24 Best Responses To “LOL” (Flirty, Funny & Savage Replies)

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Find yourself in a dilemma over, How to respond to “LOL” text?

We could relate to your frustration.  

Hence, in this post, we’re going to share the best responses to lol that won’t let your conversation go dry. 

You share some jokes or talk funny over text and all you get is ‘Laugh Out Loud’. 

How frustrating it is that you want a special reaction from your crush or your friend.

But, they leave you speechless with such a lame reaction. 


So, How To Respond To ‘LOL’ From Your Friend Or Crush? 

Maybe that person is actually laughing out loud or they’ve no idea how to react to your joke. 

Whatever it is,but ‘Lol’ is not the only reaction you expect, Right?

Especially someone close and special to you.

Next, you have the option to respond to “LOL” in funny, clever, sarcastic, or savage ways. 

You can certainly choose the right one for you.

But, here are some great responses to your friend or crush’s LOL text message. 

how to respond to lol from a friend or crush

1. ‘LOL’ Back at them. 

It’s no problem, at all.

This person simply replies with lol at you. Now it’s your turn to laugh out loud along.

It’s also interesting to check how they respond to your “LOL”. 

2. Share the right emojis as a response. 

When you’re not sure what to text back in response to Lol, you can share the emojis, instead.

You can respond with like ‘🤣 🤣’- the most common replies to emojis.

Or you can add the right emojis to use, you better know. 

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3. “So, what are you doing right now, besides LOLing?”

This one is a cute response to lol when you’re chatting with your crush.

You simply want to check whether he/she is free to chat with you or busy elsewhere.

Based on their reply you can lead the conversation further. 

4. “That’s hilarious, isn’t it?”

Of course, you know it.

But, you also want to know whether that person or your friend really finds it funny or they just share the lol without looking at it. 

Does someone in your connection always text you late?

You can share these sarcastic responses to late replies next time.

5. “I hope this makes your day!”

Such a nice response to share with your bestie or crush.

You simply want to share some good laughs with them and with their reaction lol, you’re happy that you make them laugh. 

6. “There’s still more to come. Want to hear?”

You were in the middle of the conversation and your friend already shared the reaction in between.

You want to share the next part of the joke, in such a case this response makes sense making them more excited.

This also gives them a chance to share something interesting, next time. 

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7. “I don’t think… it’s that funny, Dude.” 

sarcastic responses to lol texts

That person can’t stop sharing the same reply every time you share something.

So next time when you share something serious or tell some lame jokes, you can reply with this one.

If they react the same way like normally they do.

This one is a sarcastic response to LOL from a friend who has nothing else but to just laugh at each message.

8. “Which LOL is this: ‘Lots of Love’ or ‘Laugh Out Loud’?”

If you’re looking for some flirty response to lol, this is something you should try with your crush.

When you want to know what their actual reaction is or tease them playfully, this is how you respond to LOL from your crush.

9. “Fine, I was expecting a great reaction from you.”

There’s no point in staying confused over why your bestie has shared such a lame reply like lol to your made-up joke.

Simply ask them whether they don’t find it funny or what? 

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10. “What’s funny in it, can you explain?”

You don’t know what’s funny in it, you’ve just shared it as you get it.

You forwarded this message to your friend to explain to you, but reacted lol to it.

Well, your friend might find it as a savage response after lol.

But, here you want to know what’s funny about it.

11. “I didn’t expect this from you, either.” 

savage reply for lol

Suppose you’ve told some uncomfortable story or awkward situation you were in today.

But, instead of supporting you, your friend laughs out loud at you. How offensive!

Well, this is your clever response when your friend lol at what you just texted. 

12. “Even your mom shared the better reaction, man!”

You’re annoyed that your bestie doesn’t find it funny or this reaction isn’t what you expect from them.

You can respond back to a friend by sharing the ‘your mom’ jokes with them.

This could be the funnier response to lol from your bestie, that certainly gets you some more reaction back at least.

If anytime when jokes come on you, have these savage comebacks to ‘Your mom jokes’ from friends. 

13. “Oh, so we have to just LOL at this one.” 

This is another witty and savage response you can share with your friend who reacts the same to something interesting you shared.

You shared a joke or message but you didn’t find any fun in it, when it’s so… this is how you respond to LOL.  

14. “Hehe!, Cute isn’t it!”

Nothing special nor that great but a good response, though!

That person is laughing and you’re laughing along too.

You can reply to this one from your crush or friend, nothing risky here. 

15. “So, What’s your plan for this weekend?” 

Hoping you’re texting with your crush and their last reaction is lol.

You know that joke is over and nothing to share.

So, what next?

Well, this is a good response to talk about something, because now you’ve their attention, too.

16. “Happy that I make you smile!”

what to reply when someone says lol

When texting with your crush, you can respond with this one to show that you’re happy for them.

If you usually share jokes and puns, this one is a cute response to your crush’s LOL reaction over the text.

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17. “Rate this joke out of 10.” 

This isn’t as serious as getting customer feedback.

It’s just a fun response on LOL to share with someone to figure out how much they enjoyed this joke.

Well, this makes an interesting reply to ask for their feedback in a fun sense.

18. “You got to be ready for more.” 

When you just have started chatting with your crush and in the early conversation, you start to get some Lol, this one is a good response.

It excites them to be ready to laugh more in the future.

19. “For more laughs… Subscribe to us!”

funny responses to lol messages

Add some situational humor here. You’re happy to share such funny jokes and puns with them. 

To make it even more entertaining, you share funny responses like this one.

If a person is in the mood, they may ask ‘what’s your subscription plan’ to keep the joke going. 

20. “May your day be full of LOLs!”

 Well, you were not expecting a such weak reply from this special person. Still, you’re not overreacting.

Instead of that, you better share this cute response to lol, wishing them a good day ahead.

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21. “Tell me you’re laughing out loud there in real.” 

You’re confused whether your friend finds it funnier or they just share lol by nature.

You’re just confirming that your friend really enjoys the jokes or is just bored there.  

22. “Now give me your wifi password.” 

Here, you’re not asking for the password. We’ve just shared it as a response example.

But you can ask for something else.

It’s just a fun response to LOL, that you’re charging them to make them laugh.

Or maybe you can ask your crush about her number here. Overall, this makes an engaging response!

23. “Can I ever get any engaging response from you?”

That’s enough!

You can’t accept such weak feedback.

They even could text you ‘Lmao’ for a change.

Let your bestie know, you’re not happy with how they are just ‘LOL-ing’ at you.

24. “Okay… Bye, lol!”

When you feel like that person is busy somewhere or always sharing the same response lol to anything you share, that means he/she isn’t enjoying chatting with you.

Better accept that and move on.

This could be your last response to them as you won’t bother them anymore. 

Else, maybe you need to follow a fresh approach or tell them some jokes they’ll enjoy.

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No matter whether you’re happy or mad when someone says LOL to you, you need to choose your response likewise. 

You certainly don’t want to offend this person, your friend, or your crush especially. 

The above shared are some great responses to LOL from your friend or crush. 

And you’re free to choose the right replies the way you want.

Make it funnier, sarcastic, or savage or you can start discussing something else, too. 

Whatever way you respond, it’s better if this conversation remains engaging for you two.


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