17 Best Answers To “What Makes You Excited To Work Here?”

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During the job interview, you may face questions like “What makes you excited to work here?’ or “Why do you want to work here?” and so on. 

Indeed, you have good reasons also a dream to work for this company. 

But knowing how to present your answer is crucial. 

Well, this article will cover some example answers to explain your purpose, motive, or excitement to work for this company. 


How To Answer “What Makes You Excited To Work Here”?

Well, the question is straightforward, but it’s tough to answer in an interview. 

Also, this question comes in different variations. 

So it would be better if you were ready for it beforehand.

Instead of answering it however you feel, refer to some examples to construct your answer. 

So, here are the best examples for answering ‘What makes you excited to work with us?’ during the interview: 

How To Answer What Makes You Excited To Work Here

1. “I’m aware of this company’s brand reputation over the years. I think I can contribute to the future goals.” 

You are not just impressed with the company’s growth. 

But you like to contribute to the business and brand for further growth. 

You think you could do the best

2. “The company has the best environment for someone like me who starts their  career.” 

Based on online reviews, you heard that this is a dream company for freshers. 

The company culture is supportive and this makes you work there. 

3. “I’m passionate about this work and I think the company is the right place to invest my time and skills.” 

So you are quite selective with the company you want to work with. 

You applied for this job because you found out that this company is the one that you want to work for. 

And have a plan to stay with them for a long period or maybe forever.

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4. “The company is one of the top industry leaders. And, It would be a great opportunity for my career if I got a chance to work here.” 

You’re impressed with the progress and brand reputation the company gained.

This answer shows you are aware of how big this company is and how working here could change your career for good. 

5, “I like to work for a company that needs creative and challenging mindsets. And, I believe I’m the one.” 

This answer shows your confidence in your skills and expertise. 

You don’t just want to be part of a company that has a brand name. 

But you also know how to keep the company growing and ready to do your part. 

6. “I believe that this is the right company to level up my knowledge and skill in the industry.” 

You’re an experienced employee who thinks to level up his skills. 

This answer shows you want to work for a company that is advanced and challenges you to grow in the particular industry. 

7. “The company’s sound working environment makes me excited to work here.” 

And, maybe this is also the reason why you change your job. 

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8. “I have some connections who work in this company and they told me this is the best company to work for.” 

So, you’re referred to this company to work for from some of your connections.

This answer makes the employer feel good about the environment they provide. 

Example Answer What Makes You Excited To Work Here At Interview

9. “The work culture is something that is my biggest reason to work for your company.” 

You like to be a part of this company known for its sound work culture. 

10. “I like to work for a company that offers the chance to explore more in the industry. And, I know this is the right place for it.” 

Well, you are looking for a company that is advanced and innovative with their approach. 

This answer shows you are ready to level up your expertise. 

11. “I think working here would be a great experience for me and I might attain my true potential.” 

This answer shows you’re excited to work for this company in the hope of reaching your true potential.

Here, you wish to work for a company where you can give your best and achieve beyond the average. 

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12. “I like to be part of a company that treats their employees well and believes in mutual growth.” 

You get to know this from the employee reviews on job boards. 

This is a good answer to show that you feel so confident that this is the right company to work for. 

13. “The company is well-known but importantly the way it does business, encourages me to work here.” 

You’re not impressed with the company’s growth number only. 

It’s their way of doing business that is your biggest inspiration to work here, for this company. 

14. “Based on the employee testimonial, I came to know that this company offers a great work culture.” 

You are looking for a company with a sound work culture. 

Because you want to grow and improve your professional track record. 

15. “I would be proud to contribute to a company that makes an impact in the world with their innovation.” 

This company set a distinctive brand name with its offering. 

You see it as a pride to work for such a company that changes people’s lives. 

16. “It’s like my dream to work for this company. I’ve prepared myself to grow along with the company.” 

This is an answer to show your commitment and preparation to work for this company. 

17. “It would be my pleasure to work for a company that sets a unique impression with the way of doing its business.” 

You could mention how impressed you are with the company’s brand image here. 

Show that you have done your research and know about this company.

That you have a positive motive to work for them. 

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When Interviewer Asks “What Makes You Excited To Work Here?”

You get asked “What makes you excited to work here?” mostly in the last phase of the interview.

So far, the interviewer has enough information about you.

With this question, they want to know what your inspiration to work there, what you heard of this company, and if you have any good reason (intention) to work for them.  

No matter which job interview it is, this is a common question. 

So, you must be ready for it and do your research during interview preparation. 

When Interviewer Asks What Makes You Excited To Work Here

To gather information about the company you can visit their website, follow their social media pages, and also refer to the online reviews. 

This helps you to get more knowledge about the company, its management, and the work culture. 

Well, the above shared are good examples for answering “What makes you excited to work here?” in the job interview. 

Your immediate response to it shows that you have done your research and are honest with it. 

Make sure that you’ve genuine answers and not something that you made up at the last moment. 


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