16 (Not-So) Cool Responses To “You’re My Best Friend”

  • February 24, 2024

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Have to say, you’re lucky to have friends who stay true to you and appreciate you heartily. 

In time, someone may come to you and says ‘You’re my best friend’ to you.

And, you’re there not sure what to reply. 

Because you didn’t do great or you don’t see them as your best friend for some reason. 

Whatever the cases are there, depending on your connection to them, you’ve options to reply likewise. 


How to Respond To “You’re My Best Friend”?

Whether it’s your regular friend or acquaintances saying so, when you are not sure what to say, you can try these better responses. 

How to Respond To You're My Best Friend

1. “Thank you!! You’re also such a great friend!”

This one is quite a positive reply that you also consider them as your friend. 

Even if you don’t, you can say it to make them feel good. 

2. “And, I’ll be Always.” 

Well, this reply you want to give to someone you trust and also counts as a true friend. 

If they really your true friend, don’t hesitate to compliment back.

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3. “Yeah, whatever. But, keep it to friendship alone.”

In friendship, you don’t want them to get too emotional. 

So better let them know not to get any further with it.

This is a funny reply to inform a guy that you see him as a best friend and not more. 

4. “Oh, Is it? I didn’t know that.” 

You already know that this friend is saying so because they want to make you feel good.

Indeed, they butter you up.

So you can be savage with your reply.

5. “I hope you also do your role in friendship, too.”

After getting some help from you, they might consider you as their best friend. 

You know this so-called friend only contacts you in need. 

So, with this sarcastic response, you want to make it a ‘give and take’ connection, also.

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6. “Get it. Now, tell me what you need.”

Because that’s what this friend does. 

When they need something, they try to be extra nice and then just disappear for months. 

7. “I’m not going to give you any money.”

You’re being clever with your reply to being called ‘best friend’.

Because this time you don’t want to pay anything or this time you forget your purse just like them.

8. “Yeah, that’s bad luck for me.”  

Even though this guy calls you his favorite, you don’t feel any nice about it.

This friend is mean, greedy, and a user who doesn’t give any good to friendship.

You also wish that no one had a friend like them, right? 

9. “Still, we will share our all bills., Okay?”

Let them know, that even if you’re your best friend, you’re not going to pay for everything. 

The reason is, that you don’t want anything to ruin your friendship.

10. “So, what should I do?” 

When you’re not sure what to say on getting ‘You’re my best friend’ try this one.  

This one is a confusing reply but worth a chance. 

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11. “Sad, I have nothing to do about it.

This person calling you the bestie, but you don’t want that title.

It’s a role that is forced on you and you’ve no choice.

12. “Be clear is it good for you or me.”

It’s fine to act a bit savage with your response.

May this person get hints that you already know what their secret intention is?

You can give this reply to a manipulative friend.

13. “Stop it, Dude. you’re embarrassing me!”

Well, you don’t want to be called their best friend.

You really want to get rid of this tag, but you can’t.

14. “Okay, then what you can do for me?”

Well, you could also say ‘Ok, So tell me a joke‘ or something.

You’re being sarcastic here with this reply.

Because you know they’re trying to look good to you.

The fact is… they say so to everyone. 

15. “But, you’re my truest friend!”

Out of all the responses, when you also consider them as a trusted and honest friend, respect their good nature, too.

If there’s a genuine friend, of course, they deserve appreciation, too. 

16. “And, I’m so sure that you say this to everyone.”

You might have that friend who is mean.

They are the best at taking advantage of friendship.

If you sense them, share this sarcastic response because you them well.

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When Someone Says “You Are My Best Friend”

Being called ‘You’re my best friend’ is a special gesture. 

It means, they trust you and look up to you. 

Some friends say it because they mean it.

Whereas some try to be nice for some time. And, there’s a secret reason they will share soon. 

When Someone Says You Are My Best Friend

Here we’ve covered enough responses for the same.

And it’s totally up to you to decide how to respond to that. 

Overall, it’s good to check in which context someone says so. 

There is always some good or hidden reason why someone calls you their best friend, you better know that.


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