

3. “I’m surprised how you can predict everything so perfectly.” 

A funny response to give a friend that you see them as a fortune teller. 

Depending on your connection, this could sound hilarious or sarcastic. 

4. “Oh yes, I almost forget it. Sorry for not listening to you.” 

This person wanted to help you out and they already told you something. 

But you had to learn a lesson so you ignored their words.

And follow what you feel right.

5. “That’s the same dialogue you give every time.” 

No matter what happens, this person has the same thing to say. 

Here you make them feel embarrassed to act like they are perfect in everything. 

Funny Response To I Already Told You

6. “Now I realize how stupid I am and How smart you are.” 

Indeed, you can share this with a friend who tries to embarrass you with a ‘told you so’ phrase. 

You take it lightly and share this savage response. 

Just so you don’t have to hear any more nonsense from them. 

7. “Instead of saying, if you have done something, that would be better.” 

Saying or giving advice is easy for all. 

But doing is the hard part. 

To a friend who says ‘I told you so’ every time, you shut them down with this one. 

Certainly, they won’t dare to use the same phrase again on you. 

8. “Fine. From now on, I will take advice from you before doing anything, Okay?” 

A perfect comeback to give a relative or family member who always has something to say.

Let’s see if their advice and suggestions work next time.

9. “Don’t try to play with me. I know what you do and say, it’s nothing.”  

It happens when someone tries to get out clean with a phrase like ‘told you so’. 

As you remember, they didn’t say anything, but let you do something on your own. 

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When Someone Says “I Told You Already”

Even if they had warned you about it, they shouldn’t have to say “I told you already”.

You already feel negative as your plan failed. 

But when someone keeps reminding your failure and makes you feel ashamed to follow your guts, this is rude. 

It embraces you for trying something new. Also, this is insulting as you failed at it. 

When Someone Says I Told You Already

Some people are secretly happy that you fail. 

Your friends, relatives, or even family members keep reminding you how you ignored their advice and had to fail at something. 

The one who genuinely wants to help will never use this phrase. 

But those who try to make you feel bad about you will pinch you with the ‘I already told you’ phrase. 

And, with the shared comebacks, you better tell them that you are taking nothing from them. 


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