14 (Sarcastic &) Funny Responses To “Do You Remember Me?”

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You come across your old connection or relative after a very long time.

And, if they approach you with ‘Do you remember me?’, you answer it based on whether you recognize them or not. 

Sometimes it might be awkward for you also for them. 

But it’s a whole different story when your friend from school or college asks you this. 

Of course, you recognize them.

So, to tease them, you should respond funny or sarcastically. Because it’s a stupid question to ask. 


How To Answer To “Do You Remember Me”?

When someone asks if you remember them, and you do, make it a fun interaction. 

You can keep it smooth with the regular reaction of ‘I do remember you’ or ‘I don’t, who are you?’. 

But, sometimes with such playful replies to someone you met after a long time, it’s easier to reconnect with them.

Mainly your old friend or connection, you better have some fun or sarcastic reaction. 

This way, you tell them that it’s stupid to ask ‘Do you remember me?’ because you could recognize them with closed eyes. 

How To Answer To Do You Remember Me

1. “How can I forget someone with such a funny-looking face?” 

Is it going to hurt their feelings? Of course, It is. 

But it’s your old friend and after this response, they will say “After all these years you didn’t even change, my friend”. 

2. “I almost forgot you and you came again.”

Tell your ex-friend that it took you years to take them out of your head. 

And, they show up again. 

Share this sarcastic response to someone, you always remember.

3. “I don’t want to remember you.” 

You make it awkward because of what happened between you two in the past. 

4. “Remember you? Dude, I can find you in the whole herd of people.” 

Because you see this person as one among the millions. 

So it’s not that hard to recognize them. 

Of course, you remember them and you say it confidently. 

5. “You’re wearing heavy make-up. How can I recognize you?”  

Maybe your friend is still trying to look young the way they looked when you last met. 

So you can give such a witty response to ‘Do you remember me?’ and here you make fun of their appearance

6. “I remember you but I don’t know your name, though.” 

It happens because you do have not that good memory. 

But you feel a friendly connection with this person. 

Funny Responses To Do You Remember Me

7. “No matter how old I get, I will never forget you.” 

Your connection is that strong and there’s no way you can not remember this old fella. 

8. “Of course, only you have this face, so it’s easy for me.” 

You might be so blunt with your response, but it’s a fact though. 

9. “I didn’t recognize you at first. But, now I recognize you with your smells (or vibes).” 

You feel something smelly or good vibes based on whether this is your friend or crush. 

But this is a creative answer to share to ‘Do you remember me?’ question. 

10. “Got it, I have seen many people for marriage and you must be one of them.”  

You already recognize this cute face, that’s no one but your school crush. 

Earlier, you still played hard to get, but this time you are being playful here.

11. “You were my worst nightmare. But, look at you now.”

So this is your bully friend who teases you a lot in school. 

But they look so changed and now you look bigger in front of them.

Well, you recognize them, but you can give such a sarcastic response, though.

Sarcastic Replies To Do You Remember Me

12. “Oh, you’re the one everyone at school called you with…” 

It’s fine, you can name-call them again. 

This is a fun response to give your old friend everyone used to tease a lot. 

After all, you recognize them and it leads to a fun conversation. 

13. “How can’t I, you have the unique face in entire world.” 

This works like a backhanded compliment and they won’t know how to react to it.

You could use it like a sarcastic response considering how comfortable you feel with them.

14. “Please first remove your mask. I can’t see your face properly.”

Some friends asks if you recognize them, while they wearing a mask.

Not sure, if they do it on purpose.

But you have to be clear to them you need some hints for that.

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What To Say When Someone Asks If You Remember Them? 

Well, you want to be funny or sarcastic when someone asks politely ‘Do you remember me?’, because you want to show that nothing has changed. 

Your connection is still the same, even after meeting for such a long time. 

Maybe you were friends or co-workers from one of the previous firms, but when you suddenly bump into the old connection, make this interaction not awkward. 

But remember these funny responses to ‘Do you remember me?’ only work when you have a friendly connection with them. 

What To Say When Someone Asks If You Remember Them

If this person is your relative or from your formal connection, you are fine with the regular replies based on Whether you remember them or not. 

But here shared ones are the better responses to express your excitement that you remember them. 

Plus, you actually feel good to see them again. 

And, the main point is, you didn’t even forget about them.


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