16 Best Comebacks To “You Smell” Jokes

  • February 17, 2024

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Even if as a joke when someone says you smell bad, that’s so embarrassing. 

But, you don’t have to take it as your fate, anymore.

With good comebacks on hand, you can deal with someone who tells you that you stink.

This is to stand up for yourself and not to leave with awkwardness. 


How To Respond To “You Smell” Jokes?

Well, if someone tells you that you’re smelling bad, and that’s true, you need to take your hygiene seriously. 

Take a shower regularly, get healthy, and smell good. That’s it. 

You don’t want to remain this stinky that makes others stay at a distance. 

In other cases, your partner or friends might tell you smell bad as a joke. 

If so, then, you should take it lightly, this doesn’t have to hit you hard. 

Whatever the case may be, here are the best comebacks you can give to “You smell” jokes:

How To Respond To You Smell Jokes

1. “I might, but your mom never told me that.”

This reply might seem risky to share, but they should take it as a joke, too.

2. “Actually, this is a smell of success. And, you’re just jealous.” 

You know why you suddenly smell bad for them. 

They might try ‘you smell jokes’ on you, but you’re honest with them.

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3. “That’s why I don’t let you come any close to me.”

So sad that you have to say this to your crush. 

But this one is a good response, though. 

4. “Can’t deny, I hang out with you a lot lately.” 

So, basically, it’s this friend’s influence that makes you smell bad.

Which is because of the bad habits of the bad company. 

5. “Only in that case, we both are on the same page.” 

Otherwise, you could say ‘It’s the same pinch’ to make them keep it as a joke. 

6. “Well, I smell bad just today, but you do every day.”

But still, you didn’t tell them so. 

Because you think of how they will feel if you say so.

7. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have to hug you so tightly.” 

This response works two ways. 

You get too close to them, that’s why they can smell. So you apologize.

Else it’s a hint that, this smell you get from their dirty clothes.

8. “I didn’t tell you to smell me. Why did you sniff me in the first place?”

You could shut someone up with this smart comeback. 

It is an indication that they are trying to get closer to you. 

9. “I have used the expired perfume you gave me on my birthday.” 

They might have no idea about it, so let them know.

A funny comeback to stop a friend who calls you stink often.

Funny Comebacks To You Smell Like Jokes

10. “I could get rid of this smell, but there’s no way you could fix your stinky personality.” 

This is enough to embarrass that friend. 

They started first, and now this comeback will be there in their mind forever. 

11. “Is this how you think you can win over me?!” 

Your friend has nothing to win the argument, so they call you smelly.

And, this is a good comeback for the same.

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12. “I am because I worked hard and I sweat too much. You never know that.” 

Well, they won’t understand because they never worked hard. 

Or they never worked at all, that’s what it means. 

13. “It’s not me but my first smell bad. Put your face away from there.” 

Too bad that it goes to someone’s nose. 

A funny response to a friend who says you smell bad. 

But it’s them who put them in the position.

14. “So that’s your other excuse to not do any workout.” 

When your friend tells ‘you smell’ after you do heavy training, this is a good comeback. 

Good Comebacks To You Smell Insults

15. “I rather call it your insecurity.” 

A clever comeback to tell someone to fix their nature first.

16. “My family was right, if I hang out with you, I will be like you, too. And here I am.” 

Now you also admit that you also smell bad just like this friend. 

Your family has tried to be aware of it.

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What To Say When Someone Says “You Smell (Bad)”?

Well, it depends on the tone of how someone says it, you should decide how you should respond to it.

No one likes being called smelly, that’s so embarrassing publicly or privately. 

Anytime when someone tells you that, know if they are being honest or just joking about it. 

What To Say When Someone Says You Smell Bad

Like it’s embarrassing to tell someone that they are smelly, it is awkward for them to say so. 

Some people are being real with you, they are aware of how bad you smell. 

Here you should do something about your body odour. 

Whereas in a case when someone says ‘You smell’ as a joke, you can have fun with the above-shared comebacks to take it lightly. 

Having such witty and funny jokes, you won’t have to leave with stinky embarrassment. 


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