7 Clever Responses To “I Was Just Asking”

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Those nosy relatives or neighbors aren’t ‘Just asking’ but investigating literally. 

Every chance they get, they inquire about what’s going on in your marriage life, to how much you earn.

You try to avoid questions, by not answering or asking them back ‘Why’.

The moment they know you doubt them, they behave normally and say, ‘I’m just asking, relax’.

If that’s what they do normally, you need direct and honest responses to make your boundaries clear.


How To Respond To “I Was Just Asking”?

When someone says ‘(I’m or) I was just asking’, they often use it as an excuse as you’re mad at them for asking too many questions. 

Those relatives, neighbors, or colleagues ask you personal questions

It’s like they have quite an interest in your life

Call them curious or gossiper, but they do the same to everyone. 

Well, whatever they do, it annoys you when you hear, ‘Hey, I’m just asking, fine if you don’t want to share.’

If you feel irritated with their overly curious behavior, here are some clever ways you can respond to ‘Just asking’ excuses. 

How To Respond To I Was Just Asking

1. “And, let me tell you that I’m not answering.” 

They do it always and they did it again. 

For some reason, they try to discuss your personal life, as you owe them.

Make it clear that you’re not tolerating such behavior. 

So they won’t ask you such things again. 

2. “Sorry but I don’t want any discussion about it anymore.” 

Dealing with such nosy people mentally exhausts you.

You already know what they’re up to and why they have to ask about everything. 

But instead of being mad at them, you make it direct that you don’t want to talk about it. 

3. “Sometimes it’s good that you don’t know everything.” 

Tell them that they don’t have to care about everyone’s life, and especially yours. 

You’re now able to take care of yourself and your family. 

Also, you don’t seek any advice from them if they think to give some piece of advice.

4. “But why are you asking that?” 

That’s enough, you just ask them back why they have to ask you everything. 

It might sound like a sarcastic reply. 

And that’s how you make them feel. 

Because their behavior starts to annoy you. 

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5. “I, too, have so many things to ask. Did I ever?”

If you don’t sneak into other people’s lives, that doesn’t mean they won’t do it to you. 

In the neighborhood or at the office, you have those people who always have to ask about your personal life. 

This time, you just ask them the same question they have been asking.

And, then you can also respond in their tone like ‘I’m just asking, too’. 

6. “Well, you seem quite interested in my life. Are you?” 

‘No I know you’re not asking, but you’re investigating me.’ 

This response is for that rude relative who can’t stop asking about your life plans. 

You try to skip the questions many times, but they catch you again.

So, you just have to ask them why they’re being so curious. 

7. “Only ask anything, when you want to do something really.” 

Some people just want to know it all.

But they won’t help you with anything, even if you need some help.

In that case, this is a right response to make it clear.

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What Does “Just Asking” Mean?

In most cases, someone who says ‘just asking’ uses it as an excuse to avoid looking curious.  

Maybe they ask too much about some person or thing, and as you doubt them, they say ‘Fine, I’m just asking’ or ‘I was just asking, Chill bro.’.

They already know that anyone feels so annoyed with their so many (or personal) questions. 

What Does Just Asking Mean

When someone uses the ‘Just asking’ excuse, that clearly means that they’re not just asking, but are being curious about it. 

Like they collect information for some reason. 

Just they don’t want you to be suspicious of them or get angry. 

Such excuses you get from those nosy neighbors or relatives who want some information from you. 

If that gets annoying, make it clear that you don’t like the way they ask.

Next time when someone tries to get away with ‘I was just asking’ excuse, don’t make it easier. 

Have your witty response ready to clear your boundaries.

This is to make sure that they will never cross the lines again.


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