24 Best Responses To “Stop, You’re Making Me Blush”

  • February 28, 2024

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Every time you compliment your crush, he or she interrupts and says “Stop, you’re making me blush”.

It’s not mean they don’t want your praises.

But, they are shy or feel embarrassed with flattery like that.

Whereas you have no idea how to respond to it.

Thinking, whether you should keep praising them or not? 

Well, don’t stop it, please. 

Now on, when someone tells you that you make them blush, you better use these witty and flirty responses that we are going to share in this post. 


How To Respond To “You’re Making Me Blush”?

Well, you were hoping to get some cute reaction from your crush after complimenting them. 

But instead, you get ‘Please stop it, you make me blush hard’.

Well, this is indeed a sweet gesture.

How To Respond To You're Making Me Blush

When someone says it, this shows they are taking your compliment to heart.  

In-person or by text, when you get ‘You are making me blush’, you can respond based on your connection and how comfortable together. 

You can be funny, witty, or flirty with your responses. 

To make it even easier, further, we are going to share what to say when a girl or guy tells you you made them blush separately.  


What To Say When Girl Say “Stop It, You Make Me Blush”?

With your sweet appreciation, you want to make this girl’s day. 

But she is blushing. That’s an even better reaction. 

She really likes it so much, but still says ‘Stop it, you’re making me blush’. 

That’s what most girls do. 

You didn’t stop there but kept having a cute conversation with her by responding this way. 

Check out these best responses to share when a girl says you made her blush. 

When Girl Says Stop It, You Make Me Blush

1. “Science says blushing is good for health.” 

So, by making her blush you’re doing good for her. 

Because you care about her. 

Well, there’s no idea about science, but this is a cute way to respond. 

2. “Forget about your blushing kit, I can give you a natural blush, Right?” 

Share this witty response to a girl who wants you to stop because you make her blush. 

Playfully tell her that she doesn’t need artificial blush, she just needs you

3. “And, I’m happy that I made you blush.”

To make her feel special, you are willing to do anything.

As she tells you that your praises make her blush, show that you’re glad to hear that

4. “I just said what I feel about you. Nothing more.” 

A girl might think that you’re just trying to make her feel good about her.

But tell her that you’re being honest with your feelings. 

5. “Sorry I can’t stop myself from complimenting you.” 

When you hear ‘Stop it, you’re making me blush’ from your crush, this is the best response to share. 

Because she’s so cute and you can’t help but compliment her anyways.

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6. “That means, I have a chance with you.” 

Well, this is a bold and flirty response to share when you make a girl blush. 

You hint her that you’re trying to get close to her. 

Flirty Reply To You Are Making Me Blush

7. “You know I like you more when you blush.” 

Compliment after compliment, you have decided to make her blush harder. 

8. “I wish I could be there, just to see you blushing.” 

Over text, you get a ‘blush’ emoji and she tells you that you are making her blush. 

With this flirty response, you tell her that you wish to be there with her, to witness how she looks with blush. 

9. “That was my lifetime goal. Now, I feel like I achieved everything.”

This one is a funny response to ‘You made me blush’ This will make a girl laugh for sure.  

10. “I will do it again and over again. Be ready for that.” 

The girl likes to hear something nice about her but still acts like she doesn’t want that. 

So when your crush tries to stop making her blush more, you give this response as a cute warning. 

11. “Well, I blush whenever I even talk to you.” 

This gives her a hint that you have a secret crush on her. 

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12. “You’re not blushing alone. I’m blushing with you, too.” 

By saying something cute and nice to her, you are blushing along. 

It’s over text so you inform her that you’re feeling the same. 

13. “So does it mean that I’m going in the right direction?” 

You want to impress her and get closure to your crush. 

So if she tells you made her blush, you share this flirty response. 

14. “It’s your problem, you make me say cute things. Better learn to handle that.”

It’s your developing connection and you’re going to say more nice things to her.  

So, you want her to be ready for that. 

And, it’s a hint that you’re not going to stop. 

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What To Reply When Guy Says “You Made Me Blush”?

It’s not only girls, guys also blush. 

But they blush around the girl they secretly love and have a huge crush on. 

Well, if a guy tells you that ‘You make him blush’ this means he likes what you said. 

And, it makes him feel embarrassed to handle.  

Because he’s shy and can’t control himself from blushing.   

Well, this is a perfect situation to tease him. 

To do that, here are the better responses you can share when a guy tells you that you are making him blush. 

When Guy Says You Make Me Blush Hard

15. “There’s nothing to be shy about. You’re like most guys. But, better.” 

When a girl praises a guy, it certainly makes him blush and that’s normal. 

You don’t want him to feel embarrassed, so you tell him to take it easy. 

16. “So finally, I made you blush.”

To a guy who always makes you laugh and blush, you can share this sweet reply.  

17. “And, I can see that.” 

Even if he didn’t tell you so, you already notice those red bumps there. 

18. “You have no idea how cute you’re looking while blushing.” 

You compliment a guy about his look (or quality) and it makes him blush. 

But you’re not stopping there, you’re on a mission to make him blush more. 

19. “That means you have a crush on me, Right?” 

Because what you said is just a normal thing. 

And, you didn’t know that it would make him blush. 

You got him and this witty response will put him in more embarrassment. 

Witty Reply To You Are Making Me Blush In Text

20. “Why do you want to stop me? Blushing is a good thing.?” 

You made him blush hard and he continued telling you to stop it. 

But you’re not in the mood to stop anyway.

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21. “I got you. Now, I know how to make you blush.” 

And from now on, you’re going to do it now and then. 

Because you love it when you make him blush. 

22. “Can I get a picture of you blushing, please?” 

Because you want to know how he looks when he’s blushing. 

It’s a fun response to tease him, you’re playing with this shy guy. 

23. “I think no one has ever told you that, I guess.” 

This is a clever response when a guy says you’re making him blush. 

You want to know if he has a girlfriend or not. 

24. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about? You’re cute and I told you that.” 

This guy is shy but you’re bold. 

So when a guy tells you that you make him blush with your compliment, share this flirty response. 

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What Does “You’ Make Me Blush” Mean?

When someone says “You make me blush” that means what you said to them, they enjoy it.  

It might be a compliment or you just said something nice to them. 

But eventually, it makes this person feel a little embarrassed. 

They don’t know how to handle such cuteness. 

What Does You Make Me Blush Mean

Normally, you hear a girl saying ‘Stop it, you’re making me blush’ when you compliment her.  

This means she finds it too flattering and feels shy to take it all.  

So she wants you to stop. But secretly, she doesn’t mean it. 

Whereas, if you make a guy blush, he is confused over what to say next. 

Here you can tease him for being so shy. 

Whether it’s a guy or girl, when someone says ‘You’re making me blush’ this shows your words are really special and it touches them deeply.  

To have a playful conversation, you can choose a witty to flirty response that we shared here with a guy or girl you’re developing a connection with. 


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