18 Savage Comebacks When Someone Swears At You

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Someone swears at you and you swear at them harder.

That happens all the time. 

But, it makes you both the same eventually. 

Well, if you think this works in your case, you’re free to do so. 

However, if you feel ashamed, then don’t do it. 

Because your behavior wasn’t any different than that abusive person.  

To avoid that, you can better try smart and savage comebacks instead of swearing back at someone.


How To Respond When Someone Swears At You?

We all feel that swearing does no good.  

It not only hurts your mindset but also impacts your relationship forever. 

If this is possible for you, better if you avoid it when someone swears at you. 

Indeed, it’s not easy to stay calm while someone keeps insulting you or sharing abusive comments with you. 

It makes you frustrated and furious. That is common to every one of us. 

But if you respond with double-swearing that makes the situation worse. 

It can spoil your mood and waste your energy for no good reason. 

How To Respond When Someone Swears At You

To silence that person, and have the upper hand in such argument, we have prepared some comebacks that you want to keep handy. 

So next time, someone tries to draw you in by swearing non-stop, your savage, sarcastic, and smart responses with disarm them. 

And, all that without having to swear back. 

Check out these best comebacks to share when someone swears at you: 

1. “You’re exactly the same as I’ve expected.” 

So over time you’ve become smarter and know how to choose your connection. 

You feel glad that you didn’t give much to this friendship. 

2. “I’m feeling so sorry for your parents. They don’t know what kinds of animal they raised.” 

This comeback shows how this person is built so different from their parents. 

You make a swearer feel sorry for the way they are. 

3. “Why take so much pressure, buddy? Just chill.” 

You don’t take them seriously when they swear at you. 

This is a casual response to show you’re not taking any words from them. 

4. “I have to say it but, they were so right about you.”  

All those people or their ex-friends who warned you about this person were trying to help you. 

And, you get it experience perfectly. 

5. “I have nothing for you. So, please find someone else.”

A simple but smart comeback to end this argument right there. 

6. “Thanks for showing me your real side.” 

Because they reveal their true self, it makes you move from this connection quite easily. 

So you can’t thank me enough to save your time. 

7. “Now I know why you have no best friend in your life.” 

Because no one can stand their habit of swearing at anything or at any time. 

8. “Feeling so sorry for you. But you mess with the wrong person.” 

Share this savage comeback to make a swearer realize that they are wasting their energy. 

Because you have no one wants to mess with you

Either you’re too bad or just lazy to fight back. 

Savage Comeback To Swears At You

9. “Why are you doing that? You embarrass me, as well.” 

Till they were embarrassing themselves, you had no problem

But now everyone looking at you because this person is with you.

10. “That’s a good one. Oh, you are actually saying it, I thought you were joking.” 

You didn’t take this swear seriously. 

So it missed the target to hurt you or make you feel insulted.  

This clever comeback to show that they failed here. 

11. “So, what else do you know more about me? Now I want to hear everything.” 

You challenge them to say anything fake or foul about you. 

This response will make them feel weak because they have nothing more to say. 

12. “Do you think that strategy works on me? It doesn’t. And, it will never.”

You know how to deal with the swearer. 

That you never give them any advantage over you. 

Because you’re not a weak person. 

13. “What does that even mean? Do you know that?” 

Just ask them this simple question do they know the meaning of those swear words. 

Or, they just know to say it. 

14. “I apologize that you have to take this burden to your heart.” 

You certainly didn’t have any intention to make this person swear at you. 

This one is a sarcastic response because you take responsibility for behaving them such a way. 

15. “That didn’t make you look cool, I have to tell you that.” 

Maybe this friend wants to look cool by swearing. 

But this clever response tells them that they are nowhere close to making an impact. 

16. “Just tell me what’s your intention, huh?”

This person often swears at you and now you just have to ask what they are up to

You ask this direct question to check if they know what they trying to achieve. 

17. “If my friend has said that I accepted it. But, we are not friends.” 

It’s your coworker who swears at you while you’re on the job, that’s inappropriate. 

To make them stop swearing in clear words, give this clever comeback. 

18. “Are you done? Thank you, now I’m leaving. Goodbye.” 

This may sound like a normal response, but it is effective against swearers. 

Because this shows their words haven’t had any impact on you. 

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What To Say To Someone Who Swears A Lot?

Depending on who is swearing at you, you can choose the level of your response. 

Yes, you can share funny comebacks to a friend swearing as you don’t take it seriously. 

Whereas when your family member or stranger swears at you, your sarcastic response will make them feel wasted. 

Or at least it can embarrass them for the way they behave. 

The best response to someone who swears at you is to just ignore them and say nothing to them. 

What To Say To Someone Who Swears A Lot

Well, that definitely seems easier to say, but hard to implement. 

But this really works in your favor and makes the swearer feel defeated. 

It frustrates them more because they want to hurt you with their words. 

But it leaves no impact on you at all. 

And in case, that’s not possible for you, you can share the given comebacks to damage the swearer’s confidence at a greater level. 


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