48 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “I Need You” Text

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In a romantic relationship, you often express your dependence on each other. 

When your girlfriend or boyfriend texts ‘I need you’ the reason isn’t very specific.

But that is special, you feel that inside. 

Either they say how much they need you, either respectfully or playfully.

No matter what it is, you can respond in a flirty and funny way. 

With such extra effort, you could make the conversation and your connection more special. 


Flirty Responses To “I Need You” Text

Well, when your girlfriend texts ‘I need you, Right now’ you’re not sure what she meant by it. 

Or you know exactly why your boyfriend needs you at a specific time.

When you get this text, try flirtiness to show your partner that you also need him the same way.

Flirty Responses To I Need You Text

1. “Can you please tell me what part of me you want first?”

2. “So, how soon can I deliver myself to your home?”

3. “Do you want me over you or under you?” 

4. “Hey babe, I need you so much, too.”

5. “Nope, I think I want you more than you.”

6. “I need you too for the rest of my life.” 

7. “I was thinking about you, about our meeting and here you texted.”

8. “…To get married, right?”

9. “‘Need you’, to do what?”

10. “Are you sure about that?” 

11. “Let me know how badly you want me right now.” 

12. “I’m all yours and you’re mine only.”

13. “Don’t worry, no one can take me away from you.” 

14. “You can pick me up, I’m ever ready for you.” 

15. “And then what you do when you’ve me.”

16. “Do you need a hotter me or a cooler me?”

17. “Oh come on, you can have me whenever you want.” 

18. “For you, I’m always here.” 

19. “I want to be with you right now!”

20. “Be patient, sometimes it’s a good idea to wait.” 

21. “That’s what I was about to say to you.” 

22. “Do you really? Then how would you make me believe that?”

23. “I’m here just for you. Tell me what you want from me.”

24. “Nope, we both need each other the most.” 

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Funny Replies To “I Need You”

Well, you get a message from your partner (or friends-with-benefits) saying ‘I need you so badly’’.

You know exactly what he means. 

But instead of being there with him already, you could just tease him a bit as if you didn’t understand. 

To play with him for a while, here are the funny replies to text ‘I need you’ from him.

Funny Replies To I Need You

1. “Sorry, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” 

2. “You never talked to me like that. Tell me this isn’t drunk texting again.”

3. “Is your bathroom sink leaking again? This time I’ve fixed it tight.” 

4. “Whatever you want from me, I’m not in the mood to give.” 

5. “What are you waiting for, I’m here, take me.” 

6. “I’m here for you whenever you want me.”

7. “Feel free to tell me how I can serve you.” 

8. “Ha-ha, you again failed the exam, right?”

9. “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.”

10. “Don’t you think that you need me a bit early this time?” 

11. “Yeah, let’s have fun, today is already boring.” 

12. “Don’t worry, your daddy is on the way.”

13. “Because your parents aren’t home and you’re scared, correct?” 

14. “I’ll get back to you after deciding where you can have me.” 

15. “But, I don’t need you right now.” 

16. “And, I need only you and you, still it’s no to a FWB.”

17. “With extra cheese?” 

18. “I don’t have anything to offer you right now.”

19. “No, you only need me for my money. You are using me.” 

20. “What’s your secret intention, tell me.” 

21. “Okay and for which reason do you need me right now at this time?” 

22. “Is there any extra flavor you want along with me?”

23. “But, I’m not free. This means I’m not available right now.”

24. “I think you should find option for me. Start finding, I’m sure you will get one.”

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How To Reply To “I Need You” Text From Him Or Her? 

In the end, you both need each other equally.

So there is no problem if you joke a bit.

Well, when your partner texts ‘I want you’ they express their desire to be with you right now. 

When they text you ‘I need you’ they could mean it romantically and respectfully.

They need you because you’re the one they can count on.

They need you because no one else can comfort them as you do. 

How To Reply To I Need You Text From Him Or Her

Well, you both need each other, so funny responses can lighten up the situation. 

While the flirty responses to ‘I need you’ give you a chance to get even closure with your partner. 

So make sure to be with them, when someone needs you the most.


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