14 Savage Responses To An Ex Asking “How Are You?”

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If you’ve fully moved on (or in the process) from your breakup,  getting “How are you?” text from your ex puts you in confusion over what to say. 

A lot of going on in my mind: Why do they ask? Do they check on you?

Or, what if they want you back? 

You can’t decide whether you should ignore their text or just answer it politely.  

Still, it’s just a normal question. But the way your ex asking, ‘How are you doing now (after our breakup)?’, you feel they are up to something. 

Possibly they want to start over. 

Thinking of all the consequences it is better to know how to respond to ‘How are you?’ text from your ex. 


How To Respond When Ex Asks “How Are You”?

At first, it’s just a question ‘How are you?’ that you get from your regular connection. 

Here the difference is, that it’s from your ex, someone you no longer have any connection. 

Generally, there’s nothing much to think about. 

You can just respond with ‘I’m doing good’. That’s it. 

How To Respond When Ex Asks How Are You

Of course, you might be surprised and confused by your get message from your ex. 

But because you’re not sure what’s their intention to connect back, replying with short and simple text is a good option. 

However, in some cases, you just don’t want any connection with them. 

Also in the future, you don’t expect to hear anything from them. 

So, if you want to get over an old, failed, and miserable relationship, we have prepared some savage responses that you can give to your ex asking ‘How are you?’ over text. 

1. “Hi, who’s this? I don’t recognize you (still).”

This shows you moved on from your ex and past relationship. 

By asking back ‘Do I know you’, you show that you no longer remember them. 

2. “Do you even care? Please don’t try to…”

You’ve no idea what’s their intention with this message after all this time. 

But you just want them to stop trying to fix, reconnect, or whatever they aim to do. 

3. “The person you’re trying to reach has moved on.” 

Your ex should be grateful that you didn’t ignore their text. 

This is a polite way to respond to an ex’s message regarding checking you out. 

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4. “I’m doing good with my new partner.” 

You haven’t forgotten how they treat you or maybe you would never. 

If you want to make your ex feel jealous, this response is the one. 

Savage Reply To How Are You From Ex

5. “I think you sent the message to the wrong person.” 

Maybe your ex sends you a drunk text

So you just remind them to check who they’re sending this message to. 

6. “Me, I’m all good. If you expect anything, consider it as a no already.”

You don’t want any connection further. 

But at least you are polite enough to respond to them that you’re doing well. 

7. “Please wait, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.” 

Treat your ex’s message like some promotional message from companies. 

You have nothing to share with them also you don’t want anything from them. 

8. “If you hope we remain friends, I don’t think even that would work.”

You have no more time to waste on this person. 

So you just say it honestly, loud and clear.

9. “I’m very much happy after you left. Please don’t come back.”

Your ex just wants to check up on you like if you’re okay after what happened between them.

So you just provide them an update that things are good, 

You’re setting in life, and you get this unwanted text from them. 

It’s a sarcastic response you can share with an ex who checks on you.

Sarcastic Reply To How Are You From Ex

10. “What do you want now?”

They came back to you and now acting nice to you, asking how are you doing. 

It means there’s something in their mind.

After leaving you with a broken heart, you ask them what else they have to hurt you. 

11. “Oh, I haven’t blocked you still. Thank you for reminding me.” 

They still checking on you, meaning you’ve blocked them from life but not from your phone. 

Such a clever response you can share on ‘How are you?’ text from an ex. 

This is a message to your ex that you just don’t want to hear anything. 

12. “Oh, Do you still miss me? Please don’t, because I don’t.” 

Before, the next message you get like ‘I’m thinking about you’, you’ve to stop them there. 

With this reply, you tell them to not think of anything further. 

13. “I’m trying to move on in life. Why are you dragging me back?” 

You never forgive what your ex said and did to you. 

It’s so heartbreaking and insults to your feelings. 

But as you’re again getting back to normal, you get this text from your ex. 

You have to show that you’ve no intention to have any connection with them. 

14. “Doing good, just writing the next chapter of my life.” 

Your past relationship didn’t work well, and you left that back. 

You both are moving on from your connection and past. 

This response is just a message that you no longer think of the past but heading to the future. 

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When Your Ex Texted You “How Are You Doing?”

It’s not a point of what they ask, but why do they check up on you after so long? 

When your ex sends you ‘How are you?’ text, they might have some intention for it. 

This could be just asking to check how are you actually doing.

In so, then take it normally and share that you’re fine and thank them. 

But, if they attempt to bring you back, you can just ignore their text message in the first place. 

When your ex texted you How are you doing

Fine, if you don’t want the connection and have moved on in life, there’s no need to still remain in touch with them. 

You could block them or ignore their text. 

But the point of sharing these savage responses to “How are you?” text from an ex is to let them know that there’s no chance for reconnection.

Your relationship was over and there’s no turnback. 

It’s a message for them to move on from you, just like you’ve moved on from them. 


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