8 Best Replies To “I’m Excited”

You shared some plans with someone and they responded “I’m so excited”. 

That’s a positive response.

Something nice that you want to hear.

To reciprocate the same positive and excitement on their approval, you could try some better ways to respond. 

This article will help you choose the best reply to someone expressing their excitement. 


How To Reply To “I’m Excited”?

When it comes to responding to “I’m so excited”, the context and connection are important. 

If it’s your plan, of course, you express your anticipation in return. 

Also, based on the situation, you could try the various responses for the same. 

Something might excite you both. In other cases, you might confused about it. 

Whether it’s from your family or friends who express they are excited about something, here are the possible ways to respond.

How To Reply To I'm Excited

1. “I feel the same way. This is going to be a lifetime experience.”

While this response expresses that you hope that you have a great time with this event or plan. 

You’re looking forward to making it a memorable experience. 

2. “Now let’s get ready for it. We have so much to arrange.”

This is a huge plan and you have to prepare for it. 

Someone expresses their excitement for this event.

So you want them to get ready for it. 

3. “It’s the first time I see you so excited.”

Well, this is really a special event. 

So obviously, this person can’t hold back their excitement. 

You can use this response to tell them you can relate to their joy. 

In other cases, this could be a sarcastic response because this person never gets excited this easily.

4. “You have no idea how much I have been waiting for it.”

It’s always great to see someone who is as enthusiastic as you are. 

This reply tells them that you’re looking forward to being part of it.

And, as they are to accompany you, you feel better. 

Good Response To I'm So Excited

5. “After such a long time, we get a chance like this.”

Your partner expresses their excitement after you discuss your plan. 

Secretly, you have been planning for this and you kept it a secret. 

Seeing them so excited, you share this reply to tell you know how to keep things exciting. 

6. “That’s great to hear from you. Hope you will be on time!”

So it’s an exciting text from your friend to your proposal. 

They are excited and ready to come along. 

Getting such excitement you tell them to be on time and not to stand you up.

A funny response to tell a friend whose excitement fades too easily.

7. “Excited for what? I don’t find anything here.”

It is possible that you don’t have much interest or excitement in such a plan. 

When a friend expresses they are excited, this one is a sarcastic response to give.

This might be exciting for them, but not for you.

8. “I know. But it’s better to wait for the right time.” 

Having excitement for something is a good thing. 

But you also have to consider the other factors as well. 

Instead of just making decisions based on emotion, you consider mindful choices.

So you don’t easily get excited but could wait for the right time.

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When Someone Says They’re Excited

When someone expresses their excitement, let them express it fully. 

Don’t interfere or doubt about it.  

If you are excited along, you better show the same excitement in your reaction. 

When Someone Says They’re Excited

In case, you don’t find something exciting, you should keep the positive outlook. 

Also, considering the context, situation, and your connection, you can respond to “I’m excited” differently like we have shared here. 

Such a level of excitement from both ends is the fun part before making it a lifetime experience.


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