51 Savage Comebacks For Friends Who Tease You A Lot

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Does your friend circle always tease you with lame jokes or harmless insults? 

Well, at that time, you wish you had something to say.

But, nothing comes up.

So, you should be ready with few savage roasts and comebacks for friends who dare to again strike you with such comments. 

Fine, if they’re joking with you so far.

Now, it’s your time to say something greater. 

You’re not doing anything wrong. You just have to be savage or sarcastic. 

Because you’ve been silent for so long. 

Your friends also need to know that you could roast or insult them back to make it a friendly conversation.


Savage Roasts To Say To Your Friends

If you’ve to deal with those sarcastic people or savage friends who don’t think twice about making mean comments about you for fun, have a powerful response ready. 

Next time, they mess with you, have these savage roasts to give your friends back to make it equal.

Savage Roast To Say To Your Friends

1. “So you will tell me what to do with my life, huh?”

2. “I’m still confused. What’s the purpose of you being here on earth?” 

3. “Your parents never take you seriously, so why should I?”

4. “It’s fine, I can understand your situation. And, I’m well aware that you’re in pain.”

5. “Please don’t think that you’re alone. Among us, you’re just one of a kind.” 

6. “I’m tolerating you because no one can do it better.”

7. “Did I ask you something? Nope, not this time, and never before.”

8. “Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?”

9. “And because of this, you have no other friends but me.” 

10. “No, you didn’t make any mistakes, it’s your parents’ fault.” 

11. “You’re exactly the same person I felt in my very first meeting with you.” 

12. “The people start calling me an idiot if I argue with you.”

13. “I disagree with everyone who says you’re bad. Actually, you’re the worst.” 

14. “Most people have good and best friends. I have you, the worst friend.”

15. “I can’t do anything about you, sorry! You’ll stay the same forever.”

16. “No need to say that you’re a liar, everyone here knows you well.”

17. “When I have to spread the news, I don’t WhatsApp, I just share it with you.” 

18. “Don’t make me act so bad to you that I start to feel ashamed of myself.” 

19. “You’ve an attitude. But I have pride, respect, and self-esteem to protect.” 

20. “I can see that you’ve grown up so much but in a reverse manner.” 

21. “You’re the reason why I have to start taking mental health seriously.”

22. “The problem isn’t actually you. But me, who still believes in you.” 

23. “Now I accept that like everyone I also have to move away from you.” 

24. “You have already ruined our day now you can do it to someone else.”

25. “I didn’t expect such a level of intelligence from you, though. I’m impressed!”


Savage Comebacks For Friends Who Always Get You

Never stay their easy target. Have something immediately and strong to say back. 

We know there’s no perfect comeback. 

Because our friends can be so unpredictable and mean at the time. 

But, you can have some savage comebacks to say when you know that your friends will drag you into a verbal fight, the argument.  

Savage Comebacks To Give Your Friends

1. “Even though you did nothing in life, how could you know everything?” 

2. “I never feel what peace is like until you go missing for two days.” 

3. “Are your entire family into a drama business? Because you’re so natural at it.” 

4. “Ha-ha-ha, that’s not so funny. Don’t mind if I don’t laugh.” 

5. “Whenever you come to a party, just inform us. So, we know when to leave.” 

6. “Your birthday deserves the unhappiest celebration ever.” 

7. “I, too, have a lot to say. But I’m wise enough to check my time.”

8. “The more I stay with you, the more I become silly like you.” 

9. “What we just heard from you, now we all must now sanitize our ears, for sure.”

10. “The people who smile looking at you, actually because of your face and intelligence.” 

11. “Everything you say, you just break your own record to look stupid.” 

12. “Oh, you’re still here. I thought you had self-respect.”  

13. “There’s no way you can offend me because I’m not taking you seriously anyway.”  

14. “You know why I like to be with you because you’re so ugly that I look better when with you.” 

15. “Take it easy, buddy. I know, you can take as many insults without any problem.”

16. “Say anything you want, but remember that I don’t care about anything at all.”

17. “I want to take you out. No, don’t think it would be like a date, but like trash.”

18. “You are the reason, why I learned and started to enjoy my company more.” 

19. “I have a hundred reasons to laugh at you but thousands to feel sorry for you.” 

20. “If you were adopted, I’m sure your adoptive parents have abandoned you.” 

21. “So sad that you have such a big body, but your small mind can’t work it properly.” 

22. “I never swear in my whole life, but I just start as soon as I see you.”

23. “Do you smell something? Oh, look at the smoke coming from behind.” 

24. “There is a term called ‘beauty sleep’. I wish there was also a ‘idiot sleep’ for people like you.” 

25. “Can you see that door? Yes, great. I want you to stand on the other side.” 

26. “Do you always look for ways to put me down, or you have something to do with your life?”

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What To Say To Insult Your Friend Savagely?

All jokes aside, it’s not fun being targeted by your group of friends. 

You can’t tolerate such kinds of behavior all the time. 

Even if they don’t mean to insult you, but they will start that if you say nothing powerful. 

So you better go prepared next time and have some savage things to say to your friends, who as usual, start to joke with you. 

In general cases, friends don’t take each other seriously or such jokes personally. 

That’s why it’s a good idea that you’ve already got your savage comebacks for friends ready to make the next round equal.  

With something to say in advice, you could make a situation hilarious, without hurting anyone’s ego.

Because, what they do to you, now you do to them. 

Savage things to say to your friends

PLEASE NOTE, those are not perfect suggestions but our thoughts only. 

You better share these savage roasts or comebacks with friends who can take this as a joke. 

It’s not to hurt anyone’s feelings anyway. 

If you have friends who can take it lightly, you can be savage and sarcastic to them. 

Hope you’ve such friends who know that you’re also just kidding. 


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