12 Better Replies To “You Can Do It”

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Seeing you’re struggling to do something someone says “You can do it”.

This is the kind of encouragement you need when taking up a challenging task. 

Or when you are settling at on first day at new job

Well, if you are looking for better replies other than ‘Thank you’ to acknowledge their support, this post will help you out. 


How To Reply To “You Can Do It”?

It would be fine if you share the normal replies like Just ‘Thank you’.

But, considering the situation and context, better if you try some unique replies when someone tells you that you can do something. 

It’s not always about just expressing your thankfulness. 

Sometimes, it is to show that you feel confident as they say it. 

Plus, you should be grateful for the support and encouragement you get from your coworkers or teammates. Here are the best replies to give when they say “You can do it” at work:

How To Reply To You Can Do It

1. “Thank you for believing in me.”

A respectful reply to show that you appreciate their belief in you. 

You weren’t feeling so confident, but now you are. 

As someone who believes in your ability to take up a new challenge. 

2. “I feel encouraged to do it now, as you say.” 

With a few positive words from a teammate, you feel confident to do something. 

You tell them that you were seeking someone’s morale support. 

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3. “I think I’m ready to do it now.”

Earlier, there was hesitation and negativity to take on some challenges. 

But as someone tells you you can do it, it boosts your confidence and now you are up for it.

4. “This time I’m going to do it with all the advice you gave me.”

Your co-worker has given you a piece of advice on how to do something. 

Here you can appreciate their support for sharing these helpful tips and techniques. 

5. “I know, I just need some help in making pan.” 

You feel you can do it, but still, it’s good to think logically. 

What you are about to do is challenging and crucial. 

So you can ask for help to get it done the right way. 

6. “Thank you so much for the encouragement.” 

That helps a lot with taking advice from your teammate or coworker. 

As they tell you that you can do it, your response acknowledges their support. 

Formal Reply To You Can Do It

7. “If you’re available, let’s get it done together.” 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to do something challenging with someone. 

You don’t want to depend on them but doing together is a good thing.

This is an ideal response when something is challenging and you do it for the first time. 

8. “Certainly, this time I’m going to give my best.”

Last time you couldn’t make it work right. 

But as your manager or senior helps you out with how to do it right, you know how to do it right. 

You assure them that you are going to do your best

8. “Yes, I believe in myself.” 

This one is a good reply to show your confidence to your superior or boss. 

As they said that you can do it, it expresses their trust in you. 

This might be a challenging task, but you’re ready as you believe that you will make it work. 

10. “Thanks, I will do the best I can. And I will update you on the progress.” 

You are confident now that you can do it but there’s always some doubt. 

Because you are going to do it for the first time. 

So this reply is to express that you will contact them if you need anything.

11. “Why not? After all, I got the training from you.” 

Show your confidence in the training and practice of your leader. 

They are the best in the field and there’s no chance you can’t do it.

Of course, you feel so positive and motivated to achieve it. 

12. “Yes, I can do it and I will do it for sure.”

That’s the spirit a boss wants to see in their employee.

You know you can do and take up on the challenging task. 

And, this is a confident response to tell your manager that you will do it greatly. 

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What To Say When Someone Says “You Can Do It”?

You were in doubt and so confused about whether you could do it or not. 

But as someone tells you that you certainly can do it, you feel more encouraged about it. 

Earlier you felt negative and now so positive about the challenge. 

What To Say When Someone Says You Can Do It

This is all because of that someone who gives you confidence by saying ‘You can do it’. 

For such a morale support, you should thank someone. 

But it does not always have to be limited to a simple ‘thanks’ only. 

The above-shared are the better replies you can try when you want to acknowledge someone who said ‘You can do it”.

Your manager, boss, team leader, or coworker, who says so trust you and your ability more than you do. 

Believe them.


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