11 Best Answers To “What Do You Like Doing For Fun?” (Interview Question)

  • February 23, 2024

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It’s a good thing that your interview isn’t just professional. 

And, when the interviewer asks you “What do you like doing for fun?”, that means they want to know you personally now.

It indicates that they’re convinced of your expertise. 

And so, now they evaluate you more as a person.

Nothing to be surprised about questions about your hobbies or interests during the job interview. 

But, your answer gives the hiring manager a glimpse into your personality and lifestyle. 

Also, this is your chance to leave a good impression on your potential employer.


How To Answer To “What Do You Like Doing For Fun?” At Job Interview?

When the interviewer asks ‘What do you do for fun?’ or ‘How do you manage your free time?’, they want to check what you answer and how you handle the question. 

This interview question might sound off-topic, but it’s not. 

By asking this question, they get to know your character better.

And, the answer you share, gives them an idea about your personality and other dimensions of your side.

Well, of course, it’s about your hobbies and free time activities that you like doing for fun.

But if you’re preparing for the job interview, you should be ready with how you’re going to answer ‘What do you like to do for fun?’ question already. 

This makes it easy for you to share your answer more appropriately.  

How To Answer To What Do You Like To Do For Fun At Job Interview

1. “As with work, I plan my free time in the same way. I always have to do something, other than social media scrolling. But if you ask what I love the most, it would be clay modeling.” 

When asked about your hobbies or freetime activities, especially in an interview, it’s your chance to distinguish yourself. 

With unique interests and answers, you leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

2. “Well, because my work is mostly indoor and completely a desk job, in the meantime l like to be physically active to balance it. So I involve myself in sports activities.”  

You are living an active lifestyle. 

You could mention any physical activities from playing sports, to going to the gym, exercising, or running.  

This answer shows that you take care of yourself and know the right thing to do. 

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3. “Outside of work, I love spending time with my kid and family. This is something that helps me to relax. Also, this is my motivation to work harder.” 

You’re a family guy, who takes care of his family.

And, they’re your purpose in life. 

It also presents you as a responsible guy who is serious about his life, career, and relationship. 

4. “Glad you asked that. In my free time, I take online music classes. Now, I am learning to play guitar. Music is my second passion, actually.” 

This shows you didn’t limit yourself to one professional skill only. 

You also stay active other than just with work. 

That you’ve something that keeps you up at night, but in a positive sense. 

This presents you as an active learner who is hungry to learn and grow more.  

5. “I don’t know how you would take it, but I love to cook. In the meantime, or mostly on weekends, I make new dishes for my roommates.  

Well, cooking is one of the interesting things that you like to do after work. 

And, if the interviewer asks more about your hobbies, you can share the story about them.

Regarding how you find it as your favorite thing to do and what you could make.

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6. “Writing is my passion first and foremost. For work, I enjoy writing business and sales copies. While in my personal life, I’m also expanding my skills to write fictional stories and novels.” 

If you’re a content writer or copywriter, of course, writing is what you do for a living. 

But you don’t limit yourself to professional writing alone.

You also try your hand at growing these skills in other areas.

You could also share what makes you happy the most about this field or career you choose. 

This shows you always look for a way to enhance your skills.

Example Answers To What do you like to do for fun

7. “On weekends, I like to play a couple of board games. They are entertaining as well as a good mind exercise.”  

You’re doing something in your free time that actually helps you meaningfully.  

You just don’t do anything for fun. 

But also to sharpen your mind and do some mental exercise.

If you work in a field like management or decision-making, sharing such hobbies proves you’re good at reasoning.

8. “I like to remain active after work, especially, on weekends. I involve myself in some physical activities like exercising, running, and all. On weekends I and my friends play our favorite sports together.” 

You don’t think of weekends just as relaxing and sleeping alone. Like most. 

You always have some plans for the upcoming weekend. 

And you’re excited about the weekend because you’ve so many things you like doing for fun. 

This shows you don’t look up for the weekend just to escape from work, but to feel recharged. 

9. “I like to explore new places and meet new people on the trip. If time allows, I also go on a short vacation with friends or all alone.” 

Everyone who is being asked ‘What do you like to do for fun?’ They usually may say ‘I love traveling.’ 

But, show that you have the right reason to travel and visit new places. 

You like to explore new cultures, meet new people, update your knowledge and gain new experiences. 

10. “Being a family man, I also have to manage work-life balance. And I think I’m getting better at it. Because, I spend time with my family, take my kids to the park every evening, and we often play games together.”  

You know how to manage your responsibility at work as well as at home. 

Having the right activities to do in your free time, for you and your family it shows that you’re good at maintaining a work-life balance. 

Overall, this shows you’re an organized and responsible person. 

11. “Well, I am always ready to learn something new and add new skills. Right now, I’m learning the Spanish language. Please, don’t think that I’m planning to settle in Spain, but I just love this language.” 

Learning a new language is something that you like to do for fun. 

You don’t have to master it, but could spend five or ten minutes of your time learning it.

If you’re giving interviews for dynamic or creative job roles, sharing such interesting hobbies always gives you extra points. 

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Why Does Interviewer Ask “What Do You Do For Fun”?

Well, with the above examples answers, you are ready to face questions like “What do you like to do for fun?” at your next interview. 

But to answer more effectively, it’s important to know why the interviewers care to ask about your hobbies. 

And, why are they interested in knowing what you do in your free time? 

Well, this question helps them to understand you, your character, and your personality. 

This allows them to get more ideas about how you manage your time outside work. 

Why Does Interviewer Ask What Do You Do For Fun

As well as if you do something that could help your main job in some way.

That’s why it’s a good idea that while sharing your answers, you don’t just say anything like you enjoy playing video games and making short videos for social media. 

You’re still at the interview, so answers to “What do you like doing for fun?” questions remain around the hobbies or skills that help you with your job in some way. 

Well, you don’t have to perfectly match your hobbies to your job anyway. 

But you need to be mindful of how you respond to this question.

You don’t want to say anything that completely changes your impression of the interviewer so far. 


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