18 Best Ways To Thank For “Welcome To The Family”

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The two situations when you feel like a part of the new family. 

First is obvious, when you get married and your in-laws say ‘Welcome to the family’ with open arms and make you one of them. 

The second is- when your boyfriend introduces you to his parents for the first time. 

Well, they treat you like a family already.

Both are special occasions, making you feel lucky to be part of this lovely family. 

You should thank them for allowing you to be part of the family.


How To Say “Thank You For Welcoming Me Into Your Family”?

For the warm welcome you receive from in-laws, you can personally thank them. 

And, if you’re more than happy and feeling lucky, you say something exciting and respectful. 

Here we have some suggestions of the best ways to thank you for welcoming me into your family. 


Respectful Replies To “Welcome To The Family”

After marriage, your in-laws and parents give you the most memorable welcome ever. 

You appreciate that they welcome you with open arms. 

Also, you want to thank them for making you part of the family now. 

Respectful Replies To Welcome To The Family

1. “So much love and care from you all. Could be the beginning of the dream life, I’m so lucky!”

Before you got married, you and your in-laws met many times. 

When you officially become part of the family and they give you the welcome you deserve. 

You have no words to share how lucky you are to be one of them. 

2. “Thanks for giving me such a beautiful family to spend the rest of my life with.”

Such a warm welcome to the family you receive is a dream of every bride on a marriage day.

To your in-law’s parents, you might have said thanks. 

But to your husband, you can’t control your emotions and tell him what you feel.

Also, you should thank god for such blessings.

3. “All I asked for you and you gave me a wonderful family. This is a perfect welcome, I never imagined, Thank you so much!”

This welcome from your new family is just surreal. 

You feel like your good time starts now. 

Now, you have such a loving family to support along with a lovely husband to love you. 

4. “I’m happy to have you as my new family. Thank you so much.”

Share how excited you are to start your new life with him.

And, a warm welcome from his loving new family makes it perfect. 

5. “Thank you for making me one of you.”

The day you get married, your in-laws not only welcome you to the home, but to their family. 

Which shows they’re happy that you’re one of them now. 

6. “Feeling so overwhelmed by your welcome wishes, I’m happy to be here.”

Tell your in-laws and family that you acknowledge their welcome to family wishes.]

This experience is such a heartwarming and special one. 

7. “Thank you for welcoming me into your family, home, and life.”

You’re happy that you chose the right partner who also has a loving family. 

This response shows your excitement to be his everything from there. 

8. “This moment will always be in my heart, Thanks for having me here.”

The welcoming from your new family makes your marriage day a perfect day. 

The first interaction is so warm and friendly from them.

That you will store this memory as your lifetime best memory.

9. “Thank you for accepting me as part of your family.”

You’re officially married now and thank every member of the new family for accepting you. 

They’re the most friendly people you’ve ever met.  

So tell them you’re happy to be among them.

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Good Replies To “Welcome To Our Family”

On the first visit to your boyfriend’s home, his parents and cousin make you feel comfortable and warmly welcomed. 

It was the best experience for you, so you express your appreciation in these ways. 

Good Replies To Welcome To Our Family

10. “You have a wonderful family, I’m so happy to meet them.”

You’re telling this to your partner after you get home and being welcomed greatly by his caring family. 

The way things go great, you both are so happy and enjoying this experience. 

11. “I’m feeling blessed to have this family who is excited to have me.”

Your boyfriend’s family treated you like you’re part of the family, and you’re not married yet.

It makes you feel so special that you see it as a blessing. 

12. “Thank you for allowing me to be part of your beautiful family.”

Your boyfriend takes you to introduce you to his family. 

It was a great experience as his parents never made you feel like it was your first time meeting them.

Throughout the meeting, you feel like a family member. 

13. “I can’t thank you enough for such a warm welcome, I’m already feeling at home around you all.”

First, it was just him who made you feel at home. 

Now, as you get to his house for dinner for the first time, share that you feel welcomed as if you’re married. 

14. “I never got such a special welcome ever, thanks for making it special.”

After leaving your girlfriend’s house, her parents give you a welcome you didn’t expect. 

They accepted you, and you expressed thankfulness for everything. 

15. “My heart melts, your family gives me a welcome that I never dreamed of. Thanks!”

When you get home and text your boyfriend about the first meetup with his family. 

The welcome from his family made you emotional, but you controlled yourself there. 

But now you’re telling your boyfriend you never felt happy ever before. 

16. “Thank you for making me comfortable here.”

You were nervous about the first meeting with your girlfriend’s parents. 

Confused, if they will accept you in their family or not.

But her parents are super friendly and make you relax as they welcome you to their family happily. 

17. “I can already experience the family vibes, thanks for welcoming me.”

You visited your fiancé’s house before you got married. 

His parents invite you home and make you feel part of them. 

18. “Now I realize why you’re so awesome. It’s all because of your family environment. I’m feeling lucky to have you all.”

So far, you’ve been impressed with your boyfriend in many ways. 

And as his parents welcome you to the family, you have to give credit to them.

You express that you’re also excited to get married to him one day and finally become one of them. 

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What’s The Difference? 

Being part of the new family and being welcomed at the new home is a heartfelt experience. 

The in-law parents and family also say ‘Welcome to our family’ or ‘Welcome to the family’ which both are the same but feel different. 

Here ‘welcome’ and ‘family’ are common, but the words between them make the difference. 

When it means ‘Welcome to our family’ means, the family hasn’t considered you one of them but is happy to have you with them. 

This happens when you meet your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s family. 

Whereas ‘Welcome to the family’ means, they’ve accepted you as one of them. 

This sounds more welcoming that they make you feel like family now.

Either way, you get the ‘welcome from family’. So, be respectful, when thanking them.


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