7 Best Replies To “You Say” In Chat

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The fact is, when someone says ‘You say’ in chat, actually they have nothing to share. 

However, they might want to hear something from you. 

Or, they’re not in the mood to talk anything further. 

It happens the most when you chat with a bad texter or someone who isn’t interested in talking.  

Well, if they do have any interest, they pick the topic themselves rather than telling you to say something to them.

Also possible that they really have nothing to say, but still wish to have this chat going.  

Following such a situation here, we’ve some good responses that you can share when someone asks ‘You say something’ in chat. 


How To Reply To “You Say” In Chat?

While chatting with a new connection, when you get ‘You say’, which could mean like ‘I have nothing to say much.

Now, it’s your turn. Do you have something to say?’

Same, when you ask them ‘How are you’ or ‘What’s going on’, you often get responses like ‘All good, you say’.

The context of ‘You Say’ changes based on the conversation you’re having. 

It’s important to decide what to say considering the context and mood of this person to have a conversation. 

Check out these best responses you can share to ‘You Say’ messages in the chat. 

How To Reply To You Say In Chat

1. “All good on my side, as well.” 

You just asked them how they’re doing or texted WSG, like a normal question.  

They answer with ‘All good, here. You say?’. 

You take it as if they also ask the same question, so you respond normally like them. 

2. “If you’re fine, then I’m definitely fine, too.” 

When your crush (or friend) says ‘I’m fine, you say’ to your regular text, you can respond this way.

This one is a flirty response that will make her smile for sure. 

3. “So, tell me what you want to hear.”

While chatting with your new match or crush online, you often get ‘you say’ from her. 

Sometimes, you have nothing to say in text and no clue what to respond to. 

This one is a cute reply to share like you have so many things to talk about, just you want to know what she wants to hear. 

4. “What I wanted to say, I said so already. Now you say.”

This is a challenging situation when you both want to say something but are equally shy. 

Maybe they don’t want to talk about themselves but want to hear from you. 

Same you don’t want to talk about yourself but want to hear them.

5. I, too, have nothing to say. Bye!

When they text you ‘Nothing much, you say’ this is how to reply. 

You somehow sense that they don’t seem interested in this convo.  

So it’s better to end this conversation for now. 

6. “No, this time I’m giving you a chance to say something.”

This reply you can say to a friend or someone who is shy and never engage in conversation.

Lately, you have noticed that they won’t say much.

So now as they try to pass, you let them speak up.

7. “Do you really want to hear?” 

You just ask this clearly to check if they’re in this chat. 

Because it seems like a one-sided conversation. 

In which, only you talk but they just listen and their texts don’t sound engaging enough. 

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What’s The Meaning Of “You Say” Over Text?

The use of ‘You say’ in chat differs as per the situation and the other person’s mood. 

When you get a ‘you say’ as a response to your question, they now want to check your opinion or answer on the same topic. 

Also, some say so, when they feel uncomfortable talking about them but want you to share about something. 

What’s Meaning Of You Say Text

Sometimes it might be frustrating, as it gets a one-sided conversation. 

Before you respond to anything, make sure that this person is interested in this chat. 

Refer to how they react to your current messages and your past conversations with them. 

You will find out if it’s just their mood isn’t right or they don’t even want a chat. 

Based on what you find, choose the right response to ‘You say’ in chat to keep the conversation going or just end it there. 


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