14 (Witty &) Funny Responses To “Lmao” In Texting

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A ‘Lmao’ as a response, simply means someone finds funny what you shared. 

We all know that.

It’s basically a ‘LOL’, but, version 2.0.

But, if they say ‘Lmao’ too much, as their only reaction, it gets annoying. 

You feel uncomfortable texting them anymore because they don’t engage enough.

Well, you can’t make someone laugh or keep them engaged with every message. 

But, you can reply by telling them you expected a special reaction from them at least.


How Do You Respond To ‘Lmao’ While Texting?

The simplest answer is, just ‘Nothing’ (sometimes). 

Yes, no need to care about texting back, when someone is being a dry texter, like this person.

Whereas, when texting a friend, DMing a follower, or chatting on a dating site, these are some of the best (flirty and funny) responses to ‘lmao’ messages to share. 

how to respond to lmao

1. “Haha, that’s hilarious. Isn’t it?”

You know that this person enjoys your joke or content you shared. 

Also, you want a conversation to get further.

So better ask which part of it made them laugh they’re ‘a’ off.

2. “How’s your day besides lmao-ing?”

You’re a bit sad about her texting you just ‘lmao’. 

And, you don’t want to get mad at her. 

So, you want to give a sarcastic response in the hope to get an exciting reaction. 

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3. “Now I can sleep well, I made you laugh.”

In a chat with your crush, you could try this cute reply to her.

It will make her smile again, as you respond in such a way.

4. “Next time, I wish we would lmao together.”

When texting a girl on a dating site, she says ‘lmao’ to funny things you shared. 

You take a chance and can invite her for a coffee, maybe she’s waiting for you to ask.

Or you being clever to check how she’s interested in you.

5. “I wish I could witness your pretty smile.”

You and this girl has been chatting for a while and developing connections. 

Inside jokes are going, that’s a nice thing. 

When she texts ‘Lmaooo’ to text, this reply is indeed a cute one to make her blush.

6. “Now are you saying that, I’m funny?”

This is the friend who often says ‘Bro, tell me a joke’ at a random time. 

And if you don’t, they call you boring. 

You got a great joke to tell them and they laugh off.

Being clever, you share this witty reply to change their impression of you.

7. “Please don’t lmao when I ask you for a date.”

There’s a girl you met on a dating site, and she just lmao too much. 

It just makes you a bit uncomfortable. 

What if she shares the same reaction to your invitation.

So, being honest, you’re telling her what prevents you from asking her out. 

8. “Did you actually read my text, Bro?”

You admit that this joke isn’t that funny, but you just shared. 

Or, it’s no joke at all. 

Without even checking your text, your best friend just texted it, like all the time.

So you let him know to read it before replying. 

best responses to lmao

9 “Hope, I made your day, already!”

While others say good morning wishes, you shared jokes to make someone’s day. 

Such a good move, especially for someone you care about the most. 

As this girl replies ‘lmao’ you want to make sure she has a good day starting with your message.

10. “Now please tell me that you love me.”

You can do anything to make that person smile

Why not, you do love them.

It could be for your long-distance partner’s ‘lmao’ as a response to what you said.

And, this cute reply reminds them how much you miss them.

11. “Don’t stop, there’s still more.”

It was just some part of a funny joke you share with them. 

And they already reply ‘hahaha’ or ‘laughing’ emojis in text.

You want them to be ready for more, because the funniest part is still coming. 

12. “You can laugh more, I won’t charge you.”

Some people just laugh as if they get texted or charged for it. 

This funny response hopefully makes them smile more than just ‘lmaooo’.

Particularly to that friend who doesn’t laugh much.

13. “Thanks, I’m glad, you have a reason to smile today.”

On social media, you shared a post to give everyone a good laugh. 

When there are too many ‘lmao’ comments with emojis, hard to react all personally.

So, you can respond this way, as you do care for your follower. 

14. “We live with such crazy people, Right?”

This was a ‘viral video you shared with someone online. 

In response, they commentated or messaged ‘lmao’. 

You’re interested in having a chat, so you better ask questions, like this.

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What Does ‘LMAO’ Mean In A Chat?

If you share something to make them laugh, and they reacted with ‘lmao’, means they found it hilarious. 

That’s a success!

Some also reply with ‘lmfao’ which even greater reaction, too. 

But, when a girl replies with ‘lmao’ too much, during texting, there could be many meanings. 

What Does Lmao Mean In A Chat

In this case, the ‘lmao’ means, a girl has nothing to say but has to sound nice. 

She might not find this joke hilarious or want you to stop texting her.

When you feel confused about what it means, check how they normally respond to your texts.

See, Do they react ‘the same’ way or ‘special’ every time?

Then, you will realize if they say ‘lmao’ to your joke or if they laughing at your attempt to be funny.


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