14 Polite Replies To “I Don’t Have Time” Excuse

  • February 10, 2024

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Everyone is busy with something or for someone.

At work, when your boss or coworkers says ‘I don’t have time to help’ or your prospect says ‘I don’t get time to check your proposal’, this could be an excuse.

But, this is important and you run out of time.

And, they don’t know about it.

Whether to handle this excuse or to request spare time for you, try something to say instead of ‘Fine’.

In this article, we will check the better ways to respond to ‘I don’t have time’ (excuse here!) in the professional setting.


When Your Boss Says “We Don’t Have Time For This”

You rushed to your boss’s office for urgent help. 

No support but you get an excuse. 

Instead of checking, you hear a boss saying, ‘This isn’t our priority right now.’

You know how important it is. So you need to inform him to give it time or try. 

When Boss Says We Don’t Have Time For This

1. “Boss, it’s regarding our premium client.”

Yes, it’s that urgent and your boss won’t ignore it. 

Such a reply to get a boss’s attention on something really serious in the business. 

This makes your boss apologize for ignoring such minor details, and you.

But more relaxed as you’re there to take care.

2. “It’s urgent and I think we should prioritize this first.”

Your boss didn’t have any idea how much it can impact your business or brand. 

Better inform him now, else he will later complain ‘Why you didn’t tell before?’

3. “You should have. It’s for your work, Sir.”

While you doing some office or personal work for your boss, you seek help. 

Your boss already gets busy with something else as you work on his work. 

To get him to take you seriously shows urgency. 

4. “Only you could help in this matter.”

When you know the boss isn’t going to pay attention, tell them why you ask for his help. 

A bit complimentary reply to make a boss feel like a boss.

5. “And, I don’t have your password, too.”

You already working on something on your boss’s command. 

And he strictly advises you not to waste time and get it done before evening. 

To continue to do his job, there’s an obstacle. 

This is a clever reply to ease the tension of deadlines.

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When Your Coworker Says “I Don’t Have Time To Help You”

Some coworkers only excuse that they don’t have time because they don’t want to help. 

You know that well.

Also, they know, only they can help you. 

So to handle this rejection, you better reply like these ones. 

Replies To I Don’t Have Time To Help

1. “I thought we were on the same team.”

No need to get emotional. But, it’s not time for personal issues either. 

You should work as one team to get something done. 

This reply tells them so.

2. “It’s not me. But from our boss. Still, you don’t have time?”

This coworker never helps you ever. 

And she secretly feels jealous of you as you’re better. 

Be clear and inform this isn’t for you, but you’re doing the boss’s work. 

Then you realize they take you seriously and say ‘Okay’.

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3. “Me, too. That’s why I need someone’s help in it.”

The deadline for the project is near. 

No one on the team is free at the moment. 

If there’s one coworker who seems free, ask them to make time or participate. 

4. “You never get time for something important, but gossip.”

Well, you don’t want to reply this way until, someone makes an excuse here. 

Everyone knows that this coworker is such a chatterbox in the office.

So no one will be hurt by the way you reply. 

5. “Okay, you better say this to the boss, then.”

They misunderstand you and think they have to help you. 

When there’s a boss’s work, they might take you seriously. 

Or you could say it, even if it’s not the boss’s work, just to get it done by them only.

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When A Prospect Client Says “I Have No Time To Respond.”

Sometimes, even clients use ‘I don’t have time’ excuse when it’s a follow-up call.

Also, you don’t have time to wait any longer or stay waiting still.

Fine, if a prospect is not interested anymore, but at least you want feedback, (than just following him back).

To get a clearer answer, clarify with your client the right time to talk then.

I Have No Time Objection from Client

1. “This won’t take you any more than five minutes.”

You might have shared some samples with your clients. 

Or you have a few minutes to explain it if they don’t have time to go through it all. 

This reply tells you to value their time and can explain a concept in brief.

2. “No problem. Please tell me when you have time.”

This client is interested, maybe they’re busy too. 

When you don’t want to be too persuasive and can wait, politely reply when they say they don’t have time. 

Well here, your client may say ‘I’ll get back to you soon’ , be ready for that, too.

3. “I know that, but I won’t disturb you until it’s important.”

Maybe it’s the special offer or there’s a new policy coming up. 

To update your client and to get feedback from your prospect, you need him to convince to spare time to listen. 

4. “Sorry to interrupt, I will call you at the right time you say.”

If this isn’t the right time to talk about something, a client says to you. 

And, you can ask when it is for them. 

You apologize for disturbing him in his busy time. 

But, try to be respectful of their time and care to call when they’ve time to pay attention to your offer.

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “I Don’t Have Time”?

On approaching someone, when someone says, “I don’t have time for it.” it means they’re really busy with something.

Accept that, they have time for something more important to deal with. 

This also means you or what you have isn’t their priority at the time. 

While ‘no time’ is also an excuse that someone uses to get rid of you. 

When Someone Says I Don’t Have Time Mean

In such case, you give your best reply to convince or inform them, how this something is important and why they have to spare time for it. 

If they still don’t give you time, means they don’t want to deal with you. 

And, you have to figure something out by yourself.

You need to move on when someone has no time for you.


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