14 Flirty Responses To “Just Got Out Of The Shower” Text

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Someone just told you that they were in the shower, so it takes them time to respond.

Else, it’s just an answer to your question, about where you were

When your partner or crush texts you “Just got out of the shower”, you could try some of the flirty responses that we are going to share in this article. 

Such is the playful text that is perfect for the situation. 

Because, you don’t want any chance to tease and have fun with them. 


How To Respond To “Just Got Out Of The Shower”?

It’s just a text that someone updates you on why they didn’t pick up the call. 

But when it’s from your girlfriend or boyfriend, the situation is different. 

Maybe they feel turned on and wish you make the next move. 

And, with your ‘timely’ flirty responses you can have a spicy conversation with your partner. 

For your help, here are the best responses to give to the ‘Just got out of the shower’ text from your lover, crush, or friend with benefits. 

How To Respond To Just Got Out Of The Shower

1. “Hope that makes you feel refreshed for the rest of the day.” 

It’s the morning time and he updates you that he got out of the shower. 

To make it casual this one is a good response. 

2. “Glad to know that you take a bath. I never feel that.” 

Share this response with a crush or friend. 

This one is a playful joke this directly means they smell bad

So use it when they don’t take it personally.

3. “Okay, so now get dressed faster, else someone will see you.” 

The way that person feels comfortable to share it with you. 

But you are more concerned for them. 

It’s just a funny response to show that you can wait for them to get dressed after showering. 

4. “I’m listening, keep updating me on the next part.” 

When your crush or girlfriend tells you she just got out of the shower, this is a better response to share. 

You let her know that you are excited to know what she’s up to

5. “Why didn’t you tell me first? I want to join you.” 

Express your desire to be with your new match or date. 

You are joking here, they know and they should laugh it out here. 

Maybe you might get ‘Next time’. 

6. “So is it a cold shower or a hot shower?” 

As someone updates you that they were in the shower, this piques your curiosity. 

You’re not kidding here. 

But, you are genuinely curious about it. 

7. “Don’t do this alone, it’s risky. I don’t mind joining you, If you want.” 

A funny response to make your partner smile for the day. 

Certainly, you expect the invitation the next time or they take it as a joke.

Funny Response To Just Got Out Of The Shower

8. “I’m ready to come over if you want a second round.” 

It seems that your date wants you to make a move with the text. 

So you politely ask her if you want to do it together. 

9. “A shower after a long workday is all we need.” 

You don’t want to take any risk by saying anything flirty or spicy with your crush. 

It’s a growing connection. 

So to keep the chat casual this one is a good response to ‘Just got out of the shower’. 

10. “Why don’t you just invite me someday? It would be fun.”

Share this flirty reply with your lover or friend with benefits who just got out of the shower. 

You don’t mind joining for the next time if they want some company. 

Flirty Reply To Just Got Out Of The Shower

11. “Fine. But what do I do with that information?”

You didn’t ask for this information, but they told you that they might have some meaning. 

Maybe you’re so cool that you don’t know what to do next. 

12. “If you told me this before I would happily join.” 

This expresses that you are also in the mood to take a shower with them. 

A witty response expresses that you wish they had asked you first. 

13. “For you, it’s a shower. But for me, you’re enough to feel refreshed.” 

A sweet response to flirt with your partner showing that you need her.

Here you compliment her for her presence in your life. 

When she’s around you feel refreshed and alive. 

14. “That’s the most wonderful feeling in the world than love.” 

This response is perfect to give your crush when she tells you that she just got out of the shower. 

You don’t want to keep it to the next level.

Just you try to develop interest together talking about the common interest.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Texts “Just Got Out Of The Shower”?

In chatting, when someone tells you that they were in the shower and just got out, they are just saying you. 

There’s nothing much to think about it.

So don’t get confused over what to respond to. 

Ignore this and keep the chat continued about what you were about to discuss with them. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Texts Just Got Out Of The Shower

If you get this from your crush, you can see that she trusts you and maybe she expects you to say something about it. 

But when you get this text with a partner, a hot conversation is possible. 

They might hope you lead it to a hot conversation or maybe they just casually say it. 

Whatever you decide to say, mind your connection. 

Avoid saying anything embarrassing. 

But if you’re comfortable and are in a relationship, have fun with the above-shared flirty replies for the ‘Just got out of the shower’ text from your girlfriend or boyfriend.


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