(9 Clever Replies) When Someone Says “You Have Issues”

  • February 29, 2024

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When someone says “You have issues”, they intend to humiliate you by showing a problem in you. 

Maybe that person can win over you if you have nothing clever to say. 

Plus, this statement keeps you thinking if there’s something wrong with you

Further, this could destroy your confidence, for sure.

If you know that you did nothing wrong, and are fine, this article will provide you with the good comebacks to give right away when anyone tries to present you as a problem. 


What To Say When Someone Says “You Have Issues”?

Well, when someone mentions that you have some sort of issue, you need first check if that’s true or not. 

Don’t think that you’re all fine.

You might have an attitude or anger issue. 

Analyze your behavior through their eyes, and you will realize whether you’re creating problems.

If you’re, then you ask them how to fix it or assure them that you will change.  

Also, it’s a matter of your connection, you need to decide what to say. 

What To Say When Someone Says You Have Issues

If you hear it from your close connection like your family member or partner, pay attention to it. 

Because your nature creates issues in your relationship. 

Whereas, when someone just wants to position you as an issue, try a different approach. 

Be sarcastic and smart to tell them that they are not any better.   

Here you will find some witty comebacks to “You have an issue”, from someone who is jealous or has an issue with everyone.

1. “It’s my issue. I didn’t ask you for tissue. So, back off!”

Share this comeback to tell them to mind their own business. 

You don’t see any wrong in you. 

And if there is any, you know how to fix that. 

2. “And, what makes you say that?”

Those nosy relatives always make you feel uneasy at the family function. 

When they ask so confidently, you just ask this polite question to explain it further.  

3. “Oh, Is it? Please doctor clarify what kinds of issues I have.” 

Use this sarcastic response on someone who is ‘an issue-finder’. 

This person thinks they are perfect and everyone else has some problem to fix. 

Sarcastic Response To You are the Problem

4. “Okay, but that’s none of your business.”

Maybe they are right or not, but you don’t like the way they tell you so. 

And this comeback is the perfect to avoid further discussion on your issue. 

5. “Well, actually it’s you because you have an issue with everything.” 

When someone mentions what’s wrong with others, they are the problem themselves. 

It could be your rude relatives who just have nothing positive or good to say about anyone. 

But this is a direct comeback to share when they mention what’s your issue. 

6. “I’m pretty sure that I got it due to hanging out with you a lot.” 

It’s your friend who tries to show that you have an issue. 

Well, you also feel the same. 

And, you agree to them with this sarcastic response. 

7. “But your issues are bigger than mine. So I don’t see it as a problem.”

This person is so busy trying to find out other’s problems that they aren’t aware of theirs. 

And, a clever comeback like this shows they should care about them first. 

Clever Comeback To You Have Issues

8. “The only issue I see is I still have a connection with you.”

You can’t accept such negativity and critical behavior from someone. 

They never say right to you, but mention what’s a problem in you.  

9. “Well, and if that bothers you, that’s your issue, not mine anymore.”

If they think that you will feel negative or they can put you down with this, they are wrong. 

And this is a direct response to tell them you don’t see any problem there.  

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When Someone Says “You Are The Problem”

Well, no one is perfect. It’s all about adjusting to the relationship. 

After reviewing your behavior, if you see something wrong, apologize and assure them you won’t do it again

Because you’re a problem here. 

In another case, when the actual problem is that person, you should ignore their comment. 

Because they just want to make you feel bad about yourself. 

When Someone Says You are the Problem

Just a question, who are they to judge you? 

If this person is your well-wisher and cares for you, listen to them. 

You need to change your behavior or habit that creates issues in your relationship. 

But when someone just tells you ‘You have issues’ to make you feel bad, the shared witty replies will defend your confidence.

Because you don’t see any problem in you. 


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