8 Confident Replies To “How Are You So Sure?” At Work

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Well, the question ‘How are you so sure?’ always leaves you hopeless. 

Even if you’re so confident and very certain about something, this question eventually makes you doubt your abilities. 

It gets you every time.

Also, you have no idea how to respond to when someone asks so.

Indeed, this might be a test of your confidence in your work.

So when you get this question at work or in an interview, you better be ready with your answers.


What To Reply To “How Are You So Sure About It”?

The interviewer may ask you how you’re so sure about something, after explaining something. 

With this question, they check if you’re confident or if it’s just a guess. 

Similarly, your boss or client raises their confusion about the plan or strategy you suggested.  

And here by asking this question, they really want to know how you can be sure about something. 

It would be better if you had something to say.

To avoid looking unsure or clueless, you need such confident replies to share to ‘How are you so sure?’ question from someone at work.

What To Reply To How Are You So Sure

1. “I’m aware of this concept because I did this project on it.

It shows you might not have experience but you have knowledge on the topic.

You learned about it in school or doing some internship. 

When you’re a fresher and the interviewer asks you to explain how you’re so sure about something, this is a good reply to share. 

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2. “I have performed this task in my previous job.”

There’s no way you’re just guessing about this topic. 

You know how something works in different cases. 

Because you have good experience handling the same or similar tasks. 

3. “I’m sure about it because this is what I do in my present job.” 

You know what works and what does not. 

And, you have a significant amount of knowledge and experience working with such projects. 

When someone asks ‘How are you sure about it?’, this answer expresses your confidence in yourself and what you do in your job

4. “I accept there might be other techniques. But I’m very confident about this one.” 

Maybe the boss has some confusion about the plan you suggested. 

They don’t seem to agree with you on such a suggestion. 

Or maybe, they want you to share evidence to prove your point. 

This answer expresses how confident you are in your strategy.  

Good Answer To How Are You So Sure About It

5. “Well, I’ve tested with several experiments and I have some good results to support my point.”

When your boss asks ‘How are you so sure?’, they hope to hear a confident response.

And this is the one you can share.  

Your boss might have doubts about the techniques or strategy you suggest, in that case, you need to show him the reasons for believing your suggestion.  

Give this answer to show that you are sure because you’ve done some experiments. 

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6. “I learned it from the past projects that I’ve worked on.” 

Whatever you’re saying is not just a quick guess, you have experienced that. 

As a freelancer, your client or manager may raise confusion regarding some techniques you want to implement. 

To make them believe in you, you can show that you’ve worked on multiple projects. 

And, you have faith in what you say also you can guarantee about it.

7. “I’m very much sure about it. To make it more clear, let me share some data with you.” 

You want your boss or client to believe in you and what you suggest to them.

This one is the most confident answer you can give to someone. 

It can help you close the deal with the client or convince your boss to consider your plan. 

Share the data or report you create to show how you are so sure about your plan. 

8. “I could say so based on my experience and what I learned along.”

You might be an expert in some field or a learner, you can give this polite answer. 

Of course, it breaks your motivation when someone questions your knowledge or what you share with them. 

But you don’t take it personally. 

And with this reply, you show you learn from every experience you have.

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What’s The Meaning Of ‘How Are You So Sure’?

On suggesting some plan or strategy when someone asks ‘How are you sure?’, this simply means that this person wants validation from you. 

They might have no confidence in your answer and want you to prove it to them.  

Your boss or client, often asks how you are so sure about something, to determine whether you’re confident enough or not.  

Same at job interviews, you get this question to test your confidence.

At work, you can’t give any answer based on assumption only.

What’s The Meaning Of How Are You So Sure

You need proof and enough experience with the topic to support your answers. 

Indeed, having someone to doubt your experience or knowledge makes you feel uncomfortable. 

But if you have worked enough, you can tell that you believe in your suggestion and know what works and what does not. 

The question ‘How are you so sure?’ is to test your confidence in the strategy you suggest. 

And, how you respond to it expresses how confident you are in yourself. 

So be ready with it and never let this question get you again. You be confident and answer right. 


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