9 Witty Responses To “All Men Are The Same”

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You might hear the phrase “All men are the same” often, and it leaves you with nothing to say. 

Especially when a girl is mad at you, she says so. 

Well, he might have a reason to tell you this. 

But, you don’t take it to the heart. 

If you hear so during an argument, you should know how to respond to this statement. 

Just a clever comeback to end this timeless argument on a laughing note.


How To Reply To “All Men Are The Same”?

Before responding anyway, first know the context and reason what makes a girl tell you so. 

You don’t want to start a debate over ‘man v/s woman’ here. 

Also, no one told you to keep the male glory alive.

All you need to do is either accept it or respond in a way that doesn’t lead to a heated argument. 

Otherwise, you can have fun with such a conversation. 

Check out these witty responses when she says “You all (guys or men) are the same”:

How To Reply To All Men Are The Same

1. “Okay, but, how do you know?”

You want to know if this is her assumption or if she has experience with it. 

Let her talk about what makes her give such a statement.

Maybe she won’t be ready for this response, for sure.

2. “Well, at this point, you’re so damn right.”

You feel if you say anything against it, this will be a never ending argument. 

So better you take her statement mindfully. Just so your relationship won’t hurt.

3. “That’s called unity in our bros.”

Embrace the commonness in all guys. 

You are happy that all guys are the same, it represents unity. 

No matter when you go, we feel the same.

4. “Yes, but just two girls can’t be the same.”

You have nothing to argue over her statement. 

Here you accept that boys think and feel the same. 

But all girls are different, there’s no unity in them. Also, that’s so confusing to you.

5. “I can’t say the same about you all women, as I’ve not tried you all.”

Well, this one is a clever comeback to end the argument right there. 

She might say so based on her experience, so she might be true. 

But as you don’t have much experience, you can’t say it.

Comebacks To All Men or Guys Are The Same

6. “We are so proud of what we are.”

This response expresses the pride of hearing this statement.

So you don’t mind if tell you that you all are the same.

7. “That’s what makes us unique.”

All boys are the same and that’s what makes this community a stronger alliance.

8. “Nah babe, I’m quite different just for you.”

For some reason, your girlfriend is mad at you and tells you all are the same. 

It’s heartbreaking to know that she thinks so. 

To stop her from thinking the same, you can give this flirty response.

Let her know you are built differently and not like any other guy.

9. “That means you haven’t met the right man.”

If she thinks that all men are the same, she meets the same kinds of males. 

Let her know that there are some good men but she has no experience with them. 

Some are too good, some are bad. But not all men are the same.

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When Girl Says “All Men Are The Same”

Of course, this is a stereotype that most women believe “All men are the same”. 

In some cases that’s true. But, it’s not perfectly true, actually. 

Anytime a girl says ‘You all are the same’, you should address the statement, humorously. 

There’s no need to create scenes and plot the new drama. 

When Girl Says All Men Are The Same

You just want to challenge her with your wit and humor. 

Better identify what makes her say so. 

Mainly when she’s your girlfriend or crush, let her know you’re different than the rest others.

It’s not a point to argue, but to make him look at you differently. 

Better if you keep it cool and try to end the argument with humor. 

Just don’t take it too far.


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