19 (Sarcastic &) Funny Answers To “What’s Wrong With You?”

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You are just being ‘you’.

But, when someone says ‘What’s wrong with you?’, you start to doubt yourself.

It’s unclear what they mean by it.

They say when you have acted insanely or done something wrong like a jerk.

Otherwise, some people attempt to put you down by proving that you’re actually a problem.

You wish you could have an immediate comeback to give them.

But, this question has already got you.

In case, you think that you’ve nothing to say after, here are the good things you can say in this matter.


Sarcastic Replies To “What’s Wrong With You?”

When someone says so, during the argument, they try to embarrass you. 

By mentioning your flaws, they think they can win you over. 

To tackle this sarcastically, use responses that backfire. 

Sarcastic Replies To What's Wrong With You

1. “Not sure about that. But, there’s nothing right with you and everyone knows that.” 

“And, let me tell you what. I got an entire list of it, wanna check?”

This person isn’t leaving any chance to put you down.

But this time it’s your turn. 

2. “My most of issues are because of you, I wasn’t like this before I met you.”

Maybe most people are already complaining that you’re changed these days.

And you already know who is responsible. 

When that person says innocently that ‘there’s something wrong with you’, tell them ‘you are’.

3. “I’m just bored with listening to your stories.”

This person has been boring you with repeating the same thing over again. 

You’re completely bored and they notice you’re not paying attention. 

On asking just be honest and give them this answer.  

4. “Oh, I’m about to ask the same to you.”

Haha, Guess what… it’s the same pinch.

You’re just fine, you do a rescan and find nothing wrong with you. 

Better ask him the same question now. 

Because it’s only this person who is experiencing the issue.

5. “I need change. I should stop hanging out with you.”

 You’ve been with this person and now they sound so irritating or boring. 

Being with their company, there’s some negative influence on you. 

With this sarcastic reply, you’re just being real. 

6. “Today, I’ve decided to behave like you.”

You seem changed today and not like someone you used to be. 

That’s right, you’re today being the idiot person in your group that everyone hates. 

To experience what it’s like to live as an ignorant and miserable person. 

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Funny Answers To “What’s Wrong With You Today?”

Your friends joke about you saying that something is wrong with you, as ironically.

Or, taunt you with this question. 

But, with the following funny replies you give them what they deserve. 

Funny Answers To What's Wrong With You Today

1. “You’re not going to understand that.”

It’s just a mature man’s problem.

So they’re not going to realize how it feels. 

Because you don’t see them as mature and also not a man, though.

2. “Right now I feel tired of dealing with people like you.”

You don’t want to ridicule that person right now. 

But someone won’t stop bothering you. 

So just give them such a reply to get rid of them. 

3. “I can say, but all will go above your head.”

Of course, there’s something amiss, you know. 

And you also know that this person isn’t worth your attention, so you can respond this way. 

4. “My best friend cheated on me with my girlfriend.”

‘And, apparently, that best friend is you.’

Since you found out that, you have been trying to let your frustrations out.

If the same friend asks who backstabbed you, let them know you trusted the two wrong persons.

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5. “I’m just getting smarter and realize how idiot you’re.”

The more you are with them, the duller you become. 

There’s something wrong with this person, you know, but you can’t fix it. 

But you’re smart enough to move away, and this fun response is a must. 

6. “Can you please explain in which sense you ask?”

They may not realize there are more wrong things going on with you.

So, you have to confirm it before you answer ‘what is wrong with you today’ specifically.

7. “I just saw my crush with another guy and not me.”

Oh, that’s the heartbreaking one. 

You certainly need some good friends to make you feel better. 

If there is already, they might stop fighting with you and help you get over this feeling. 

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Savage Comebacks To “What’s Wrong With You?”

It’s going to be a rough day for you, already. And, you get into a fight with someone.

No way they will understand your situation. 

To shut them down, you can simply respond savagely and then leave.

Savage Comebacks To What’s Wrong With You

1. “That’s your problem, not mine.”

You don’t care at all, how this person perceives you or what they think of you.

These days, you already have enough going on. 

But have no time to explain it to someone. 

2. “Do you have time for this? Because I got an entire list of it.”

You’re having a bad day and someone is needlessly irritating you. 

To make them not bother you for a while, they need some powerful response, otherwise, you can’t relax.

3. “Nothing, I’m just doing what you’ve been doing with me.”

You want them to know how it feels to always annoy someone.

If you want to make someone feel ashamed of themselves, try this savage response. 

4. “I have bad friends in life who are spoiling me.”

Eventually, you realize that your parents were right about your friends.

If you want a better life, then get rid of them. 

When arguing with such a friend, on hearing ‘something wrong with you’, say it honestly.

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5. “Even I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Life has been hard for you these days and you don’t know where to go. 

In between, if you do something weird and someone catches there’s something wrong. 

But you have no way to explain them to anyone, so you tell them this. 

6. “You should ask the same question to yourself first.” 

A problematic person finds the problem in everything and everyone. 

No one is going to tell this person to change. 

But, when they try to make you feel bad, take charge. 

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How To Respond To “What’s Wrong With You?”?

Just because someone says “There’s something wrong with you” doesn’t make you the problem.

This is a rough day for you, and this person isn’t trying to understand your situation. 

Something is going on with your life and that impacts how you behave more than on normal days. 

How To Respond To What’s Wrong With You

If you don’t want to share with anyone about ‘What’s your problem’, just say ‘Nothing, I’m fine, thanks‘ to them.

Before you respond anyway, better check if someone asks, “What’s wrong with you?”, they sound concerned or complaining. 

Next, when you don’t know what to say, we have shared with you the best answers, try them. 


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