14 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “What Are You Thinking About Me?”

  • February 20, 2024

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During a casual conversation, when someone asks, “What are you thinking about me?” you can respond flirty right away.

Or, you can play safe and share funny replies, instead. 

Well, only if it feels right, leave a hint with your flirty responses, though.  

Maybe they know what’s on your mind or just ask it randomly.

But this is a critical question. 

However, when you respond to it, be careful with your choice of answer. 

As this question comes when you least expect it, it’s a challenge to respond. 

To help you, here we’re sharing some best answers to give your crush or anyone. 

So, when a guy or girl asks what you think about them, either be direct or smart to say it.  


Flirty Answers To “What Are You Thinking About Me?” 

When your connection is in the developing stage, your date or partner might ask about your thoughts about them, which means what you think of them.  

And, when they ask so, they intend to hear something honest or good about them. 

From saying how their presence changes your life to how happy you’re because of them, it’s your chance to make them feel respected. 

Say something special and flirty regarding what’s on your mind about them. 

Flirty Responses To What Are You Thinking About Me

1. “I’m thinking about making you mine forever.”

You finally express your sincere wish to her. 

Being together over a long period, and getting to know her, you come to the point where you want to spend the rest life with her.

With a response like this, you bring a smile to her face. 

2. “To propose to you for marriage. Because I realize you’re the one.” 

There can’t be a better person than her. 

You tell this girl honestly that you are planning to propose to her for marriage

3. “Thinking about you as my future husband!” 

When a guy you trust says what you think about him, this is a respectful reply. 

This way you tell him that you found him as a husband-material. 

4. “Well, I am not thinking about you. But…I am thinking about us.” 

Such a sweet response you can share with your partner you trust. 

This shows you’re quite serious about your connection. 

You might have been thinking and dreaming about creating a better future together. 

5. “I’m thinking about introducing you to my family now.”  

On a casual chat when you two just talk about anything, your girlfriend asks what you think about her.

It’s like you’ve been waiting for her to ask so. 

So, you confidently tell her that you want to welcome her to your family

6. “Looking at you, I’m thinking about me. That’s how lucky I am.”

The way you both meet and connect so well, it’s a surreal experience.  

You’re very happy that you met someone perfect for you. 

Eventually, you start to feel that you can’t think enough that you’re a lucky guy.

7. “If I would be honest and tell you, but you’ll beat me for sure.” 

In your mind, you’ve some flirty ideas or fantasies at the time. 

And when your girlfriend asks what’s on your mind, you wish you could share it. 

This is just a hint for her and she’ll know your thoughts. 


Witty Answers To “What Are You Thinking About Me?”

Your crush has some sort of idea that you’ve felt for them. 

So, when they get a chance, they ask you what you think about them. 

With this question, they want you to be honest with them and tell them what your thoughts (feelings) are about them. 

You’re not telling them exactly, but with these witty replies, you can leave some clues, instead. 

Witty Answers To What Are You Thinking About Me

1. “I think nothing about you. But, I just feel something.” 

There’s nothing in your mind. But in your heart. 

You love them, that’s what this clever response shows. 

Every time you see them, your heart beats faster and your mind thinks about nothing. 

So this response makes sense here. 

2. “To take you out for dinner tonight.”  

When your online match text you and ask what you think about her, you share it clearly. 

You both have a good chat throughout. 

So you thought it was the time to ask her out

3. “Thinking my life would never be so interesting without you.” 

This response works both for your crush or partner. 

You value their presence in your life and express gratitude for being supportive and loving to you. 

4. “How can you be so cute in this cruel world?”

Your crush asks you about your thoughts about her. 

So, you tell her that you think about her cute nature. 

You try to hold it, but can’t stop yourself from telling her that you found her so cute

5. “Just wondering how this handsome man could be so single.” 

Probably, you just want to check if he’s single or taken. 

Because you have a crush on this handsome.

You never get a chance to talk about it. 

But now, as he asks what you think about him. 

6. “I feel like I’m having a crush on you now.”

When your crush asks what you think about him, you say it clearly. 

You feel that it’s the time to admit that ‘I have a crush on you’ to him. 

Because you can’t wait any longer or you fear that if you don’t say it now, some girl will take him away. 

Being desperate but you finally admit what you think or feel about him. 

7. “What about you?? Umm… you’re more than just a friend.” 

You say what you’ve been hiding from your crush in the name of friendship. 

Maybe she already has some idea, and if she asks in a good mood, this situation gives you a reason, to be honest. 

This is a witty way to admit that you feel something, you’re dropping a hint for her. 

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When Someone Asks “What Are You Thinking About Me?”

If you have no idea what their purpose is to ask this question, you better share casual answers. 

When your crush or someone asks what you think about them, they might just want to know what’s on your mind and your intention. 

In that case, you have to say something that sounds convincing or confident. 

When someone you’re in a relationship with, when they ask ‘What do you think about me?’ They want to hear something special or serious. 

When Someone Asks What Are You Thinking About Me

Compliment them about their look. Praise them for their presence in your life. 

Your flirty replies help you to express your feelings correctly. 

But the best way to answer this is to show that you’re thinking about your whole life together. 

Normally, this question comes from your special someone. 

You better have something to say that makes your connection feel thoughtful. 


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